Condolences message to victims of terrorist attacks on United States written by the webmaster

I, Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain and family from Singapore wish to give our condolences to those people who have perished in the terrorist attack on the two US cities of Washington D.C and New York. I also wish to condemn the terrorist attacks as it causes the loss of more than 10,000 innocent lives. I feel sad for those families who have loss their love ones in this cruel and heinous attack done by mindless people. I too feel sad for the United States due to the loss of its landmark, the World trade Center. I can't imagine the horror and carnage of the attack. The World Trade Center was once a very tall building situated in the heart of New York City. Now, it is destroyed and had became a piece of history. I hope those who were responsible for the attack would be sent to justice. These type of people who are responsible for these attacks should not be forgiven. They should be severely punished. Hopefully United States would be given time to recover and resume its trade and economic activities. United States, we will always be on your side and pray for your recovery. We will always love the United States and its people.

Yours Truly: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain and family

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Aviation General Knowledge Quiz

1.Who have the great ability of enduring G-Forces induced by a high performance combat aircraft(eg,F-16 Fighting Falcon)?

(a) Men:

(b) Women:

2.In which year was Singapore Airlines established?

(a) 1903:

(b) 1969:

(c) 1972:

(d) 1990:

3.What is the 4-digit ICAO code for Singapore Changi Airport?

(a) WMKJ:

(b) WSSS:

(c) OPKC:

(d) YSSY:

4. Which was the first aircraft to land at Changi Airport when it was opened in 1981?

(a) Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-200:

(b) Singapore Airlines Boeing 707-320:

(c) Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-200:

(d) British Airways Boeing 747-100:

5.In which route did the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 flew from Singapore when it was first delivered in 1997?

(a) Singapore - Manila:

(b) Singapore - Vladivostok:

(c) Singapore - Jakarta:

(d) Singapore - Seattle:

6.In which year Singapore Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 747-400 "Megatop" aircraft? What is the registration of the SIA's first Boeing 747-400 aircraft?

(a) 1972, 9V-BEW:

(b) 1989, 9V-SMA:

(c) 1989, 9V-SPA:

(d) 1993, 9V-SMU:

7. Which aircraft have this particular type of wingtip?

(a) Airbus 320-200:

(b) Boeing 747-400:

(c) Airbus 310-300E:

(d) Airbus 300-600R:

8.This particular nose landing gear belongs to which type of aircraft?

(a) Boeing 747-400:

(b) Airbus 340-300E:

(c) Boeing 757-200:

(d) Boeing MD-11:

9.What does DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis) related to?

(a) Air Disasters:

(b) Air Turbulence:

(c) Air Rage:

(d) Economy Class:

10.In which year will Singapore Airlines first Airbus 380(Super Jumbo) aircraft be delivered?

(a) 2003:

(b) 2034:

(c) 2006:

(d) 2067:

11.Which airline have these titles on its fuselage?

(a) Korean Air:

(b) China Eastern Airlines:

(c) Shanghai Airlines:

(d) Air China:

12.What is the aircraft registration code of Singapore?

(a) HS:

(b) 9V:

(c) N:

(d) G:

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Why must we fly?
English Language
      All humans have various reasons of why they should fly. Some fly for fun, some fly to travel
from one country to another, some fly as a career and some fly for the thrill of it. Flying is a fun
activity that could be achieved by anybody regardless of age. Some people says that flying is a
very dangerous activity but, that's not true. We must have a wide perspective about flying. In
order to make flying safe, we have to make safety checks on the aircraft before flight and follow the flight safety rules,so that we could take off safely and land safely. Those above the age of 16 could have a chance to fly a real aircraft. This homepage teaches you the physics of flight and the parts of the aircraft that makes it fly. 

