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8-7-1997:  Developments in the political atmosphere of Washington, DC (District of Criminals), has precipitated a change in editorial policy for this page and this web site when referring to the Clinton administration. The past year's developments re the Clintons and Communist Red China (PRC, or The People's Republic of China), the (Communist) Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) being given the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, and the DNC's sale of influence to Chinese Communist agent John Huang has forced us to change the names used to describe the Clinton administration.

Beginning immediately, "Billy Bo Bob Bubba" Clinton (aka "The Hillbilly Hippie"), and the Clinton administration shall be called, respectively, "Beijing Bill Clinton" and the "Dynasty of Clinton-the-Corrupt". Where appropriate, similar changes will be made to the appellations applied to "Di-the-Lie" Feinstein, other influence peddlers for the Communist Red Chinese, and/or one-world (read Communist) government politicians.


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by Deke

Proverbs 2:16:
"A tyrannical ruler lacks judgment, but he who hates ill-gotten gain will enjoy a long life.

Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America (excerpt):
"No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law ..."

Although this article was written with California in in mind, your State has similar plans on line.

Since California's Smog Check II regulations came into force, some changes have been made to the law by your always-watchful State legislature. After berating the critics of Smog Check II as being the pawns of KSFO radio in San Francisco, and after being put under relentless pressure by those self- same constituents, the politicos in Sacramento decided you are really angry and not just stupid knee-jerk talk show robots. They wet a finger, held it to the breeze, and found that breeze blowing away their re-election hopes. So, in late 1996 they repealed what they claimed were the non-existent confiscate-and-crush regulations in the new law. Isn't it curious how they managed to remove provisions that didn't exist? Who do these clowns think they are kidding? Don't breathe easy, even if you live in another State this is being pushed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.


Now, after all of your pressure, comes a side-step of responsibility: The duplicitous State bureaucrat snakes-in-the-grass have not clipped their own fangs; they are still going to see that your "gross polluter" is going to be crushed. They've simply handed the enforcement to another gang of bureaucrats to get themselves out of the snake- baking oven.

The State bureaucrats knew all along that local ordinances in many if not most large metropolitan areas provide that cars left unregistered and parked on private property will be towed, confiscated, and crushed. Oakland, California for example, has a city ordinance which says that no unregistered vehicle may be parked in public view, that it must be stored inside. The Oakland ordinance goes on to provide for towing, confiscation, and crushing of those vehicles, and others which have had registration paid but do not have tags. Of course, that means EVERY vehicle which fails to pass Smog Check II because they CAN NOT get tags! More, any registered vehicle left in public view which is not moved at least twice a week is also subject to towing, confiscation and crushing.

If your local government doesn't have one of those ordinances yet, get ready for one to be passed. The slick liars in the legislature have simply passed the buck to your city council. Most of the power mad bureaucrats on your city council will be more than willing to accept the additional power they can have over your lives.

The impact upon your finances will be far more than the cost of your automobile if it crushed and these bureaucrats keep on playing political games. If this Smog Check II fiasco isn't stopped, it can cost you and the rest of us tax payers tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. The State of California is planning to sign a contract with Envirotech or some other smog test company to set up the smog stations. You are going to be paying to have them test your car. Then you will have to pay to have it fixed at very hight cost or confiscated and destroyed if it fails the test.

If the State signs the contract with the testing company and then backs out, it will cost you hundreds of millions in tax dollars to pay off Envirotech for the breach of contract. Do you think I am kidding? Several East Coast states made this mistake and have been forced to pay (according to what I have heard) over one hundred million dollars each in damages to the "environmental" companies for those cancellations.


Don't believe any politician who tells you that California (or your State) will lose Federal (your) highway funds unless they continue the smog-dog tailpipe-sniffer Smog II checks because we are out of compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act. That is a blatant lie being circulated by the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Reapir) and CARB (California Air Resources Board). Congress repealed that penalty several months ago. The Smog Check II project's goal is simple: to force you to use public (socialist) transportation whether you like it or not.

