Meilin Li
Name: Meilin Li
Birthday: March 25
Blood Type: B
Favorite Subject: Music, P.E.
Least Favorite Subject: Japanense
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Flower: Lotus
Favorite Foods: Peach Bun, Sesame Dumplings, Almond Bean Curd
Least Favorite Food: Jew's-ear (Mushroom)
Wish List: Clothes
  Meilin was added just for the anime, she came to Japan with Li to capture the Clow Cards.  Her rival is Sakura, and she is extremely annoying.
  I personally don't like Meilin, because I have no clue how Sakura could build a relationship up with Li if she was there.  And Meilin is suppose to marry Li, like a set-up marriage thingy.
Thanks to Sakura's Dream World for the Blood Type, Favorite Food and ect. info!
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