The Ninth Battle
City Battle

Ho ho, what a bloody, long, battle this was. Finding themselves in a city terrain, our heroes across some blonde guy whose running from a group. Iím given the option to save him once again, and once again I go with noÖbut that doesnít save me from battle. God sat this one out to go over his taxes ( The IRS knows all), so I was relying on Jennifer for magically delicious fire power. Things started off with a bang, as Squee hopped over the huge wall separating my army and theirs, and punched an unsuspecting wizard into tomorrow. His victory was short lived, as the rest of the bad guys gang raped him into oblivion. This turned out to be the straw that broke the teddy bears back though, as Mr.Snuggles and the gang charged forward.

Jennifer, being pissed about the gang rape, climbed on over and delivered an inferno that hit every single bad guy. Despite the toasty awesomeness, not one of the bastards fell. She to was ganged on, but she gave the key damage that was needed. Ranma rushed to her fallen body and turned into a mini rambo. He counter attacked, dodged arrows, and sliced some knight. All the while Mr.Snuggles was busy reviving Squee, who took an arrow 1 second later, and reviving Jennifer, who sadly took an arrow 1 second later as well.
With a couple experience points more, she'll be able to summon Richard Simmons, king of flamers.
Still, this only fueled Snuggles and Ranma more, and the two knights became hellacious beasts. The rest of the match featured what was left of the gimpy enemies trying to heal one another and being slowly massacred by the combined swords of my two powerhouses. Eventually one remained, and Ranma made his best attempt to crack his skull in, but a little over worked, he missed. Mr.Snuggles appeared by his side and reminded him it was his job to get in the last hit, and did just that.

Iím pretty impressed with the way the dream team fought. It was almost as if everyone did exactly what they are supposed to. Squee died, and Jennifer roasted and got roasted, the way any good summoner should live. The only thing I would have liked to change is Jennifer killing them all with her inferno blast right away. No that I can really bitch, any battle without Algus is like a world without American Idol - Beautiful
Infidels! Fiends! thou hath been cursed to the seventh circle of hell for all eternity! Which happens to be this site...I'll be giving you retched gaming tips soon, mwahahaha!
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