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This ministry teaches Christ Jesus crucified on the cross of Calvary as the ONLY way God has provided to reconcile His elect to Himself. Without the Cross there would only be hell in the future for every living human being.


I'm Deke. Welcome to The Christian Conservative Opinion Page (TCCOP) ministry! Please bear with me for a couple of minutes and read at least the first few (numbered) points before you go further. It will save you a great deal of misunderstanding because this ministry is probably totally different from any other you have encountered. If you want to know more about me, all I'm willing to post on the Internet is on this page.

I admit that your introduction to this ministry will seem a bit harsh -- it must be. The reality of computer ministries is that the Internet, the World Wide Web, and BBSes are a contemporary versions of the Wild West. Foul language, "flames," discourtesy, boorishness, and bigotry (especially anti-Christian bigotry) are quite common.  Nevertheless, I am always ready to follow Proverbs 26:5  "Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes."  So, I apologize in advance to my brothers sisters in Christ who find this introduction offensive, or even mildly upsetting. It frequently is unavoidable.

TCCOP IS THE "ELECTRONIC EQUIVALENT OF A CHURCH." That is a phrase I coined to describe a local BBS ministry I ran from 1994 to 1996.  Since this is a church you are required to display some semblance of courtesy and proper upbringing.  If you can't, you will be dealt-with very harshly.  Simply, if you want to engage in "flames" or other rude and boorish on-line behavior, to paraphrase Brother Ken Hamblin, "This web site isn't for you;"  take a hike.

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1. This IS a Christian ministry, not a debating society, but polite political and theological debate can be an exception. The attitude here is "take no prisoners." Anti-Christian bigotry and rhetoric will be IGNORED. Heresy and heretics will be "nuked." TCCOP is about the Bible alone and in its entirety, and the teaching of its message precisely as God breathed it.  Logically-constructed, well-written, rational thought will be appreciated.  

2. This ministry is the result of more than ten years' online presence in the electronic ministry.   Those years have been dedicated to the teaching of the practical application of Biblical Scripture to daily life. Questions about the practical application of Scripture are ALWAYS welcome.  I will strive provide wise counsel, answering them as time permits.  All questions asked of me will receive pastor-parishioner confidentiality UNLESS you decide to accuse me falsely.  In that case, "all bets are off."

3. This ministry opposes Politically Correct teachings because the Holy Bible is
very Politically Incorrect. If you think for a moment, you'll understand why I've used these colors, how they are related to this ministry's political foundations, and a bit of how I view this nation's history.  I am not a liberal or a communist traitor ... not that there's a significant difference between the two.   

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4. This ministry holds and teaches about the Bible in its original languages, that:

(A) The Bible (also to be called "the Scriptures") in its original languages is the plenary written expression of God's commands to His children.  The Bible in its entirety is "God-breathed" (2Timothy 3:16). 

(B) The Bible is NOT the product of any human mind. 

(C) The Bible is wholly inerrant. 

(D) The Bible contains no conflicts in the original texts.  Conflicts have been injected by faulty translation,  theological eisegesis (reading in what is not there), and the cultural biases of its translators.

(E) The Bible must be understood as a unified whole.   Error is found in death-enslaved flesh (you and me), and not in the Bible. (F) The Bible as presented in the original texts is its entirety the only trustworthy source for God's truth and guidance.

 I always advise Believers, "Do not simply accept my words or the words of any pastor/teacher as Truth.  Diligently compare what every pastor/teacher says, including me, with the WHOLE Bible." Test every claim you hear against God's ONLY revealed standard, The Holy Bible, and not against the standards set by men. Be cautious about accepting a church's doctrine as the Word of God. NEVER TRUST ANY CHURCH THAT VALUES CHURCH DOCTRINE ABOVE THE HOLY BIBLE.  SUCH A CHURCH IS APOSTATE AND HERETICAL.  Only the Bible in its entirety, in its original languages, is the written Word of God. If church doctrine opposes any part of The Holy Bible, hold fast to the Bible and reject the church doctrine.  Remember, God is the source of Truth, not dead and dying men.

I refuse to argue the merits or lack thereof of any Church. This position does not apply pseudo-Christian cults or theology.  I hold and teach that God has called His chosen people out of many of the apostate churches.  I do not wish to offend my brethren, and will not permit anyone to maneuver me into offending them.  If such an attempt is made, I will not reply to that person again.  I will, however, comment on Scripture and defend the principles found in Scripture as they relate to church doctrines in general. On the other, hand I will not tolerate pagan religions or unbiblical doctrines, even if the person proffering those doctrines claims to be a Believer. 

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5. This ministry holds that there is no such thing as "outmoded morality", "relativistic ethics", "old moral standards", or "New Age thought." There is nothing "new" about rejecting God. "It's the [insert decade's -- get real" (or some variation of that drivel) is the chant of hell-bound deceivers and liars. God is eternal and sets the standards in that context.  If you hear someone say in defense of depravity "Give up your old fashioned ways.  It's the new millennium."  Rebuff them by saying, "Hitler made a similar claim as he was sending Jews to the Zyklon-B showers.  Non sequitur slogans are the proof of an IQ and matching pinky ring size."