The reality is that even though these arrogant bureaucrat tin-pot dictators intend to have your older car destroyed because they are "gross polluters", the evidence does not support their claims. Scientific evidence proves that the real "gross polluters" are badly out of tune newer cars. Old cars are driven far too infrequently, and far too few miles to have any impact on the environment. This is solidly supported by a July 2, 1993 study published by scientists from the University of California at Berkeley in The Journal of Science. These scientists are not putrescent bacteria growing in the pockets of millionaire environmental whacko lawyers. They are researchers.

There is also a "money trail" to be followed here. When your car is crushed, that act generates "pollution credits" under CARB regulations. Those credits can be PURCHASED by the WORST of all "gross polluters": stationary (industrial) plant operators who want to continue poisoning our air and water instead of fixing their equipment. Simply, when your car goes into the crusher, you lose your transportation, and some bureaucrat fat-cat gives a wealthy business fat-cat the right to pollute YOUR air and YOUR water as the result of the destruction of YOUR automobile. Now, guess who will get financial support from the industrial fat-cat polluters in the next election. Are you angry yet? You should be!


Ok, so what can you do about Smog Check II (or whatever your State call it)? Plenty if you are willing! These tin-pot bureaucrat dictators do not have a Constitutional leg to stand on. The "takings clause" of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution REQUIRES "... nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." That means YOUR car. That means that if they take it, they have to pay you its FAIR MARKET VALUE, and not some arbitrarily set number like the $700 which the "non-existent" law that was just removed by your California legislators provided. Each case must have due process (a court trial) wit a legally binding settlement. That will only happen if you demand your right to due process.

The "camel's nose is in the tent." This EPA-driven confiscation of your personal property violates the Constitution of the United States, and must be challenged through the Federal courts unless you can force a repeal of the law. You will have to pay for your challenge out of your pocket unless you can find a Constitutional lawyer willing to work "pro- bono" (for the good of the people). Of course, you and I will have to pay for the government's defense of their gestapo-like tactics with OUR TAX MONEY. The bureaucrats are counting on your not doing that!

So stay aware of what is going on. If you are near San Francisco, listen to KSFO 560 AM any day. Watch for class action lawsuits against CARB and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. When that happens, join the class in the lawsuit. Yes, you may be suing yourself (you are the government), but you will be hamstringing the bureaucratic dictatorship in the process.

The worst news for bureaucratic dictators is that you have become aware of the issues -- MORE aware than many of them who signed the original legislation. If you are in Northern California, Listen to KSFO (560 AM) radio (San Francisco) or KGO 810 AM radio on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 AM for an announcement of the next rally. If you are outside of California or can't receive KSFO, then check their website at    http://www.KSFO560.com  and look up Smog Check II for more information. This bureaucrat-inspired con-job must end!

Playing you even more for a sucker, these lying bureaucrats from CARB have wasted TWO MILLION OF YOUR CALIFORNIA TAX DOLLARS for TV advertising promoting the wonderful job they are doing (NOT) in cleaning up your air. That's two million of your tax dollars down the drain to save their worthless bureaucrat jobs; they could not care less that their SMOG CHECK II program ACCOMPLISHES absolutely NOTHING. Thank you CARB; thank you Bill Clinton, AlGore, and your Environmental Propaganda Agency; thank you gutless governor Wilson.


The only reason that CARB exists legally is because California's emissions standards are higher than the federal standards. The California law which created CARB includes a "sunset provision" which gives the Jack Kavorkian treatment to CARB when new automobile emissions are brought to zero. No emitted pollutants from new vehicles equals no more CARB. What CARB not telling you is that ALL new vehicles are almost emissions free. That means in the next couple of years CARB will vanish because noxious emissions will be brought to zero. So, they must set up a "windmill to tilt at" like modern-day versions of the fictional madman, Don Quixote. You and your older cars are that windmill.

The FEDERAL EPA has announced those "new NATIONWIDE standards" very recently. The truth has been exposed about their "5% pollution reduction" with the poison MTBE "new formula" gasoline. Since 95% of all vehicle emissions are already cleaned up, their "5% reduction" is 5% of the remaining 5%, or only ONE QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT! A figure that is utterly meaningless to the environment, but is costing you billions of dollars.

So, the Federal EPA "shifted gears." It is attacking "particulate matter" and the remaining "emmissions" from your car. The standards, announced this month (June, 1997) are so extreme that there is a mountain wilderness (it may be the Smoky Mountains) that is only a fraction of one percent from being out of compliance with these new whacko regulations. Kiss your car good-bye, and maybe you will even hear the the cry "timmmberrrr" -- all in the interest of "good environmental policy."

