Well my first piercing didn't happen until I got out of my parents' house. They didn't really approve but hey what could they do. I had just started college and my friend had another one of our friends pierce her nose with a piercing stud! She screamed the whole time. I had wanted my ear pierced since... well since as long as I can remember. I was next! It took Eleanor almost 10 minutes to pierce my ear because my ear lobe was so thick. In the middle she stopped and asked me to help out but I knew I couldn't do it and said, "How can I do anything!" Finally the second POP came and it was over. Since then I've stretched it to a 14g, and it now has a 14g 1/2" circular barbell with spikes instead of balls.


I wanted to make a "Primal Urge" trip on Saturday, but my friends tags were expired on her car, so it was postponed until Monday. I got my second hole pierced on my left ear. Benji cleaned my ear , marked it, asked my opinion of it, pierced it and finally slid the jewelry in. I was in and out in the shortest time it has taken for any of my piercings. I used the 16g 5/8" turquoise niobium captive bead ring that Cristi had her eyebrow done with.


I have since removed the 16g and moved in my 14g 1/2" spiked circular barbell that was in my first hole. Now in my first hole I have my 14g 5/8" captive bead ring that was originally in my nipple


I have recently moved into my dorm at Vincennes University. When I started some conversations "Primal Urge" came up during one of them and I found out Benji had left "Primal Urge". I was getting ready to go to "Primal Urge" to make and appointment to get my snug done next month (October 16th, 1998). But I changed my mind when I heard Benji wasn't there. I found out that Benji was piercing at "Modern Primitive" on Broadway. So I went there and decided to get my right lobe done and make an appointment for next month. Well Benji wasn't there be I set up my appointment with him next month and got Barry to do my right lobe. I used the other 14g 5/8" ring from my nipples to get it done with. I was cleaned, pierced and made an appointment all in under 15 minutes. It was a great afternoon.


Now my first holes are 12g 3/4" flat bottom captives.


My second piercing was my right eyebrow. My girlfriend Cristi really wanted her eyebrow pierced, too, so we made a trip to "Primal Urge" in Fort Wayne where many of our friends had been pierced. I was out of money so it ended up being my birthday and Christmas present. She wanted to go first in fear that she might chicken out if I looked like it was painful at all. She got her left eyebrow done with a 16g turquoise captive bead ring. I was next again, Benji (my piercer) cleaned my eyebrow and asked if he needed to repeat the after care that her had just told Cristi. I said no, and he seemed relieved. Then he told me to lie down. He clamped on the forceps and told me to take a deep breath, and then, I felt a small prick. It wasn't painful at all except for the forceps and when he slid my barbell in, because it has the threads on the end of the barbell. Needless to say my parents and grandmother didn't approve!


I now have a new piercing. I had been without a new piercing for almost an entire month. I was at the local mall and decided to get my cartilage pierced. The nice lady cleaned it and asked me where I wanted it. I showed her, and she made a dot. It wasn't where I showed her, but I liked it too! She then broke out the GUN. Never again will I be pierced by an EVIL GUN My ear is still slightly red from being mashed by the gun. Only needles for me.


I don't have this anymore!!


About two weeks after I got my cartilage pierced, I was in need of something new, A TATTOO! "Primal Urge" has expanded since my first visit and now includes a tattoo artist (Derek) and there is also another piercer (Inez). I surfed the net for hours, made some of my own drawings trying to find what I wanted and I finally decided on this... Two of my friends and I made an appointment one Friday evening. I was the only one to get a tattoo that night. One forgot her ID, and the other decided to come back with the first girl the next day. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I became slightly turned on during the fill in and couldn't wait to get up and be with my girlfriend.

My second tattoo was completed I want it on my back in upper left shoulder area. I designed the picture myself. I drew it several years ago.

My third tattoo was a sort of a spur of the moment thing. I have become very good friends with the owner and all of the artists at "Altered Image Studios". I was tattoo by Jason "Liceall" Lousille

My fouth tattoo was a done by a CRAZY guy named Walt. I started working at "Altered Image Studios" as a piercer. Walt worked with me as a tattoo artist for a little while, before he was fired for doing crappy tattoos. I was one of them!