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6. This ministry is largely, but far from purely Calvinist in its teaching of the salvation message.  To say I am a Calvinist would be as incorrect as saying I am a Christian using the definition most people apply when they claim to be Christians.  I believe the Bible, not churchmen.  Instead of the labels "Calvinist" and "Christian," I prefer "Believer."  Believer is a far less "loaded" term.  "Calvinist" and "Christian" have been so corrupted by the lies and deceit of their opponents, their enemies, and through confused or total ignorance of Scripture.   Most people react to "Calvinist" and "Christian" in a Pavlovian fashion, slavering at the sound of the "bell."  Although I sometimes use the word "Christian" for clarity, "Believer" is still, in most cases, the definition of "Christian" for this ministry. 

Am I a Calvinist?  Yes and no.  Where John Calvin agrees with the WHOLE Bible, I agree with John Calvin. Where Jacobus Arminius (the whole-cloth inventor of the unbiblical "freewill" doctrine) agrees with the WHOLE Bible, I agree with Jacobus Arminius.  Calvin was far closer to agreeing with WHOLE Biblical truth than Arminius, but they are only DEAD men.  I trust and believe God.  I do not trust OR believe mortal men, be they alive or dead. 

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7.  I hold and teach that The Bible's doctrine called "Perseverance of the Saints" is the key indicator (but NOT a guarantee) that a professing Believer is a child of God.  Without God's SOVEREIGN election and predestination the sinner is condemned to hell.  Period. There are more than 70 references in the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures which address predestination and election, while there are absolutely ZERO Scriptures that support so-called "freewill."  The 70+ predestination and election Bible passages are, as are all other passages, non-negotiable.  The Bible must agree with itself in EVERY principle and EVERY passage or it is only fit for stating fires, for a shredder, or for toilet paper.  If you doubt what you have just read, then read my online thesis page, "The Six Postulates" ( http://webspace.webring.com/people/rd/deke1942/tccop/6postulates.htm )and attempt to square freewill with the Bible's crystal-clear dual doctrines of predestination and election.  The only question you will have to resolve is simple: "Do I believe God or do I believe men?"  I believe God's breathed (theopneustos) Word.  I don't believe men unless they agree with God's ENTIRE Bible as presented in the Greek and Hebrew.  I DO NOT trust the corrupt translations of sinful human beings.  Nevertheless, TCCOP is not allied with nor does it provide support for any particular denomination, church, or sect.

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8. Biblical origin of all life as described in Genesis and Scientific Creationism is taught here! This ministry is familiar with the tenets of, and unapologetically rejects the religion of, the secular-humanist Evolutionarians (my term for their religion): Evolutionism, and the HYPOTHESIS of Evolution (a theory it ain't!)  I am a former evolutionist who now teaches special creation as the only rational explanation for the appearance of life and for human (not hominid) origins.  I was preceded in this decision by Charles Darwin, himself! He said if no evidence of gradualism could be found in the fossil record, his theories were no good.  No evidence of gradualism exists, but the Evolutionarian Scientist/Priests continue to preach Darwin.   "Lucy", Zinjanthropus, Homo Soloensis, Homo Pekininsis, Homo Javaensis, and all of the other "ensises," and the "pre- hominids" as well, are all frauds.  Punctuated Equilibrium is a joke, an intellectual fraud which says, fundamentally, "Evolution happened because there is no evidence for it!"  The terms "microevolution" and "macroevolution" are recently-contrived synonyms designed to force the opponents of evolutionism to use Evolutionarian terminology. "Natural selection" and "re-speciation / evolution" will be used here. They mean the same as "microevolution" and "macroevolution", but do not give obeisance to pseudoscientific evolutionism.  EVOLUTION AND EVOLUTIONISM ARE RELIGION, NOT SCIENCE.  PERIOD.  THEY VIOLATE THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF SCIENCE.   Click on the following link to jump to my article, The Myth of Evolution.  It covers this issue.

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9. If I had my way, I would prefer to "live and let live."  Pastor/teachers do not have that luxury. This ministry rejects and denounces without apology all Biblically-declared sinful behaviors, modern or ancient, which are condemned by God in crystal-clear terms in the Holy Bible, e.g. Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:20-30, 1Corinthians 6:9-10; and Galatians 5:19-21, et al. Other potentially sinful practices which are not clearly condemned by Scripture will be dealt with in terms of generally-applied Biblical doctrine such as those found in Matthew 18:6-7; Romans 14:14-15, 21; and all of 1Corinthians 8, 14:11-15 (especially v. 11-13). GOD IS RIGHT, MANKIND IS WRONG. PERIOD!  If you want to understand the truth about homosexual recruiting and its link to pedophilia, CLICK HERE.


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10. In giving Biblical Email counsel and advice, I maintain a communication policy based on pastor-parishioner confidentiality.  I will do my best to protect all of my brothers' and sisters' privacy.  Nonetheless, do not forget that the Internet is legally a PUBLIC domain, and that absolute privacy can not be guaranteed. As long as you respect this policy and reciprocate, I will do my best to maintain your privacy and anonymity within those bounds.  On the other hand, ANYONE WHO PUBLICLY DAMAGES OR DEFAMES my ministry or character will find that they have unilaterally terminated our confidentiality agreement.  I will always act to protect the identities of innocent parties, but covenant-breakers can expect full disclosure of their deceit.  I'm no fool or "patsy." I can't be used, and I don't respond well to attempts at emotional blackmail.  I will defend myself and my ministry against all lies, slander, and libel.

