Final Fantasy Tactics
Meet Squee, leader of the party and official punching bag of enemies.
Brant Style!


Welcome Avid or aged Final Fantasy Tactics fans and people who have no idea what the hell this game is. For those of you in the latter, FFT is what would happen if you mixed Chess with Final Fantasy 7, more or less. If you don’t know what Final Fantasy 7 is, you’ve probably left this site long ago or your simply intrigued.

The catch

FFT, like any RPG…is just that, an RPG you play the game, the story, be the hero see a good ending, yay. But why not add some spice to it? To say the least I’m a huge fan of this game, still. Coming from the generation I do, its age equivalence is about 50 yr’s old. Now I’m no expert but I’ve played enough to know the clock on this priceless game goes up to only 99 hours. So now the catch, instead of playing through it again just kicking (and losing) butt, I’ve decided to give each character a theme to them and try to stick with it. After the story battle’s in the beginning, it was time to recruit and name my dream team.

The Dream Team

There is of course a main character in FFT- His original name is Ramza. If he dies and stays dead long enough into a battle, he’ll decompose right in front of your very eyes like any other player. But decomposing in FFT means turning into a treasure chest or crystal. If only humans did that, death would be such a celebration. What it all boils down to is this- you can’t let your character die and if so he’ll always (need to) come back. So what’s his new name and theme going to be? Squee! For the 95% of you saying “who the hell?” right now, it’s a goblin from a game whom would always come back to life after being killed. He shares many other things in common with our Hero, but those shall be talked of later.

Next we have the one, the only, Mr.Snuggles. Mr.Snuggles is as you may of guessed, a teddy bear. The truth behind him though and his touchable soft fur is he’s one heck of a fighter. His theme is going to be the heavy hitter, the muscles. Not to mention it sticks true to one of the things I most thankful to god for creating- Italian mobsters image. You always knew the biggest brawler was going to be “____ smalls” or “little ____”.

The next character up doesn’t really fit in any category. Its based after a real life person and great friend, Jennifer. On one side of the spectrum, I can see making her one heck of a fighter, but then it could make it to brute like and not stick to the “true to nature” theme I’m going for here. Then again, I have a feeling if I made her a chemist A.K.A. the medic she’d punch me square in the face. So maybe she’ll fit somewhere in the middle or switch back in forth.

And lastly for the moment, We have Ranma. The name comes from the popular anime series and something I happen to like. Of course anyone whose seen the show knows Ranma excels with his hands, but also is a master of all weapons. Without a doubt he’ll be a monk and perhaps eventually a ninja.

Its very likely throughout the game certain characters will have to change to jobs that might not fit the “theme”. Final Fantasy Tactics is a tough game, and will bich slap me if I dare try to screw around to much. I chose these characters from all backgrounds for a purpose…so no one person (other then me and perhaps a few others with limited social lives) could understand all of the characters here, but hopefully at least one. So if you feel out of place with at least one of these characters, I guarantee your not alone.
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