Chaos Created

Be forewarned, this one page is about Chaos the creator of this site. It has nothing to do with the subject of the website or little if anything. It gives the background of the creator and where ze (for the uninformed 'ze' third gender pronoun) is coming from.

Who is Chaos?

Ze: a straightedge, genderqueer, tranny fag, dyke, feminist, Episcopalian (some day preacher), farm workers activist (PCUN), English major, starving poet living in transitional housing, has as hair and bondage fetish, porn addict.

Reasons for this website. . .

Because I had to. . . but no seriously I did have to do a website for my spring quarter project for my humanities class. (I am going to miss it). I realized that I had spent most of the 20 years that I have been alive oblivious to the struggles of queer parents even though I am queer myself. After reading articles about custody cases I came to terms that this was an extremely good cause to go after. So now this is a cause/movement that I will be dedicated to forever. I should be anyway since it affects me.

The information that I put on this page I try to take from accurate sources. What I can I cite. The interviews and stories I leave anonymous because I do not want anything to happen to those that give them. It would be horrible if anyone whose story I used fell dead due to a hate crime because of the site.

A few lines. . .

Women: War Forgotten

Women absorb
the war
about the horror
don't need men
live in sin
amongst the wind
while they swim
with the tide
leering each other to one side.


A black bag
over my face
"Strip!" she says.
as she cracks
a whip in the air.

A clanking of chains
I hear
as they are attached
to the rings
dangling from my tits
she holds the chains
plucking them
as though strings
on a violin.

Succumbing to the pain
as the skin rips.

Three in One
Dedicated to Mathew Shepard

In the name of The Father
they pray.

In the name of Christ
they interpret the Bible
in a different way.

And by The Holy Spirit
they kill and maim
without shame.

On a fence post
bullet through the head
singled out for what he couldn't deny.



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April 20, 1999

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FACT: Every 5 hours 1 QUEER-TEEN commits suicide.


1,820 a year.

FACT: QUEER-TEENS are 1/3 MORE-LIKELY to commit suicide.

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