Occasionally an interesting reply or question from a reader will be posted and answered here. As I have always done in my ministries, names will be changed and gender-revealing pronouns will be (if practical or necessary) avoided to provide as much anonymity as I can unless your authorize publication of your real name or "screen name" as part of anything I post on this web site. Even prayer requests will be posted with the person's first name only unless the writer has requested otherwise, or unless it is clear from the request's content and history that the petitioner doesn't object to having their name and/or email address published.

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11. All materials on this page and on this web site are my copyrighted intellectual property.  This site and its contents are my exclusive property unless a work is attributed to another author who has his own copyright.  If you are going to re-publish my work, read the copyright notice at the end of each article.  If you find that I have infringed on someone else's copyright, please let me know.  I do not wish to damage anyone's faith or cause a weaker brother or sister to stumble by encouraging disregard of God's laws or our precious rights under the Constitution of the United States.

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12. "The Separation of Church and State" is a secular-humanist doctrine intended to silence the Believer's opposition to immorality by the combined use of well-developed Marxist and Fascist propaganda techniques. The separation of church and state "doctrine" is NOT found in the Constitution of the United States of America.  It has nothing in common with the intent of the First Amendment's "Establishment Clause."  It was created from "whole cloth" almost ten years after the Constitution was ratified.   It is the duty of EVERY Believer to work toward the removal of the Separation of Church and State doctrine from the laws of this nation. Link to my essay, The Myth of the Separation of Church and State, which covers this issue.

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13. "Hot links" will be provided to my favorite Christian and politically conservative web sites.  In the past I have joined several Christian and conservative "Web Rings." I have tried to be very diligent in reviewing the content of the sites with which I am associated, be they Calvinist or Arminian.  I am confident that Arminians have accepted a fatally-flawed but not utterly unbiblical theology.  On this web site I easily debunk their unbiblical freewill doctrine which forces the Bible into self-contradiction.  I would ask that you E-mail the URL to me should you find morally objectionable material linked on any of my pages.  I will review the site and take appropriate action.  If you have any suggestions for additional conservative sites or Web Rings, please reply to our e-mail address, below.

May Almighty God bless your stay with us. May he grant you wisdom (James 1:5), and may it be in His perfect will that you belong to Him (John 15:16; Romans 8:29-30).

Doulos kai diakonos Xristou Iesou
(Koine Greek: a slave and servant in Christ Jesus)


Bible Teacher and editor,
The Christian Conservative Opinion Pages and . . .
RingMaster of the Ring of Conservative Christian Sites

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This ministry teaches Christ Jesus crucified on the cross of Calvary as the ONLY way God has provided to reconcile His elect to Himself. Without the Cross there would only be hell in the future for every living human being.

I am going to talk about myself -- what an ego -- and about this ministry.  So, before you begin to look over the offerings here, you might want to know a bit about my writing style and my theological convictions.  What I teach is easily misunderstood if you don't have some basic knowledge about me, Biblical (not church-theological) doctrines, and my purpose.


In my youth I loved motorcycles.  I was a well-known "righteous biker," the leader of about 20-30 "freewheelers."  My biker name, I found out recently, is still remembered.  I owned and rode many different makes, and ended my biking days in the mid-60's as a Harley Chopper-riding "freewheeler" -- in a torrent of pain, blood, and near-fatal injuries.  My joints are paying the price!  I did manage to avoid serious trouble in those bygone days.  So, a few years later I became a duly-sworn deputy sheriff.  I resigned from law enforcement just as I did the churches, in utter disgust.

I'm college-educated.  Even in college I was -- and I still am -- politically very conservative.  I'm a pre-1996 "Reaganite," a conservative Libertarian (post-1996), and a "geezer" according to my son, "Moose."  When the Republican Party abandoned true conservatism, I abandoned them.  George H. Bush was a weak President.  Bill Clinton is a re-styled National Socialist, a demagogue, a liar, and a philandering opportunist who should have ended his political career in prison instead of the White House.  Ronald Reagan was the best and strongest President we have elected save for George Washington.  "Uncle Ronnie" was the embodiment of a real American . . . . until he turned from his principles when he signed the 1986 Democrat tax package.  The Republican Party has become weak, being led by feckless compromisers, but President "Dubya" does offer a glimmer of hope, just a glimmer.  The "principles" of the Democrat Party has become indistinguishable, with only a few exceptions, from socialism and/or Marxism.  I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  I do admire President George W. Bush's outspoken Christianity, his courage, and his forthrightness.  May God grant our nation more leaders like President Reagan and "Dubya."  AMEN!

I reject Thomas Jefferson's anti-Christian, un-Biblical, pseudo-Constitutional whole-cloth doctrine of the separation of church and state.  Believers MUST participate fully in our nation's affairs, MUST strive to have their standards become law, and MUST insist that God be returned to His former place in our government and society. The Believer who avoids participation in our national political debate relegates our nation to the sewer of secular humanism, and by default serves unrighteousness.