                                                                                                Message by: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain

     Tous les humains ont de diverses raisons de pourquoi ils devraient voler Une certaine mouche pour l'amusement, une certaine mouche à voyager d'un pays à l'autre, certains volent en tant qu'une carrière et certaine mouche pour le tressaillement de lui. Le vol est une activité d'amusement qui pourrait être réalisée par quiconque indépendamment de l'âge. Quelques personnes disent que le vol est une activité très dangereuse mais, cela ne sont pas vraies. Nous devons avoir une perspective large au sujet du vol. Afin de faire le coffre-fort de vol, nous devons faire des contrôles de sûreté sur l'avion avant que vol et suivons les règles de sûreté de vol, de sorte que nous ayons pu décoller sans risque et débarquer sans risque. Ceux au-dessus de l'âge de 16 ont pu avoir une chance de piloter un vrai avion. Ce homepage vous enseigne la physique du vol et des pièces de l'avion qui des marques il mouche.
Message par: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain

    Alle Menschen haben verschiedene Gründe von, warum sie fliegen sollten  Irgendeine Fliege für Spaß, irgendeine Fliege zum Reisen aus einem Land zu anderen, einige fliegen als Karriere und irgendeine Fliege für den Thrill von ihm.  Fliegen ist eine Spaßaktivität, die von jedem unabhängig davon Alter erzielt werden könnte.  Einige Leute sagen, daß Fliegen eine sehr gefährliche Aktivität aber ist, das sind nicht zutreffend.  Wir müssen eine breite Perspektive über Fliegen haben.  um Fliegensafe zu bilden, müssen wir Sicherheitsüberprüfungen auf dem Flugzeug durchführen bevor Flug und folgen den Flugsicherheitrichtlinien, damit wir sicher uns entfernen und sicher landen konnten.  Die über dem Alter von 16 konnten eine Wahrscheinlichkeit haben, ein reales Flugzeug zu fliegen. Dieses homepage bringt Ihnen die Physik des Fluges und der Teile des Flugzeuges bei, das Marken es Fliege.
Meldung vorbei: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain


    Tutti gli esseri umani hanno vari motivi di perchè dovrebbero volare Un certo mosca per divertimento, un certo mosca da viaggiare da un paese ad un altro, alcuni vola come una carriera e certo mosca per l'emozione di esso.  Il volo è un'attività di divertimento che potrebbe essere realizzata da qualcuno senza riguardo all'età. Qualche gente dice che il volo è un'attività molto pericolosa ma, quello non è allineare.  Dobbiamo avere una prospettiva larga circa il volo.  Per fare la cassaforte di volo, dobbiamo fare i controlli di sicurezza sul velivolo prima che volo e seguiamo le regole di sicurezza di volo, di modo che abbiamo potuto togliere sicuro ed atterrare sicuro.  Quelli sopra l'età di 16 hanno potuto avere una probabilità pilotare un velivolo reale.  Questo homepage vi insegna la fisica del volo e delle parti del velivolo che marche esso mosca.

Messaggio vicino: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain

Todos os seres humanos têm várias razões de porque devem voar Alguma mosca para o divertimento, alguma mosca a viajar de um país a outro, alguns voa como uma carreira e alguma mosca para a emoção dela.  O vôo é uma atividade do divertimento que poderia ser conseguida por qualquer um não obstante a idade.  Algum pessoa diz que o vôo é uma atividade muito perigosa mas, isso não é verdadeiro.  Nós devemos ter um perspective largo sobre o vôo.  A
fim fazer o cofre do vôo, nós temos que fazer verificações de segurança no avião antes que vôo e seguimos as réguas da segurança de vôo, de modo que nós pudéssemos retirar com
segurança e aterrar com segurança.  Aqueles acima da idade de 16 podiam ter uma possibilidade voar um avião real.  Este homepage ensina-lhe a física do vôo e das peças do avião que makes ele
Mensagem perto: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain

Todos los seres humanos tienen varias razones de porqué deben volar Alguna mosca para la diversión, alguna mosca a viajar a partir de un país a otro, algo vuela como una carrera y alguna mosca para la emoción de ella.  El vuelo es una actividad de la diversión que se podría alcanzar por cualquiera sin importar edad.  Alguna gente dice que el vuelo es una actividad muy peligrosa pero, eso no es verdad. Debemos tener una perspectiva amplia sobre el vuelo.  Para hacer la
caja fuerte del vuelo, tenemos que hacer cheques de seguridad en el avión antes de que vuelo y seguimos las reglas de la seguridad de vuelo, de modo que pudiéramos sacar con seguridad y aterrizar con seguridad.  Ésos sobre la edad de 16 podían tener una ocasión de volar un avión verdadero.  Este homepage le enseña la física del vuelo y de las piezas del avión que las marcas él mosca.
Mensaje cerca: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain



Parts of an Aircraft

Page done by: Muhammad Zailan Bin Mohd Zain