The situation here is simple: Act now or kiss your vehicle good-bye if a California BAR roadside "smog-dog" sniffs your car's tailpipe and and it fails the test -- or if you can not afford the cost of repair. There is no upper limit for repair bills under the new law. Also remember, you have the LEGAL right to refuse the test, and they CAN NOT force you to take it no matter what they or any police officer claims. You are protected from their detaining you under the search and seizure provisions of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and they know it.

Vote CARB and EPA SUPPORTERS OUT OF OFFICE IN THE NEXT ELECTION. HOLD THEIR "FEET TO THE FIRE" NOW BY WRITING LETTERS. That includes both State and Federal officeholders, especially "Ah didn't inhale" Billy Bo Bob Clinton and his sidekick AlGore, California's Vic Fuzzy-o (the biggest spender in Congress), and EVERY liberal Democrat and Republican in your State's or the California "bill mill." If you don't, kiss your automobiles good-bye, and be prepared to ride the crime-ridden, rolling disease palaces called "public transportation."

Proverbs 25:5 "Remove the wicked from the king's presence and his throne will be established through righteousness."



Copyright 1996, 1997 Deke (a pseudonym)

This document may be reproduced and distributed freely if it is [1] done without charge, [2] all sections of the entire text are reproduced exactly as they appear here, intact and without addition or deletion, and [3] it includes this copyright notice and the author's name. Short verbatim excerpts of this document for commentary are permissible.

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What historic documents???

with links (below) to the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights

At about 10:56 a.m., July 2, 1997 a disgruntled caller to former KSFO Radio (San Francisco, California -- see the Radio Talk section of our homepage) host Geoff Metcalf to tell of his experience with the Federal government's Printing Office and National Archives. Keep in mind that it was nearly the Fourth of July.

The gentleman wanted to obtain copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. In this "free country" that is easy to say, but hard to do -- at least where Uncle Sam, uh, Uncle Billy Clinton is concerned.

The caller's first contact was with the Government Printing Office. The citizen-bureaucrat who answered the government telephone had no idea of what these documents are or how our seeker of knowledge might obtain copies of them. The caller asked if there was some private printer from whom he might obtain a copy. Our little bureaucrat "friend" informed him THAT would be a violation of the Federal government's copyright. Can you imagine? YOUR Declaration of Independence, YOUR Constitution, the founding documents of YOUR country, the words of YOUR founding fathers written 221 YEARS AGO are the property of the almighty Federal bureaucracy! If you try to reprint them YOU are violating THEIR copyright??? THEY ACTUALLY THINK THAT THEY OWN YOUR HERITAGE! "If you're free and you know it, clank your chains!"

Now in all fairness, there is the slightest possibility that the government goof-ball at the GPO thought that the caller was referring to documents they had produced, which would violate the government's copyright -- wait a minute YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!! You might violate YOUR copyright? Are those people NUTS? Is the Pope Catholic? No doubt THAT poor government bureaucrat-clown-citizen possessed a first- generation Masters Degree in Politically Correct Ignorance, another term for the Education Goals 200 "Certificate of Initial Mastery."

Next, the caller said that he contacted the National Archives in Washington, DC. At least THEY had heard of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States! Aren't you IMPRESSED?! YOUR employee on the phone told our caller that both documents, presumably printed on replica parchment, would be $19.95 plus postage and handling. He ordered the package and sent them a check for about $22.

A few weeks later he found a letter in his mailbox. The National Archives informed him that it no longer prints the Declaration and the Constitution, and that there is no plan to do it in the future. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! The Treasury Department was to send him a refund in six to eight weeks!

Would you care to bet that the bureaucratic printers DON'T have a copy of the Communist Manifesto available -- probably for free?

The Bible teaches us in Hosea:4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." (KJV).

Is there any doubt in your mind that the government which pretends to serve us is actively engaged in placing us in the straits of Hosea:4:6? Remember, Deke sez, "An ignorant people are easily enslaved."