I am largely, but not perfectly, a Calvinist by Biblical persuasion. I am not Calvinist by rearing, by church membership, by theological indoctrination/brainwashing, or by formal training (the same as theological indoctrination/brainwashing in many cases). You've already read how that happened, so I won't address it here.  I do not attend church or have membership in one.  Were I to attend any church, I would be the pastor/teacher, just as I am here.  My service to the Lord is done here, in the hope that these (silicon) stone will cry out His name just as it is written in Luke 19:40 "I tell you,"  he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."  I am convinced by overwhelming testimonial evidence that Jesus is present when I write to a brother or sister.  He declares that He is present when two or three gathered together in His name (Matthew 18:20).  When I write to a Believer or a group of Believers, I know that He is there in the midst.  That simple method of gathering together, my brothers and sisters, is the church.  At this very moment we are in church as you read this autobiography and the Scriptures I have used to support what I say here.  We are two ... or perhaps even more than two at this moment.  May Almighty God grant that you find this ministry a blessing.  AMEN!!

I teach a literal-as-possible interpretation of Scripture which relies heavily on the fundamental meanings of the Greek and Hebrew texts.  I diligently strive to eliminate the baleful influence of corrupt "Churchianity" from what I teach.  I do my best to avoid the post-First Century church's modification and corruption of those ancient Greek words.  Unless the Biblical context clearly places a passage in the realm of parable and metaphor, I teach it literally while applying its context to current issues.  E.g., when God breathes, quite literally, "elected" and "predestined," that is exactly what I teach, no deals, no negotiations, and no "agreeing to disagree."  Scripture is to be understood in relation to the entire Bible; each is an inseparable part of the whole. "Eisegesis" (reading-in of meanings) is only valid when the whole Bible context of the passage being examined warrants that process. Most of the time eisegesis corrupts the Bible instead of explaining it.  When there is interpretational conflict, theology MUST be rejected in favor of Biblical principle and whole Bible unity.  I reject what I call "Scripture stretching," my term for liberal and/or heretical exegesis/eisegesis.

I do not encourage rote memorization of Scripture, the brainwashing technique used in many churches to elicit Pavlovian responses.  The Scripture is dynamic, not dead.  Slavering at the sound of a theological "bell" is not what God wants a believer to do.  The Pharisees were very good at drooling that way.  The much used and abused phrase ". . . . hide the Word of God in your heart . . . ." is NOT found in the Bible. It is the product of sinful men's minds, and is NOT the breathed word of Almighty God. The Holy Bible EMPHATICALLY does teach or exhort wrote memorization of Scriptures, although that practice can be helpful if divorced from the brainwashing techniques of many Christian sects and it is carefully examined for its original meaning.  Always filter-out theological bias when reading the Bible.  Jesus Christ is the Word of God; He is the one to be hidden in the hearts of God's elected Believers (Romans 8:10). Many times I have heard John 5:39 quoted grossly out of context as a command to memorize Scripture.  The meaning of that passage is almost exactly the opposite.  Jesus is excoriating His Jewish persecutors for NOT RECOGNIZING HIM DESPITE THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF SCRIPTURE and for thinking that life is found in the Scriptures while their salvation stood before them.  He is not exhorting them to study and memorization. Spouting Scripture saves no one, and it certainly has chased away many who might have had "ears to hear."

SALVATION IS ACCOMPLISHED BY GOD'S ELECTION AND PREDESTINATION OF THE BELIEVER THROUGH HIS SOVEREIGN WILL, AND NOT THROUGH ANY ACTION, ACT, OR MODE OF THINKING PERFORMED IN ANY WAY BY ANY HUMAN BEING (Ephesians 2:8-9). PREDESTINATION AND ELECTION IS WHAT THE SCRIPTURE TEACHES IN MORE THAN 70 O.T. AND N.T. PASSAGES -- LITERALLY!  If your doubt that the Bible teaches predestination and election, then read my thesis "The Six Postulates" and try to rebut its conclusions using Scripture without throwing any other Bible passages into conflict with the passages it examines.  Do ya feel lucky...?  Well do ya? Go ahead ...  Make my day!" 

Salvation does not come through anything we do, be it baptism, a "sinner's prayer" or jabbering like a lunatic and calling it the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Salvation is God's free gift through Christ's faith in going to the cross for YOUR sins; salvation is not of yourselves in any fashion so that you can not boast about something that you have not done. (Ephesians 2:8 explained)  To teach otherwise is to minimize the sovereignty and deny the omniscience and omnipresence of Almighty God. I find great comfort and assurance in God's merciful judgment, His sovereign choice, His sole authority to give souls to Christ, and His promise that none that He drags (helkuo) to His Son will lose that salvation (John 6:39 and 44 ).  I do NOT trust the minds of sin-enslaved men.

