POETRY by Lisa Arnold








Standing vacantly alone

wishing to taste your soul

praying for the embrace of your arms

on this long treacherous night.


Sensing you craving my kiss

on the full of your wanton lips

takes away my sins

and offers them to ominous winds.


I was broken before

you opened the door.

Now, I am healed from within

and breathing life again.


Swimming in vast circles,

shores uncharted I reach,

and capture the soul of your heart

inside the temple of my longing.


Take my hand as we dance

in this spiral of chance.

Never let go until our days

are tragically no more.


I was broken before

you opened the door.

Now, I am healed from within

breathing glorious life again.






Suffocating misery looms

as heavy enclosed darkness

surrounds me in this

cramped lifeless room.


Windows are locked and shaded,

curtains are drawn and thick.

For me, I foresee no way to crawl

from beneath this smother.


Isolated by inner fear,

I reach for what isn't there.

I am entombed in the still

of this vacuous room.


Distraught eyes shed

bereaved vacant tears

as I turn and blankly stare

into somber eyes of madness.


I shudder to my core's being

and stare in disbelief...

eyes, I glare hopelessly through

are mine and not yours.






Hello my friend,

let me shake

the hand of the one

who saved me.


Finally, I am

face to face

with you the one who

graced my listless life.


Without you I would,

have long since

been gone and

hopelessly erased.


You helped me

find my vision

and picked me up

from the hard cold floor.


You showed me

all the reasons

for what the birth

of my life was for.


And showed me how to awaken

my encased emotions.

I now cherish and value

my time on this earth.


Once you were

a distant stranger.

Now you are my

glorious savior.


I call your name


and give my soul

for you to keep.


I cherish the beauty

you are and treasure

the gifts you

graciously gave me.


Hello my friend

allow me to take your loving hand

as we continue together

on this wonderful journey until our end.






Walking alone searching

for drunken pennies

in sidewalk cracks

I stumble upon and cross.


Inhaling thin air

as I grasp at nothing.

I am humbled by

the velocity of my faults.


I sing a song without words

and hum a tune without melody

as I dance broken in the wind

wishing my life wasn't lived in vain.


I desire without a heart

and breath without air.

By the water's edge,

I find you standing there.


I long for the caress

of your embrace,

but you turn away

from my longing kiss.


Silently inside my

fragile being I scream

and fall at the feet

I'm trapped beneath.


On the cradle of your shoulder

I rest my weary head

and pray within my soul

our love can be reborn.


Shrouded by the veil

which has fallen between

you and me, I no longer

can ignore cruelty of truth.


And reluctanly accept

the crush of unspoken words

as they harshly convey

our love is no more,

and I let go.








Look inside the soul of my eyes.

I am my mother's daughter.

I carry her strength in the way I smile.

I hold her spirit as I walk these many miles.


I possess her spunk and easiness.

I harbor the same fears of her turbulent years.

I have shed her same tears.


Look inside the soul of my eyes.

I am my mother's daughter.

I walk the paths she has laid.

I reach for the dreams she never made.


I hear her voice call

in the urgency of night

when I am afraid

and wishing to give up my fight.


I heed the words

she generously gave me,

"Life is what you give to it,

not what you want from it."


Look inside the soul of my eyes,

and you will see

I am my mother's daughter.


For the rest of my days,

I will always and forever possess

her strength, generosity and beliefs.


These are the precious gifts

she gave to me which I hope

to pass on to anyone listening.







Shelter's protection,

I long for from

the coming of

tomorrow's rain.


My life is imprisoned

by gripping anguish,

and is exclamated by

crippling inner pain.


Cold and shivering,

I am trapped under

the weight of its

torrential downpour.


I am drenched.

I cannot breathe.

I'll drown here like this,

if I do not discover

something more.


I watch in horror

as the second hand

tells me today

is about to turn into

another tomorrow.


Desperately, I seek

undectection in

the depths of

heavy shadows.


I cling to my faith

and hope to find

peace hidden in

its deepest fold.


If I can achieve this,

perhaps, I'll avoid

the dreadful coming of

tomorrow's rain.






On the slender edge

of eternal plight

breeds internal sighs

of an ill-fated life.


Sought but did not find

sturdy shoulders to rest

flowing tears from wilting eyes

which no longer can disguise

severe turmoil churning deep inside.


In the freezing cold of darkness

those eyes now stare lifeless

and forever tell of a sorrow worse

than a fragile soul could ever reveal.





Simplicity vacates my existence.

I am mired beneath resistance.

My life is cold, without purpose.

