…..The Talkback Forum INVITATION

If you are part of an organisation, association, club, support group, etc. that would like us to set up a special free forum for the sharing of advice, ideas, information, concerns, feelings, etc., just for you, please let us know (Email the Talk Back Forum) and we will see what we can do for you.

In your email please include the following information:

1. The name of the topic/subject

2. The name of the organisation or group (If the forum is in their name, you MUST get their permission first, and provide the email address of the secretary or co-ordinator - if the forum is under the name of a general topic, organisational details are not required.)

3. An indication of the minimum number of people that may be likely to use the forum. (Remember that not everyone has access to the Internet).

4. The web addresses of at least three (3) websites related to that topic. (These are used to request the sharing of links, banners or web rings membership).

5. A sentence telling us how you see the forum being used by your members.

6. Any suggestions related to the proposed forum.

Note: We do not charge for moderating a forum. The forum will have a minimum set of rules (See our home page) and may also have additional rules added as suggested by you or your organisation. Any forum not used for three months or more may be deleted, so we encourage users to post often to avoid this happening.

The Talkback Forum is sponsored by Dr Lionel Hartley and managed by his staff.

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