Warning: These stories, while devoid of adult subject matter, are not safe for work. The characters talk as some people in Chicago would normally talk, or at least I try to have them do so, to a significant degree. Profanity is present, as are attitudes that are less than uplifting, found in many (or most or all) of the characters. The writing is not politically correct, nor do I strive to make it so. Assume that, by continuing, you will encounter material that you will find offensive. By continuing, you forfeit any right to complain about what you see, and be taken seriously, because you have been warned. Your informed choice, your responsibility.

Little more than a stub of a page, right now, the main page for a new site associated with my fiction blog. You can read an introduction to that blog here. At this moment, I'm uploading the first story to the evergreen content section of this site - a story called "Supplicants". The icons on this site were provided, free of charge, by iconeasy.com. When you're done, you can find your way back to your ring here.

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