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We have not had any puppies available since Dec. 2008, and are not expecting for at least one more year.
See terms and conditions of sale at the bottom of this website.
Serious Inquiries Only Please.
Thank You,
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You can also use the Fan Tan Dane Directory box below it which gives the history of this website and Fan Tan Danes.

Skylar's first litter 2008.

Blue Diamonds Skylar. Whelped on July 19th, 2004. Age in photo: 6 months.

Skylar will be 5 years old July 19th, 2009.

Dam: Fantans Miss Blue Bayou. Sire: Hildydanes Imperial Prinz [Imp. Au}.

Fan Tan Danes.

4 Danes of the Apocalypse 2K4

Photo taken February 12th, 2004, Four Danes of the Apocalypse..

February 12th 2004.

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Our prices are not competive with other breeders. We have not raised the price of our pups since 2003, and they remain priced at $1400.00 for blues that have some white on their toes and $1700.00 for pups that have no white on thier toes or chests. Sorry but they are still considered solid blue, but in my litters I usually will have one or two pups that have no white anywhere on their body.
Our dogs are all registered with the AKC, and although other breeders will sell you a dog without AKC registration papers for less money, that is not and will not ever be my practice. Fantan Danes were DNA'd through the UC. Davis Canine Genome study back in 2000. I prefer that my dogs go with papers so people know their bloodline, which can be tracked through AKC pedigree records.
We also ask you to sign a contract and pay a $250.00 deposit for your puppy.
This deposit is *refundable* should you decide to buy another puppy elsewhere before they are 8 weeks old. I will request however, that you let me know, before or on the date the contract states they may be picked up in writing that you no longer want a Blue Diamond V.Fantan Dane and charge you a minimum daily fee of $20.00 for each day the puppy was unavailable for sale. This has been my practice since I first began using a contract to sell my pups. It is my personal belief, that my puppies and their new owners will be fare better if their new owners are not locked into buying one of our puppies. Over the years, I have had a few people change their mind, and their deposit was returned.
All of my puppies have their shots kept up to date until sold.
I do not allow anyone on my property until the puppies have had their first shot, as I do not want people going from litter to litter, and exposing the litter to some canine disease.
I guess that last statement goes against recommendations made on the AKC website regarding socialization of pups, however the health of my pups is paramount to me and to their new prospective owners.
If I have any litters to advertise, you will see it on this website and on the Fan Tan Great Dane website. Or in the Classifieds on It won't be for quite awhile, as my pups are not old enough to be bred yet, and won't be old enough to be bred until they are two years old.
I included my Fan Tan kennel name on this website to avoid the search engine confusion with another website who uses the Blue Diamond name and are located in Michigan, They breed nice litters, but they are dogs of a different color which are not recognized by the Great Dane Club of America's Color Code of Ethics.
Since 1999 when I first began breeding for the blue color, I have worked hard breeding 5 generations of blues from Fan Tans Black Stock.
I first began breeding Inspector Von Maxwell Brown in 1995, when he was 4 1/2 years old.
This wordy introduction to this page will be moved sometime in the future to another page.
IN the meantime, please check the links in the drop down box, which includes a photo album of Fan Tan and Blue Diamond pups and adults. If you are interested in any upcoming litters, please feel free to email me at the email address listed below, or go to the Fan Tan Great Dane website and mail me from there.
I am having a hard time creating a page two for this website, and also a GO Too Option Box, so please link into Fan Tan Danes at Angelfire, for some important links for health care of the Great Dane, includes, Merck Vet Manual, ASPCA Poison Control Center, and a link back into this websites photo album.

Fan Tan Danes. Go Too box for important dane links and also the Fan Tan Directory Go To Box are at the end of the page.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought Go Too script worked on all websites, but the button will not show up on Tripod pages, except in their banner at the top of this page.

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