Welcome to Miracle and Dreamer's ODA Branch,
a KingdomDragon adoption branch.

We were gone for a while but WE'RE BACK..
and where did that egg come from?

This adoption was originally owned by Jona.
She was an excellent owner, but her other, more difficult adoptions
were taking all of her spare time, and she could no longer care for the KingdomDragons.

Thus the branches were formed,
others taking on the responsibilities of
giving the KingdomDragons homes.

This Branch has switched hands, but to equally loving hands,
only because Miracle's original Keeper, Amaryllis
was overwhelmed with other responsibilities.
She has been a great help, a caring Keeper,
and a wonderful friend to all the KingdomDragons here.
She has places this branch in the loving care of a friend called
DragonDreamer and her hatchling friend Dreamer.

With her guiding hand, Miracle intends to see that we do as well as Amaryllis...
coaxing this little agency to the top of the fantasy web adoptions pages, because,
unfortunately, it is the last KingdomDragon Adoption site that can be found on the web.

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