Cloning and Queer Parents

Cloning and Queer Parents

Cloning excites queer parents and especially gay males because it would allow them to have a child of their own. Randofe Wickere, a founder of a queer rights group, wants to end the era of not being able to have children. This interest started when he learned that some scientists have frozen humans in the hopes of bringing them back to life. Wickere then studied about cloning and decided that he wanted to clone himself. After he heard that Clinton made a ban on further research on cloning, Wickere then decided to walk the radio talk show circuit to get his interest of cloning himself to the public.
Queer parents will face obstacles according to Dean Hamer, chief of the National Cancer Institute’s genetic structure and regulations section in 1993 He said,

“Raising a clone would be like raising yourself; only with generational difference. It would be a very odd way of raising a child because you would know a little more than might be healthy about your child.”

Hamer who is also queer, says,

" Invetero fertilization already allows gays people to have children without having sex with the opposite sex. Cloning, which would be very expensive, is cumbersome and involves some serious ethical problems while providing few benefits. It’s not like it eliminates the need for a womb.”

Cloning to some lesbians represent liberation from men.

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