If you don't know your rights under the Constitution STUDY ITS HISTORY AND LEARN THEM. If you don't understand the REAL (not politically correct reasons) for and deadly risks taken by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the other Founding Fathers in writing the Declaration Independence and the Constitution, and what they say, STUDY THEIR HISTORY AND READ THEM! Copies are (hopefully) available at your public or school library, and on the World Wide Web.

Your freedom and liberty are under relentless attack. A frog thrown into a pot of hot water will jump out. If you gently place it into a cool pot of water it will splash and swim while you turn up the heat. You are that frog, and the bureaucrats and politicians are parboiling YOU!

-- Deke

Copyright 1997, Deke (a pseudonym)

This document may be reproduced and distributed freely if it is [1] done without charge, [2] all sections of the entire text are reproduced exactly as they appear here, intact and without addition or deletion, and [3] it includes this copyright notice and the author's name. Short verbatim excerpts of this document for commentary are permissible.



just click on the links, below to read our founding documents






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By Deke

It's winter. These wondrous days arrive with a sense of what was, and what is to be. God, the Magnificent Engineer, gave us the seasons. He created plants that would survive the cold of winter to bring both natural beauty and bounty in the warming days. Paradoxically, we associate the most impressive characteristic of the days of bounty and warmth with these days of cold and barrenness. Green is the color of life, and green is the color of the winter and the winter Holidays.

A dozen years ago or so, when Kermit the Frog soulfully sang It Isn't Easy Being Green, his message was a bit different than the implication that song would have today. In our political climate, being green is easy, even if it is far from the hearts of the vast majority of Americans if they understood the goal of being green. Green is the color of envy. Green is the color of arrogance. Green is the color of oppression. Green is the color of want. Green is the color of misery. Green is the color of radical environmentalism, the "new home of socialism;" socialism, whose supposed death in 1991 freed the Russian people from Soviet Socialist tyranny, but whose legacy to the Russian people is horrific poverty. Green is the new home of lunatic anti-technologists like the Una Bomber, and the deposed socialist dictator like Mikhail Gorbachev. "Greens" have the support of YOUR government leaders. The "greens" want this nation to end, to be replaced with a resurrected Soviet Socialist system and its "blessings." If green is the key to the future, that future won't be free.

What does socialism have to do with green? Other than unthinking existence, and a singular desire to propagate their political species, what do socialists have to do with plants? Simple, socialists are weeds. If anyone can control the means of production, the provision of comfort, and the access to food, shelter, and information, they can choke out freedom and dictate their will to your nation, or to the world. The simplest way to accomplish that dictatorship is to convince you that you and your fellow citizens are your own worst enemy. That's not so hard because there are so many examples of human failing: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, the Kuwait oil well fires, and regular reports of toxic spills. All are thoroughly covered by green-socialist news organizations.

The foundations for a green-socialist dictatorship were laid with amazing rapidity beginning in the early 70's, beginning with the first "Earth Day." There were posters of children starving in a barren world, and the relentless coverage of pollution stories by yellow-journalist" "public television" broadcasters railing about the coming Silent Spring and the end of life. It accelerated through two more decades. The efforts of former drug-beset Earth Day Hippies turned government school and media environmental propagandists, institutionalized radical environmentalism. Television networks like P-BS, and commercial green-socialist kiddy propaganda like "Mr. Hanoi Jane Fonda" Ted Turner's Captain Planet cartoon series, fully engaged the process of brainwashing our children that ours is a dying world. That accomplished, the major thrust became a freedom-lethal injection of guilt through waving the "bloody environmental shirt," the glaring but infrequent failures of modern technology.

Given control of the prime sources of information, television and newsprint, the green-socialists succeeded in placing their operatives in the highest positions of government. In 1992, the White House was taken with the "big lie" technique -- a calculated false promise of the most ethical administration in US history. The green-socialist's accomplices were appointed heads of the environmental protection bureaucracy. The war against the blessings of free-enterprise capitalism began in earnest. Today they are winning.

Beginning in the early 70's, the green-socialist's "save the earth" challenge was energetically and successfully met by the free enterprise system. Throughout the twenty-five year period which began with the first Earth Day, corporate industrial and private researchers, spurred by the outcry "you're destroying mother earth" worked feverishly to stem the predicted destruction. The occasional "environmental disasters" were cleaned up at great expense, polluted rivers were resurrected crystal-clear, new automobile pollution became nonexistent, and "green spaces" were set aside to silence the critics. The green-socialists ignored the accomplishments, seeking out new "straw men" to push over for a gullible, brainwashed public. The greens wouldn't be silenced; their plan was working too well.