Further down this page you will find a link to a story on this web site about a  "born-again Christian" friend and co-worker of mine who attempted murder, committed murder, and then committed suicide. It was Tim's story that my early Baptist teachers and pastors refused or simply couldn't handle theologically.  Then ran from it like a chicken from a mountain lion.  His tragic story led me to study the Bible and stop listening to lip-flapping blind guide "born-again" preachers. Despite some heretical claims to the contrary, a so-called "born-again Christian" who commits murder will be condemned to hell; they are called but not chosen. Such people do not "endure to the end," they never were elect, and never were saved (Matthew 10:22; Hebrews 6:11).

I am a family-first Believer.  The man is the head of his household, not the woman . . . PERIOD!!! (1 Corinthians 7:2-13, 39; 11:3,8,11; Ephesians 5:22-33; Colossians 3:18) God has forbidden preacherettes (1Timothy 2:11-15).  Any woman who preaches in the congregation (ekklesia) is a heretic and an unbeliever.  Period.  Equality of the sexes is un-Biblical, godless humanist socio-fascist drivel.  The man's headship must be founded in God's plan (Ephesians 5:24-25), not secular humanist ideology, or it is tyranny.  The wise husband takes his wife's good counsel before making decisions; he is not a tyrant, but a just and wise ruler in his home.  Correction of disobedience is the duty of a husband as it of any just ruler.  His authority under Christ's headship devolves also upon his wife whom he must wisely support in the discipline and rearing of their children. Children must be corrected when they are wrong.  That EMPHATICALLY DOES NOT MEAN A BEATING. The Scripture teaches that the father who spares the rod of correction hates his child (Proverbs 13:24), BUT THE ROD is not only an instrument of corporal punishment, it IS A SYMBOL OF AND METAPHOR FOR PARENTAL AUTHORITY, and its JUST exercise.  The Apostle Paul admonishes parents not to exasperate their children; INJUSTICE IS THE GREATEST EXASPERATION A PARENT CAN VISIT UPON A CHILD.


I began studying the Bible with an unquenchable thirst for God's word in late 1974.  After attending a Conservative Baptist in church in Northern California for about a year, I became totally disgusted with the corruption and immorality in that body.  The pastor, elders, and deacons turned a blind eye to adulterers who paraded their adultery in the congregation.  Instead of obeying God, they tacitly refused to excommunicate members who were practicing evil.   I was even more disturbed with that church and its blind guides when, every time I asked a hard (read "Arminian doctrine challenging") Bible question, instead of giving an honest answer the Bible "study" "leader," would deflect my question by making an empty promise to ask the  pastor.  At that time, having been conned into believing that I was "born-again" despite the Bible's Romans 8 declaration to the contrary,  I had no idea what an Arminian or a Calvinist was.  I  certainly did recognized conflicts in what I was being taught.  I began asking questions that exposed the soft underbelly of Arminian theology, although I didn't realize that was what I was doing theology-wise.  The pastor and his deacons never answered one of my questions.  They ran away.   Their response became a very commonplace occurrence in later decades.  Arminian deceptions and pseudotheology can not stand up to a close comparison of the original Greek and Hebrew texts, or even to a careful examination of English translations.  When the Bible says NO ONE in with crystal clarity, in John 6:44, Arminians would respond with "but this Scripture ..."  They deny what they do: calling God's word and God Himself, self-contradictory.    

A fellow Believer, a local attorney, had heard me teaching, questioning, and  commenting during those Baptist Bible "studies"  (read "brain washings").  He asked me to join his independent Bible study in the mid-1970's.  Shortly afterward he regularly asked me to lead and teach the study.  The study began growing, and I found to my astonishment that I was teaching a radio pastor, my host's dad.  I had begun answering God's call the ministry.  Shortly after we began the independent Bible study, the aforementioned Baptist church's "leadership" began objecting to what we were doing, claiming that we were "dividing the body of Christ."  The charge was utter nonsense.  We were not members, so we rejected their claims to any control over us.  Several more families joined the study; we all grew in the knowledge of God's written word.  No question was left unanswered.  No one left hungry.  I was beginning to have serious doubt about Baptist theology, especially their claim about being "born-again" when a "born again Christian" I worked with committed murder and then suicide.  Despite the fast-shuffle song-and-dance the Baptists performed when I confronted them with the obvious question, "Is that MURDERER in heaven or is he condemned hell," I was determined to find a way of reconciling his being "born-again" with the eternity he had earned in hell.  I wanted answers, not evasion.  I began to learn the hard lesson: trust God, not men.  Your can LINK HERE to read his story in detail.

Less than a year later, my brother in Christ, the lawyer, the host of our independent Bible study expressed a desire to found a new church in our community.  Together we conceived a church that would teach the Scriptures exactly as God breathed them.  It would enforce God's commandments as He demanded of His servants.  Its pastor/teacher would answer all questions, and would not ignore "inconvenient" Scriptures.   God had the answers and we wanted those answers supplied to our Bible truth-starved community. 

