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Hello and welcome to ECHOES OF MY SOUL...

I am an emerging poet and writer. I have been writing poetry and short fiction for

what seems like my whole life. I love writing and learning and growing as a poet and writer.

I am beginning to see portions of my dreams come true.

My journey is beginning...I hope you like my work. And please come again! Thank you!






 Somber days of agony,
reluctantly, gives way
to serene winds of victory.

Sun-kissed skies
erase opaque nights,
revealing inner beauty's sight.

Brutality of endless emotional rattles
has lost this push and pull battle.
Beauty has, finally, won and pounds the gavel.

Witness jubilation's magnificent sound
as at last, peace of this restless soul
has been, graciously, found.

©2004 Lisa Arnold





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I have recently become a staff writer for Poetic Monthly! I will be writing the featured article once a month on topics of interests to writers. Also two of my poems will be included in an forthcoming anthology entitled "An Echo of Distant Voices"I have also launched my online writing services. Visit my online writing portfolio!

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My Influences

I am greatly influenced by the great writers of the past like Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Tennessee Williams. I also find great inspiration from songwriters such as Brett Hestla, Scott Stapp and Bruce Springsteen


Lyrics from "No Soul To Sell"
©2002 Brett Hestla



Lyrics©Scott Stapp


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"beyond the horizon
awaits my fate"


I will be adding a new story in December!

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"Looking towards tomorrow..."