The costs of curtailing, even ending pollution was paid from your pocket. Stampeded by the paranoid raving of the green-socialists, modern business technology pressed the campaign to save "fragile mother nature" from the negative effects modern technology. Free enterprise's success was beyond the most optimistic capitalist's prediction in the 70's. It was a major setback for the green-socialist anti-capitalists. So, the green-socialist propagandists ignored the quantum leap accomplishments of our capitalist system, and sucker- punched our industrial base. "Mother earth is fragile and dying!" "Save the earth!" Mindless and in lock-step, slogan after slogan, the green-socialist's willing accomplices in the news media gained and held the ear of our citizens. We responded without thinking.

During the entire debate, the green-socialists and their opponents ignored the greatest human-bred environmental disaster of this or any other century, World War Two. No one bothered to point it out, probably for fear of being burned at the stake as an environmental heretic. Well before the 70's, "mother earth" had cleaned up the mess quite handily herself, without any human help! That fact was simply ignored by the propagandists, and was totally missed by the stampeding populace, with industry at the head of the herd. The green-socialists viewed capitalism, free enterprise, and a comfortable life, as signs of human decadence and destruction. Everyone should be equally miserable, they believed. Never mind that God had designed earth with humans in mind. Never mind that God's plan works, and World War Two is a distant environmental memory. Never mind that God has in inextricably woven man into the fabric of earth's life. We have to save earth from the depredations of humanity.

So, with free enterprise capitalism's success in the face of the "overwhelming environmental disaster" of post-World War Two life, the green-socialists had to find another path to follow to destroy capitalism, and to institutionalize socialism. Slowly their attention turned to their original deity, the "sky god." Photochemical smog was on its way out by 1975, so that was of little political value. Still, the sky was a tempting morsel because it is the source of life- giving oxygen, and a potent fear-producing tool. It can't be touched, tasted, or examined by ordinary people, so warnings about its imminent collapse could be heralded almost without challenge. This time the greens would find something about the sky which could be 1) shown to be a deadly threat, 2) that human ingenuity could not easily remove, and 3) would assure the destruction if earth if it wasn't "fixed" starting immediately. It was a daunting task, but given their penchant for lies and empty promises, it was within the reach of the green-socialists. Simply, the resolution of the problem had to be so far in the future that it could not be disproved today, and one which required immediate action.

An impending, human-caused, global extinction would not be difficult to "prove" or at least inject into the television propaganda-groomed modern mind, given that the "greens" already had control of the mind-molding idea factories: the schools and television. They had successfully used those to foment the "child abuse" witch-hunts of the mid-80's, and to establish an army of government "kiddy Gestapo," clipped-hair, mean-faced socialist worker agents bent on destroying the horrible "nuclear family." The use of television and the schools was a proven success in that case, so the green-socialists had their means. Next they needed a method.

They settled on an old straw-man friend from the 70's: greenhouse gases. Global warming hadn't worked then, too many scientists were predicting an ice age, and no one was convinced that global warming could cause global cooling, but now its day had come. The "child abusing witches" of the 80's were to be transformed into biosphere-hating "environmental abusers," accused and convicted with the same absence of credible evidence which had been so successful in the earlier child abuse witch hunts.

