Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy looking around this site as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. I pray that this site brings you peace and joy. In today's world, everyone is so involved in the things of the world and not enough involved in God's Word. He is the reason we are all here and He deserves all the praise and glory ! Please visit the link, "Belden Baptist Church". This is the wonderful church my family & I go to. Bro. Don Baggett is the Pastor there and Bro. Owen Riddick is the associate pastor, and I would like to invite you and your family to come by and visit and possibly make this your church home. Believe me, the people will make you feel right at home ! The hours are listed on the site as well as the wonderful staff. I'm sure you would love it as we do. You WILL DEFINITELY hear the Word of God spoken at Belden Baptist Church. Remember to bookmark this page in your favorites and drop by often. I will be actively involved in updating this site regularly. Don't forget that God loves you and so do I ! God Bless you and your family !!!!!!! Hey everyone look what I won!!! I'm so proud!! God Is Good All The Time And All The Time, God Is Good!!! May God Bless everyone who voted for me. Thank You!!!

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