My efforts to find balance are often fruitless.


 My soul is compromised

by wicked inner demise.

I refuse to pay witness to what lies before me

as I accept unforgiving bitter agony.


Slipping inside the reigns

of ugliness, struggle and pain,

I can not open my eyes to the glorious light

and of my hopes and dreams, I have lost sight.


Nightmares now evade my slumber,

but I'm building a protective shelter.

Until that hour I regain my beliefs,

I will struggle to find keys to my release.







Watching hopelessly from

my covenant window

as November rain falls heavily

from steel-gray skies.


Holding in my trembling hands

fading pictures of you and I

during those beautiful years

when you were vibrantly alive.


I recall the day you graced

my life by saying hello

and gave me a reason

to believe and achieve.


I long to be assured like that again

when you conveyed to me

if I gave of my heart and soul

my dreams would one day follow.






 Inhaling deep breaths

of serene morning air,

allowing gentle autumn breezes

to tangle my long silken hair.


Basking gloriously in

the wondrous sensation

of its deep penetrating rays.

My entrapped being is freed.


Walking peacefully alone

under the sun's glow,

I let its warmth

embrace my longing soul.


Stopping briefly to taste

delicate breaths

of winds of calm

as I sense the easing

of my inner turmoil.


I stand still,

oblivious to time

and savor life

all around me,

and I breathe.





Icy winds

come again

bringing frost to

Lovelorn's heart.


Sun rises

breaking through

hard-edges of long

since forgotten passions.


Caressing hands kiss

opaque darkness

where a heart

was tragically lost.


Falling dewdrops

grace Lovelorn's

hungry face and gently holds

her in its sweet embrace.


Giving in to unbridled passion

Lovelorn sinks in

to lustful greed and succumbs

to blissful elation.


Heaven has opened up,

swallowing all of Lovelorn's misery and pain

giving her a chance and place

to at last rest an oh so weary heart.






On the crest

of misery's moon


today's mourning.


Solitude's anxious anger

is illuminated by

a harvest glow.


Shades and shadows

hide profound sorrows

of yesterday's tomorrow

as wicked winds carry them

to destinations unknown.


On the ridge

of ocean's ebb

breathes and dies

the essence of all life.


In frantic fury

waves dance, clash,

crash and thrash,

only to fade away

into the watery abyss.


Waiting in isolation

at the edge of dawn

is the awakening

of a new day

ready to be born.


Only to be betrayed

by the harsh arrival

of another evening

stalking in to steal

yet another birth

of another day.






From deep beneath

crushing smother,

I pull myself from under.


Sensing myself sinking below

earth's surface, I grab hold

and push myself on.


Finally, I am coming to realize

I am capable of treading these

many vacant miles.


My wounds are healing

and my spirits are lifting.

I am a survivor.


I am gaining inner wealth

and will no longer fall to the knees

of ugly bitter weakness.


I embrace the grace of my freedom,

rejecting all and any failure

as I strive for a greater future.


I possess strength

and have, graciously, found

within myself a savior.






A storm abruptly arises

from the northern ridge.

Fruitless trees sway vacantly

in ominous winds.


A mother gathers her child in her arms

and runs towards an open door.

A man seeks protection

behind a stone wall.


Others run blindly

in various directions, but

I stand unprotected out in the elements

oblivious to the pouring down rain.


I watch you walking towards me carrying

that sorrowful expression on your worn face.

You hold out your arms to me,

and I take you in my embrace.


It has been so many months

since you left me

and this day I have

been patiently awaiting.






Bleeding from within

as I walk alone

unaware as to how far

my life has fallen.


My trembling hands

fail to gather

shattered pieces of

my hopes and dreams.


Blindly, I stumble

through blanketed darkness

hoping to discover

a winding road or twisting path.


But, I cannot see anything

coming up from behind

or what maybe in front of me.

I have lost count of

how far I have treaded.


Thunder erupts calm

as I stalk down

rain-soaked streets

veiled by heavy shadows,

holding the cross of my faith.


A bronze-indigo moon

hangs heavily above

casting an eerie velvet glow

as I mistakenly take a wrong turn.


Hidden behind vast silhouettes,

I long for my life to connect,

but its dangling between

beginning again and

sliding deeper into the abyss.


My eyes are listlessly vacant.

My soul is hopelessly entangled.

But I can see the glaring light

just beyond the horizon.


I stand numb at the crossroads

praying within the depths

of my vacuous being that someday

I'll be able to reach the light, and

I hope on that day, my soul will begin to rise.






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