My fifth tattoo was done by my boss Lance Landes. I have become very good friends with Lance. He is the owner of "Altered Image Studios".

I got bored doing my laundry so I broke out a Sharpie and did this tribal wrist band.


During the break between semesters I went home and started looking for tattoo and piercing galleries. One of my friends was pierced at"ADRENOCHROME" behind the "DOMINION". He showed me where it was, but it was 2:00 am and they were closed. Earlier that day in the Muncie Mall I heard about a place called "The Ouch Gallery". Eventually, the break was over, but I thought I'd go back with my nipples pierced. I first went to "ADRENOCHROME" behind the "DOMINION". Again, they were closed, and their hours weren't even posted. So I then proceeded to "The Ouch Gallery". I arrived around 11:30 am, and it didn't open until 12:00. I waited in my car for the half-hour and then entered and asked the price for both nipples. I was quoted $75.00, which was $20.00 cheaper than "Primal Urge". At this time I was also informed that the piercer didn't usually come in until 1:30 or 2:00. I stated that I would be back. So then I went shopping, then I went and ate. At 2:00 I went back and Ghandi was there. I picked out two 14g 5/8" surgical stainless steel captive bead rings. Then he took me to a small room with a gynecologist's table. I took my shirt off, and he marked my nipples with a purple pen. I checked them out and then climbed up onto the table. I was then cleaned, clamped, and my right nipple was pierced. It hurt a little but not as much as my cartilage. Then, Ghandi did my left one. It hurt more than my right one, but again, it was less than the cartilage piercing. I then drove two hours back to college in North Manchester.


12g 1/2" captive bead rings


10g 5/8" circular barbells


I was supposed to get my second tattoo on February 21st. Instead, I ended up with my tongue pierced. Cristi's friend Jenny came to visit (from Oklahoma, where tattooing is illegal). While she was here, we all decided to get tattoos. When we got to "Primal Urge", Derek was full for the day. We didn't know of any other shops so we went home sad. The next day, we found some more tattoo shops in Fort Wayne, but they were all closed (It was Sunday). So, I decided to get my tongue pierced. I called "Primal Urge" to see if they would have time for me. They did, and so, we were off. About 45 minutes later we arrived at "Primal Urge". I picked out a 10g 3/4" barbell and waited while three other girls got their navels pierced. Then I walked back to the piercing room and was told the aftercare information. Next, I rinsed with Listerine for 1 minute. After that, Jason marked my tongue. I checked it out and was ready to proceed. My tongue was then clamped. At this time Inez took over, it was also the first time I saw the needle... IT WAS HUGE! I started to regret my 10g decision. I tried to relax as I took the deep breath in through my nose and exhaled as the needle went through my tongue. Around this time I started drooling and dripping blood onto the paper towel they had given me before we had started. Then Jason inserted the barbell, and I was finished.



I started playing "Jedi Knight: Darkforces II" at Wal-Mart. I instantly became hooked and had to buy it. While trying to install it the next day I messed up my computer. So then, I took it to MicroWorld Computers to get it fixed. They were closed for some sort of Microsoft training session. I remembered they had a computer store in Warsaw (a nearby town). So I set out on a road trip to Warsaw. On the way there, a nice lady state trooper pulled me over to give me a speeding ticket for 76 in a 55. Then it took me 5 minutes to get the truck started again. I finally made it to Warsaw. When I arrived at the computer store, they were also closed for the Microsoft training session. To make my day better I bought a new tongue ring, 8g 3/4" sss barbell.


now 6g 5/8" sss barbell!


now 4g 5/8" sss barbell!


now 2g 5/8" sss barbell!
now 0g 1/2" sss barbell!