One spring in the late 70's, the lawyer, another brother, and I, contacted a recent graduate of a Baptist seminary with our idea, suggesting that he might want to join with us in establishing a church in our community.  He accepted the invitation.  Shortly afterward, the layman and his wife had to move to another city, but both he and she continued their support of our efforts.  The pastor we had invited moved to our city.   The three of us met at a local park to set the foundational principles of our church.  We agreed that the only doctrine to be preached and taught was the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of sin.  "Everything else is negotiable" was the deceptive phrase that the pastor often used.  We agreed together that no other doctrine or doctrinal statement would found our church.  The church we had founded on that warm spring day opened its doors early that fall.  Two years later the pastor had appointed "elders" who were younger than I was.  They were NOT elder in the Biblical sense, all but one being younger than I.  It was obvious that our original agreements were being "bent" to the breaking point.  I hesitated to accuse the pastor of lying to us, but now I wish I had.  I continued in my service to the church, handling all of the physical operations. 

In 1980 the pastor absolutely broke his word.  He and the so-called "elders" published an Arminian doctrinal statement.  Although I accepted Arminian theology at the time, I refused to serve under a deceiver who had promised not to issue a doctrinal statement.  I challenged several obvious flaws in the "proposed" doctrinal statement, actually a rubber-stamp con-job, during a congregational meeting.  Heads nodded in agreement.  Mine did not.  I didn't like then and I don't like today, liars and deceivers.  Arrogant and puffed-up like an open sore, the "pastor" invited anyone who disagreed with the doctrinal statement to leave the church.  It was he who should have left.  The brainwashed congregation gave rubber stamp approval to the statement.  I'd just witnessed again what I had witnessed so many times in the vile Mor(m)on "church" during their rubber stamp kangaroo courts.  I resigned in disgust and handed him the keys to the church, the church I had co-founded, the church that had invited that backstabber to pastor.  When we had our parting discussion, he asked me if I was Calvinist.  Even back then I believed the Bible and not men, just as I do now; I didn't give a hoot in hell about theology.  After he explained Calvin's position on whatever Scripture it was that we were discussing, I agreed with his position and told him that I wasn't a Calvinist.  He accused me of refusing to submit to the "elders."  I should have asked "what elders?"  None were older than me.  He left  saying that I was "mixing theologies."  He was right on that point and wrong on everything else.  I never returned or even visited that church again.  Later I heard through the "grapevine" that my other co-founder, the lawyer, had left the church and returned to the Baptist congregation where we had met.  A few years afterward he graduated from Biola University and founded his own church in Northern California.  

After many miserable experiences with "Born-Again Christians,"  including the murder/suicide "Born-Again" Christian that I have documented on this site, I rejected all churches and their "blind guides."   I had observed, first-hand, far too much corruption, failure to teach, failure to answer questions, lack of wisdom, and deliberate ignorance of, and miserable failure to, enforce God's law.  I could find no Scriptural or rational reason to continue associating with a culture of apostates and practitioners of evil, the leaven in the churches.   I believed God; they did not and could not.  I had visited other churches and denominations, but I wasn't one bit surprised by their teaching unbiblical doctrines.  Claiming Christ and subjecting Him again to public disgrace, they shared one common trait: the rejection of God's crystal-clear law and doctrines.   Although I still visited churches my son was attending as a child, I had given up totally on the so-called church.  The churches were and still remain nothing more than a kindergarten where the Christian babies are fed milk, not meat while their leaders approved of corruption and wickedness remaining in the body  (Hebrews chapters 5 and 6).   I was certain that the so-called body of Christ (by their definition, not the Bible's) held no answers.  It was convinced that the church was corrupt almost beyond repair, and by now it most certainly has achieved that status. 

In 1980, following my disgusted exit from the church I had co-founded, I began studying the Bible, first "washing the voices of preachers from my mind," a principle that I still teach in my ministry.  I began paying even more attention to what God actually revealed in the Greek and Hebrew texts.  I had begun that practice in church whenever a preacher or teacher made a claim.  I gleaned the Bible's answers to questions brainwashed pastors and their followers couldn't or wouldn't answer.  What I found in the Bible wasn't what I had never heard in any Born-Again or Charismatic "church."  Why was I not surprised? 

After writing and publishing a long thesis on Genesis 1-6:13, in about 1990 I began applying my computer skills. God had prepared me for this ministry even before He called me.  I had "cut my teeth" on an IBM mainframe in 1972.  I was a professional stock trader from 1983 through 1991, using CompuServe and then Dow Jones News Retrieval to do my research online.  I had begun debating liberals and anti-Christs using Biblical principles and Scripture on local BBSes in about 1990.  In the spring of 1994, the owner of a very prominent and very large local BBS appointed me its SysOp (System Operator).  At that point I had become one of the first  pastor/teachers to enter the electronic ministry, but I still regarded myself as a conservative Baptist.  Our BBS was one of the first "electronic churches," a term I coined in '94.  It was during that ministry that a brother in Christ pointed-out a single word in Hebrews 6:5.  I agreed with his observation.  He wrote to me,  as best I can recall, "Welcome, brother.  You are a Calvinist."  I had my doubts at first, but he was right.  I began referring to my theological position as "99.9999999~% Calvinist, leaving a small opening for the LORD just in case Calvin or I were wrong on some point."   Nevertheless, I still only believe Calvin when and where he agrees with the Bible.  I am far from being a "knee-jerk" Calvinist, theology-wise. 

