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Come join us as we

travel along the scenic mountain trails of beautiful

southwestern Virginia

and southern West Virginia!

This event promises to be the doorway

 to the best


vacation of the year!


In addition to some first-rate 4-wheeling, I have no doubt that there will be more than enough entertainment, activities, and various local attractions available, that you will scarcely be able to decide what you want to do while you are in the area!



The staging area and home base for the event will be VIRGINIA CITY, an honest to goodness, actual Ghost Town in the sky! – Formerly known as ‘Dry Gulch Junction’, an historic preservation of 19th century Americana, it fell into a state of financial woe in the 1970s and 80s under its previous owner.  It seems that the building of Interstate 77 by-passed the area’s former main road, US Rt. 52, and the once thriving tourist traffic, which they had known for many years, declined very rapidly thereafter. – Alas, such is the way of progress.


The current owners have taken-on the mighty task of restoring all of the historic buildings there, having just completed the old hardware store building (now the town’s gift shop).  In addition to this, using only period lumber and materials, they have constructed a large, covered stage at one end of the town, where local musicians often come to perform (And the acoustics are simply amazing!). 


I addition to this, they have added a Gem Mine, complete with a turn-of-the-century style water-fed sluice, and a covered, open structure built of mammoth old wood timbers.  Although the buckets there are ‘salted’ with all manner of precious and semiprecious gemstones (including: Rubies, Emeralds, and Amethysts!), it really is great fun to try your hand at sifting for treasure, and splashing about on a hot summer’s day!  


Consisting of 250 acres of mostly forested land, and taking-up part of one whole side of Big Walker Mountain, Virginia City is located just a few miles outside of the town of Wytheville, VA, on US Rt. 52. – With close and easy access to both Interstates 77 and 81.  Should you want to bring a motor home, camper, or camper trailer, you will find there is little trouble involved in getting there, and electrical and water hook-up and support is available.




(At this time, I have no information about the costs… I will announce any and all tent-camping and/or camper/motor home hook-up fees, as well as any other additional fees there may be, for whatever other features that might be involved with the event, just as soon as they have been determined.)


There are an untold number of notable points of interest within the immediate area!



Among these, there is The Wolf Creek Indian Village; after very thorough and devoted archeological research, they have made an authentic recreation of an actual Indian Village, on its original site, accurate right down to the placement of the animal pen fence posts. – Take a very interesting and informative trip-back-in-time to the days before the European settlement of America.


Also, there is the Big Walker Lookout.  A lookout tower set atop, you guessed it, Big Walker Mountain.  It is like a trip-back-in-time too, but only as far back as the days before the Interstates.  The tower, and its gift shop and deli are straight out of the 1950s… rustic, quaint and charming in every way.  And the view from the tower is absolutely breath taking!


The near-by town of Wytheville, VA has plenty to offer as well.  Set at the crossroads of Interstates 77 and 81, it is both a sleepy little town, steeped in it’s own historic charm, and completely modern, all at once.  There are plenty of good restaurants, including a few that are completely unique to the town, such as The Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre; and choices for lodging, at well-known and established motel chains, are more than ample.


Within a short drive from the ZUTOPIA event at Virginia City…


If you care to spend a few extra days or so in the area, making this the whole of your summer vacation trip, you will find that there is so much to see, that you will scarcely know where to begin.  No matter what your interests might be (short of there being a BEACH, naturally) the surrounding region has plenty to offer.



The Town of Abingdon, VA, home of The Barter Theatre, The State Theatre of Virginia; featuring quality performances of many well-known plays, some of them known to include cast members from the original Broadway productions!


Abingdon is also home to The Martha Washington Inn, a four-star accredited hotel.  Once a stately early 19th century mansion, it is now one of the most luxurious hotels in the South. – Yes, it IS expensive, but you will likely not find better accommodations in any of the world’s finest hotels.


Not to be left out, Abingdon is also home to The Tavern.  BAR NONE, in all of my travels, it remains my all-time-favorite restaurant.  The building, dating back to the late 1700s, is so full of genuine atmosphere and that you would think you had just stepped out of a time machine!  OH, AND THE FOOD!!! - You have not eaten until you have had their Stuffed Filet Mignon, or their French-style Full Rack of Lamb with Lavender and Fresh Mint!!!  They also offer an exceptional selection of wines and import beers, such that you might only hope to find in many “finer” restaurants. – Expect to pay $25-$50 (or so) per person for all of this, but it is unquestionably worth every single penny!


Abingdon also offers many Antique and Curiosity Shops for you to explore in the historic down town district. – And there really is treasure awaiting you in some of them!


The Crab Orchard Museum, Pisgah, VA


Also close by:  Mount Rodgers National Recreation Area, Hungry Mother State Park, The Appalachian Trail, The Blue Ridge Parkway, both the Jefferson and Washington National Forests, as well as many interesting towns, and a whole host of other scenic, historic, and natural attractions.



Visit Virginia's Southwest Blue Ridge Highlands Home Page for loads more travel, tourism, lodging, and restaurant information within the surrounding area.



I feel truly blessed to live in an area surrounded by so many beautiful places! 

I pledge whatever assistance possible in helping you to find those places and things that are of personal interest to you! – I have no doubt that once you have visited this area, you will want to return again and again, year after year!



I look forward to hearing from all of those who are interested in coming to my quiet little part of the world, to enjoy some kick-ass 4-wheeling. - And after doing so, at day's end, when all of our 4x4s are muddied and resting, we'll have to have a beer around the campfire, and compare notes about the day's events, as we all get to know one another better. - But don't forget to get some rest, because for those who are interested, there will be a whole 'nuther day of wheeling ahead! 



If you are interested in attending this event, or if you hope to do some 4-wheeling in the area, sometine in the future, there is now a Yahoo! Group devoted solely and exclusively to this purpose! The ZUTOPIA Group exists to allow fellow 4x4 fanatics to get together and plan their next trail or mudding adventure! - Take a moment, and join ZUTOPIA right now... Membership is completely FREE! - Just ONE CLICK, AND YOU'RE IN!!!


If you found this site via an Isuzu link, and you ARE NOT a member of E-ZooZoo then I invite you to JOIN TODAY!!! < Just click here!  Membership is completely FREE! E-ZooZoo is focused upon Isuzu related topics, and membership is open to anyone who is currently an owner, those seriously debating becoming an owner, or for anyone who has ever previously been an owner of any Isuzu manufatured 4x4 vehicle. 

I will update this page regularly to reflect any additions or changes, as they apply to the date and/or the scheduled activities for the ZUTOPIA event.



If you have any questions, comments, or special needs relating to the event, please contact The ZUTOPIA Information Center.



Thanks all! – And remember,

“A 4x4 owner that you do not know is simply a friend you have not yet met!”



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