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We Love Boats As Much As You do!

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This site is dedicated to boating, boating stories, the water, and pretty much enything else I can think of that supports the topic.


Hello!  I am the "Boat Guy"!  Welcome to the site.  I was a live aboard boater for about 4 years and loved it.  I can't wait to move back to the water when I retire.  I have created this site to help water lovers of all types come together and share boating and water stories. So look around and tell us your story!


Boaters are a very special kind of person.  If you have ever been on a boat, you notice how boaters all wave at each other when they pass.  The water is a truly peiceful place to be. If you are in the market for a boat please take the time to look at my classifieds site  www.PureBoats.com.




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