When the BBS system's owner decided to close the BBS in 1996, I set up my own electronic church, a local BBS named "Church-in-a-Box."  There are one or more web sites using that name today, but none are mine.  I originated the name, and still have the BBS software to prove it.  I closed "Church-in-a-box" about nine months later, in late 1996, when it became obvious that the Internet was the only place to be.  I subscribed with an ISP that December, learned HTML, and launched this web site, TCCOP, in late June, 1997.

I spent the next three years writing for this site, and in teaching the Gospel, counseling, answering prayer requests, and debating on the old Michael Reagan "Debate Religion and Its Place in Politics" forum.  I am credited with closing-down that forum when I brought all of my debate skills to bear on a pair of idiot female blackmailers, a vile Mor(m)on woman and her wicked Wiccan sister in crime.  If you are interested, you can read that story if you will CLICK HERE.

In January, 2000, following a near fatal heart attack in 1998 followed by a near-fatal auto accident in the summer of 2000, Tedd Keever, the founder of ROCCS handed me the reins of the  Ring of Conservative Christian Sites (ROCCS).  Until February, 2002, ROCCS was a very large part of my ministry, taking 12 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week during the first six months that I managed it, and almost the same amount after I had everything working smoothly.  In late February 2002, I put ROCCS into "hibernation."  I changed its status in WebRing from public to private and suspend active participation of all ROCCS sites.  Had I not been retired, I could not have run it for that long.   The heavy demands ROCCS placed on my time hadn't eased very much when I decided to suspend all member sites. Only the ROCCS home page remains active in the ring.  Why did I make that decision?  It was a simple case of "bang for the buck."  There were virtually no surfers using our ring ... or any other ring for that matter ... even though ROCCS was and remains the top hit-gathering ring in its category.  Our page hit rate had dropped from 12,000+ per month in 2000 to below 1400 per month when WebRing returned from its "captivity" with Yahoo in October, 2001.  The return on the time investment just wasn't worth the work.

Today ROCCS remains a private ring.  It's not listed in WebRing's public directory.  Although the ring still exists, only one page, the ROCCS home page (linked in this paragraph), is still active. It presents an explanation of the decision I made and tells surfers to watch for the ring's return. The member sites are still part of the ring, but they are inactive in the ring, in suspension until all WebRing activity picks-up or I decided to delete the ring entirely.


PLEASE understand that I am not here to offer you salvation.  Only God can do that.  I am only a pastor/teacher, and not an evangelist.  Of course, teaching His word certainly is a form of evangelism because those who God gives ears to hear His call will hear and respond to His voice.  If God hasn't called and chosen you, I can't help you.  My only job is to teach the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  Only God can save you.  You MUST call upon Him for mercy, and He must have chosen YOU!  Again, if your doubt that the Bible teaches that doctrine, then read my thesis "The Six Postulates" and try to rebut its conclusions using Scripture without throwing any other Bible passages into conflict with the passages it examines.  Do ya feel lucky...?  Well do ya? Go ahead ...  Make my day!"    

Do I suspect that you are a Believer? Jesus said that you shall "know them by their fruits." I frequently quip about that passage, "... and that they aren't."  The words you type will reveal your intent, and your spiritual status.  I will not engage in endless, puerile rhetoric and pseudo-intellectual discussions about the truth of Biblical Scripture with unbelievers.  The divinity of Christ Jesus, and the Bible as reality and absolute and inerrant truth are non-negotiable.  My mind IS closed to issues which bring the authority and validity of the Bible into question.  My mind IS closed to pagan religions but not to pagans.  Any sinner might be among God's elect.  My mind IS closed to heresies like the ordination of women.  I believe the Bible; I don't believe heretics, male or female.  I will counsel any pagan, any sinner (yes, including homosexuals and harlots), any man, any woman, or any professing Believer, IF I sense that he has ears to hear and is called by God.  I judge according to Scripture, and I expect that God to use that same "stick" to measure me (Matthew 7:2).  I offer no apology for that position.  Simply, what you write will determine my response or non-response.


My attitude toward the secular world is one of "take no prisoners."  I have no problem applying that attitude to bigoted, self-righteous "Christians," heretics, and cultists, no matter what they profess to believe.  If you want replies from a gutless, ineffective, never-offend-anyone pastor, or from a whiney doormat "Christian," I'm not your man.  I am a Believer, a soldier in Christ, not a lip-flapper, and I make NO apologies for God's Word.  I accept the Holy Bible in the Greek and Hebrew texts only, not any human translation, as GOD'S BREATHED AND INERRANT WRITTEN WORD.  I reject any attempts at testing that position.

I hold the paradigm called "Applied Presuppositionalism."  Simply, I presume that every Bible passage is a perfectly harmonized part of God's breathed (theopneustos) word.  I reject any idea, theory, or theology which throws God's authorship of Scripture into doubt.  He breathed the Holy Bible.  PERIOD.  I reject and thoroughly enjoy destroying anti-Christ bigots and so-called freethinkers who are really mere slaves to evil, but I'm not adverse to using what those bigots say and write for entertainment and for the edification of God's people.

