I am Emy LeBeau, a sad 18 year-old with little better to do with my time than write these fics for your amusement. Please feel free to e-mail me with any pairing suggestions, I am at emylebeau@yahoo.com, and contrary to what I may have insinuated, I donít just do Remy fics. Give me any challenge, X-men, Harry Potter and Buffy challenges anyway, Iíll take you all onÖ and win. Please sign the guest book, and if you want a link on this page let me know.

Fics are ALL NC-17, be warned, please only read if you are of legal age in your country. I donít own any of the characters, although that goes without saying, I figured I should probably let you know again in case there are any lawyers reading this. And of course I make no money whatsoever.
Sheesh, now Iíve got all that out of the way maybe you can start reading my stuff.

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