About the Webmaster
Name: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain

Date of Birth: 15 March 1984

Nationality: Singapore Citizen

Race: Malay

Religion: Islam

E-Mail: 0102411f@student.tp.edu.sg

Present Age in 2001: 17

Institute of Education:

*Opera Estate Primary School (1991-1996)

*Ping Yi Secondary School [Express Stream] and [Commerce Stream in Sec 3 and Sec 4]

*Temasek Polytechnic (Electronics/Telecoms/Computer Engineering and Microelectronics.) (2001- Present )

Educational Qualifications:
* Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE)

* Four credits plus a pass in English in the Cambridge GCE"O" Level Examinations (5 "O" Level passes).


*Visiting Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Changi Beach Park to view at different types of aircraft
taking off and landing.

*Jogging every morning and afternoon for an hour around my neighbourhood at Opera Estate,
Siglap. Sometimes I jog non-stop covering a distance of 10km.

*Surfing the net.

Plans for the future:

*Obtaining my Private Pilot License at the Singapore Airlines Flying Club or Youth Flying Club.

* Studying at Perth's Edith Cowan University[ Degree in Civil Aviation] after I obtain my
diploma at Temasek Polythecnic and 2 and a half years of National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces.

* Joining Singapore Airlines as an airline pilot or becoming an Air Traffic Controller at Singapore Changi Airport.

* Get married at the age of 25 with a nice girl.

Additional Notes: I am currently joining the Temasek Polytechnic Youth Flying Team as a CCA. Anybody who is currently in the club, please look out for me. Happy Flying.

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