I refuse to discuss rhetorical questions that express anti-Christian propaganda. Occasionally I will excoriate deceivers who give compliments, try to set me up, and then attack -- if I know by God's leading that there is "fertile soil" present.  In this way I teach Believers to reject and then attack the accusers (of the brethren). I also will excoriate those phonies who attempt ploys that cause me to give a harsh response and then attack me for not being "tolerant" etc. I AM ABSOLUTELY INTOLERANT OF DECEPTIONS, LIES, FALSE DOCTRINES, AND ANTI-CHRIST BIGOTS.  I BELIEVE GOD, NOT MEN.  PERIOD.  No Believer need show "tolerance" to God's enemies.  That is weakness.  All Believers must pray for them.

As was Jesus, I am NOT a gentle teacher.  When tough teaching is warranted, I have no problem publicly calling people "liar" and "deceiver," even if they claim to be Christian.  It is written, "... many are called, but FEW are chosen" (Matthew 22:14).  When I am attacked by a Christ-baiting liar, I apply the now-popular WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) standard.  I call them serpents, a den of vipers.  If anyone makes an attempt to deceive me, he or she WILL be called "LIAR!" "DECEIVER!" or worse.  An unbeliever will find their foolhardy, ignorant attempts at using the Scripture to control me to be only sheer folly.  I "turn the other cheek" to my believing brethren alone (the context of Matthew 5:39), to do otherwise to a God-hating enemy is foolhardy.  Deke sez: "Turn your other cheek to an enemy and you'll be minus your head!"  "Deke sez" introduces many of my truisms.   I do not "turn the other cheek" to heretics, liars, false teachers, and deceivers.  I decide who my brethren are based on Mt:7:16: "Ye shall know them by their fruits. . . ."  If your Believer status is in doubt, you will know it by my reply. I tend to be quite blunt in my assessments of people.  Again, I have NO tolerance for deception and lies.


Why do I use the pseudonym "Deke" (formerly "Diakon"), and why do I have a dedicated mailbox for this ministry?  Simply, I do not want to be swamped with hate-mail, although I do enjoy "flaming" the occasional whacko.  More, I can better achieve my ministry's objectives if I remain "at arm's length" from those I counsel.  Anonymity makes opening conversation easier, and it assures my family's safety.  After all, God does know what is in our hearts; He alone is my judge.  I answer to Him.  With Him, anonymity is impossible.  I have and will publish some positions here which might motivate mentally disturbed, hate-driven servants of Satan to seek to do harm to my family. It has happened in the past when I used my given name.  I owe everyone in my family as much security as I can provide in this day of hate-driven Political Correctness.


I'll finish  this part of my ministerial autobiography with a quick overview of the past 25+ years.  I have done other things in addition to being a pastor/teacher, including driving armored cars,  being a duly sworn deputy sheriff in a Northern California county, spending ten years as a professional stock trader, and home schooling my son for eight years.  He graduated with honors and is listed as a top United States scholar in a very prestigious publication.  I have been studying the Bible since 1975.  I have written op-ed's  for local BBSes, and have been the SysOp (system operator) of two BBSes, including my own.  I have been published in international print (as opposed to electronic) and Internet newsletters.  I have a published thesis in the Library of Congress, and have been well-known to several conservative local radio hosts.  I began debating on local BBSes in about 1990 (some day I will check my old CP/M computer records for the correct date), and I am credited with being the man who is responsible for the closure of the old Michael Reagan "Debate Religion and It's Place in Politics" WebForum.  I have been preaching and teaching Scripture, counseling, discussing, arguing Biblical principle, writing about the Bible, and using the Holy Bible like a club to defeat God's opponents for more than twenty-five years.


In coming months and years, given that the LORD tarries and it is His will, you will find many issues considered on this web site.  There will be articles about the practical application of Scripture to daily life which will range from purely religious questions to political issues, and everything in between.  If I receive interesting E-mail I may choose to post answers publicly on this page after altering the name of the person asking the question.  This is the policy I have always followed in my ministry, and I have no reason to change.  The sole exception to this rule applies to anyone who spreads lies about this ministry or attempts blackmail and extortion.  They will be publicly exposed.

Given that I am not overwhelmed with E-mail (I frequently find myself in that position), or buried under a mountain of "spam," I will try to answer each personal letter I receive, but with some reservations: I will reply with form letters to posts which contain profanity, or are laced with anti-Christian bigotry or atheist / Socio-Fascist / Communist / Marxist / liberal rhetoric.  I WILL NOT waste my time on Politically Correct drivel.  If you want to discuss those issues, you don't belong here.  As my conservative brother "The Black Avenger" Ken Hamblin says, "This program ain't for you!" -- and then adds that ". . . . The Black Avenger only uses ain't for emphasis . . . . "

If you have any decently-phrased suggestions about articles or features you might like to see here, questions to ask about the Bible (other than rhetorical "questions," especially about its validity), or a need for prayer, just ask. I will do my best to answer heart-felt questions, or to help with prayer.

If it pleases Him, may Almighty God bless you with strength, understanding of His Word, and the wisdom to apply that knowledge.  I remain ...

Doulos kai diakonos Xristou Iesou
(Koine Greek: a slave and servant in Christ Jesus)


Bible Teacher and editor
The Christian Conservative Opinion Pages and . . .
RingMaster of the Ring of Conservative Christian Sites


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