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Peter Davidson
Peter Davidson was Doctor number five.  During his regeneration we saw the destruction ot the sonic screwdriver and a metal companion Camelion.  Davidson was the Doctor from 1982- 1984.  The fifth Doctor had six companions; (in order) Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Camelion, and Peri.  Peter Davidson brought out a childish and kind, gentle feel to the era.  He did not lead the TARDIS like his previous selves as a father figure, but more a older brother.  Davidson made the Doctor more alien by acting as if he was 750 inside a 30 year old body.  for me, the glasses are what really set off his character.  There were still the great, well thought out episodes and plots that would make Doctor Who famous.  Sadly Davidson left after 2 years.
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