I had no idea what to expect when I decided I wanted an industrial ear piercing; I only knew that it was definitely the piercing for me. I thought, "It's going to hurt bad." I had the cartilage in my ears pierced with guns, which hurt real bad. I thought having it done with a needle would be a lot less painful, but I was wrong. It hurt just as bad as my first cartilage, but unlike my experience with the EVIL GUN after it was over it didn't hurt anymore. I called on Sunday to see if I could get it done then. Benji was off that day and the piercer that was there wasn't comfortable doing one. I called back on Tuesday and Benji was in, so we were off to "Primal Urge". First, I went through all the usual hassle of ID and payment. Then, Benji took me back and measured my ear, and we talked about Gauge and length. We finally decided on a 14g 1-7/8" sss barbell. Now, Benji moved to my ear and began cleaning it. He marked the position and I agreed. He explained to me that he would use two needles to poke the holes. He said this would not insure a straight pierce, but due to the length, it would be hard with just one needle. He positioned the cork and needle, and then had me breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth so I would be calm. He then told me to take one deep breath and hold it, then slowly let it out. Then came the stick as I exhaled... boy did it hurt, but it was over quickly enough. Benji asked if I needed a few moments but I was fine and he proceeded to poke the second hole. This one, for whatever reason, hurt considerably more. Maybe it was the fact that my ear already hurt from the first pierce, but I don't know... It was over, so who cares? Then it was time for the jewelry. I heard Benji say, "We've got a little bit of blood here." and I imagined a single drop of blood forming at the exit hole. But from all the Q-tips (that were dipped in Witch hazel) he used to stop the blood, I thought it was going everywhere. It took a few minutes to slow, but the way I saw it, what goes better with a new hole than some blood? After he cleaned me up, and I was sure that I could stand up and keep my balance, I walked to the mirror to see my new 14g 1-7/8" sss barbell staring back at me.


When I got my right lobe done at "Modern Primitive", I made an appointment for my one-year anniversary piercing. I had seen snugs on BME and decided I wanted two on my left ear. When I went back to get them done, I showed them the picture I had printed off of BME. This time I had my fiancÚ bring her camera to take pictures of the procedure. Our friend Christina came along to watch. Barry measured my ear, and then we chose two 3/8" barbells out of the case. Barry prepped the barbells, and we waited by flipping through the Tattoo flashes and Benji and Barry's portfolios. Then Barry came out and took me into the piercing room. He cleaned the area on my ear where I wanted the snugs. He made several dots and had me choose which ones I liked the best. I liked the top marks for the top barbell but the bottom just didn't seem right. So he moved one of the inside marks up so the barbells would be more parallel. Then he put the receiving tube in my ear and lined up the needle for the first hole. He told me to take a deep breath and slowly let it out. As I was exhaling, Barry pushed the needle though the thickest part of cartilage I could have found on my ear. I heard the needle passing through the cartilage making what seemed like a very loud crunching sound that I thought everyone could hear. My ear had an intense burning sensation where the needle was. Then Barry slid the barbell in. It was hard for him to get the ball on the other end because of the tight space in my ear. He cleaned a tiny amount of blood off my ear, and then Cristi (my fiancÚ) took a picture. Barry was ready to do the next one, but I needed a few minutes. He said that was fine, and I tried to look manly as I almost passed out. When I regained enough blood back to my brain and my head stopped swimming, I told Barry I was ready for the next one. He put the receiving tube in my ear and lined up the needle for the second hole. I began the breathing again and as I exhaled he pushed the needle through, again I heard the cartilage crunching and the intense burning sensation. This time Cristi took a picture with the needle still in my ear. Then Barry slid the second barbell in. Again, it was hard for him to get the ball on the other end because of the tight space in my ear. He cleaned a lot of blood off my ear this time and made me look all pretty. I was really dizzy now, and I guess I looked really pale so he got me a Jolly Rancher. I sat there for awhile and sucked on it until I felt like I could get up and drive. While I was waiting Cristi took a picture of both snugs in place. After I left "Modern Primitive" my ear began to swell, and by Monday I needed longer barbells. We went back, and Barry switched the 3/8" barbells to 1/2" barbells. It hurt really badly while he was changing the barbells, one because they were hard to get to and unscrew. Secondly, my ear was sore from all the pressure it had put on the barbells. While he was changing the barbells, I bit on my tongue ring to help with the all the pain.



Stolen from BME to inform you of what you can get pierced!
Also the Electronic Piercing Guide and a Gauge Conversion Chart

Piercing Mildred

The body piercing newsgroup is rec.arts.bodyart and picture are posted to
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