Chobits is a story about a 19 year old boy named Hideki. Since he failed to get into college so he have to go to Tokyo and get into college.  Tokyo is so advance they have Persocoms, human looking robots that can hook up to the internet and so much more.  Hideki's parnets are so cheap they tell him to get a job.  So living alone, he went out to get dinner.  On his way back he sees a girl in the garbage.  Thinking it was a murder Hideki freaksed out.  Then he sees her ears, ears of a Persocom.  So he brings her home and turns her on with a switch.  All she can say is "Chi."  So the story goes on and she learns new things and then gossip goes around that Chi might be a Possible Chobit.  So Hideki is determind to find out about Chi's past.
Only three profiles because I don't really like this Manga and All I have are the first three. 
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