ok,so cheerleading tryouts are coming up and you're really nervous.Here are some things to do before tryouts to calm you down and to help you.
1.Do the best you can!That's all they want.Just try hard!
2.Make eye contact with the judges.It shows confidence.
3.Don't move around alot.Keep still.
4.SMILE!!It really helps.
5.Use tons of facials.They'll love it.
6.Project your voice.Yell from your should feel your stomache moving when you do.
7.If you mess up just ask the judges if you can try it again.
8. Drink tons of's good for your vocal chords.
9.Point your toes! Your legs should come to your arms.
10.Make sure you have sharp motions!!

Above all have fun!! Just remember that all cheerleaders at one time went through all this.
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