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I have been asked many times why I chose the duodenal switch over the "gold standard" - RNY? Honestly at first, I didn't know there WAS a difference. I thought that all weight loss surgeries were the same! The term "gastric bypass" and "stomach stapling" have become so commonplace and used to describe all WLS and the lines have gotten so blurred that you have to really look at the different types of WLS to see what is best for you. It wasn't until I was led to the duodenal switch information zone that I really understood the how's and why's of the different procedures and was able too see how the ds is clearly the better procedure for me. I know that there are many out there who have had other procedures and have done marvelous and feel great, I applaud them and think it is wonderful that they are happy with their weight loss as well as the any side effects they might have had. They made the right choices for themselves and I can't criticize anyone for the surgery choice they made.

I only know that the DS is the better choice for ME! I didn't like the idea of having dumping syndrome and vomiting (common with the RNY) and I realized quickly that I do need more than a restrictive procedure like the VBG. As for the Lap vs Open debate, I have a very sensitive belly button and I did not want a laparoscopic procedure. I was concerned about the length of time under anesthesia as well and the Open reduces that time and for me that was a PLUS. The duodenal switch was proven to me to be the best procedure for my situation and I feel blessed to have found some of the most wonderful sources of information to base that decision on.

The following are links to pages and sites that I found very helpful to me in making my decision. I was able to compare procedures, complications, side effects, and more by exploring these sites and I hope that they can be of help to others!

Duodenal Switch Information Zone

The Differences Between the BPD/DS and the RNY Procedures

Association for Morbid Obesity Support

BMI Calculator

American Society for Bariatric Surgery

Central Valley Bariatrics

Elle's WLS story


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