-Update: Battle report 1-10 done! The others will be handled a little differently. More on that later.

-Update 2/13/04:
The first new battle report is up, and I'm officially back in business. Keep coming back often for more reports.

-Update 2/12/04:
FFT has arrived. Expect a new battle report tomorrow, this time with real pics. Just lay off my TV quality, alright?

-Update 1/24/04:
The Tactics page is totally renovated and I'm almost done. Speaking of which, tomorrow I pick up my second copy of FFT. Then its off to many updates.

-Update 1/23/04:
Wow, I know its been forever, sorry. But I have nearly all the resources needed to continue work. 'Till then this place is going to look totally different, as you can see from the main page. Expect updates soon and with vengeance.

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