Today you hear the cat-calls loud and clear, and their target is obvious. Modern technology, especially the energy-hogging United States of America, is bad for the rest of the world. We are warming the earth. We are destroying the environment. We are feeding the world, but the whole world is going to die some time in the distant future if we don't stop producing the horrible green-house gas, carbon dioxide. Never mind that it is essential to plant life. Never mind that every living green thing on earth both uses and produces carbon dioxide. Never mind that mentally balanced scientists have stated unequivocally if every human disappeared from the face of the earth at this very moment, there would be no change to the biosphere today, or in the future. Never mind that industry, in response to the earlier cries of "ozone hole" succeeded in eliminating the hazardous, ozone-destroying Freons (choloroflurocarbons) used in air conditioning and spray cans. Never mind that industry, responding to the pressure of the green-socialists in the 1980's, succeeded in replacing the "environmentally unfriendly" aerosol can propellant, Freon, with "environmentally friendly" CARBON DIOXIDE. That free-enterprise capitalists were successfully using carbon dioxide was just another proof that carbon dioxide emissions were dangerous and need to be controlled. Never mind that our capitalist free-enterprise system succeeded in developing other more acceptable chemicals in the case of refrigerants. Earth is going to die! Our GRANDCHILDREN, OR GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN are condemned to asphyxia unless we stop these horrible free-enterprise capitalists in their tracks! We must establish a socialist, environment-friendly, starvation-prone, easily-controlled society with the former Earth Day Hippies and their green-socialist progeny running it all, or we are all going to die!

"What's wrong with you?" they cry. Can't you understand the threat? Are you so ignorant that you won't believe in global warming, the new focus of green-socialist scientists who were predicting an ice age a few years ago? Why do you want to destroy mother earth? Why do you want to kill the biosphere? Why do you want to poison yourself? --Oops, they omitted that one! Don't you understand that if you are willing to surrender every convenience, every piece of property, every comfort, every morsel of food, every Constitutional right to THEIR control, they will save you from yourself? LIKE HELL THEY WILL! They're going to save YOU FOR THEMSELVES!

Is this treason? You bet! These people have engaged, and continue to engage in a relentless effort to destroy your Constitutionally guaranteed rights: your right against the unreasonable search and seizure of your property, your right to free speech and assembly, your right to publicly practice your religious faith, your right to be represented by the people you think you are electing, your right to trial by jury, and just about every other cherished, God-given, blood-paid Constitutional right you have.

The green-socialists are traitors. They have levied a leisurely, slow-motion war against the Constitution, and its source, the people of the United States. They are seeking to place this nation under the control of a cadre composed of international bureaucratic socialist dictators. They have partially succeeded in that goal , skirting Congressional due process though the "back-door" implementation of environmental "protection" treaties like the current, unratified, Kyoto "global warming" treaty.

Yes, the Kyoto treaty is unratified. If your representatives in Congress refuse to ratify it, the green-socialist environmentalists in Washington will take the "back door." They will institute the treaty though bureaucratic regulations and judicial (read unlegislated) decisions which have the effect of law. In doing that they will nullify the Constitution, and your right to representation by your lawmakers. They have no intent of giving up their effort to own you and this nation. They have engineered their rabbit-warren of laws and bureaucratic regulations for decades; and, one way or the other, they are going to run your life unless you stop them.

The radical environmentalists, green-socialists, have negated your Constitutional rights in the name of a mythical future environmental disaster produced by their own minds, global warming, and they are slowly placing you and your family under the "watchful environmental eye" of international green-socialists who have an undying, jealousy-driven hatred of our successful free-enterprise capitalist nation. Those among them who are US citizens belong in prison. Green is the color of treason.

Copyright 1997 Deke

This document may be reproduced and distributed freely if it is: [1] done without charge, [2] all sections of the entire text are reproduced exactly as they appear here, intact and without addition or deletion, and [3] it includes this copyright notice and the author's name. Short excerpts from this document for commentary are permissible. All rights reserved.

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By Deke

Ol' King Bill was a communist shill, yes a communist shill was he.
He went for his pipe, he went for his bowl, and Monica Lewinsky.
Now ol' King Bill had a house on the Hill, and a VP called "The Tree."
He feared neither Newt, nor any law suit, but was run by Hillary.
Sec'tary Ron Brown flew out of Bill's town and met with his destiny.
Ron hadn't oughter for like Vince Foster, today he is history.
Jennifer Flowers, she spent many hours in King Bill's company.
Bill's mind was blown, like pretty Paula Jones she knew his anatomy.
Deposed for hours on Jennifer Flowers and Jones and his tendencies.
By his pappy's bones, swore he'd never touched Jones or messed with Lewinsky. Before their eyes he admitted his lies, in eighty-seven you see.
He spent some hours "knowing" Jennifer Flowers -- "knowing" Biblic-ly.
Kathleen Willey trusted King Billy, hubby's troubles she'd confide.
Did Ol' King Billy kiss Mrs. Willey o'er hubby, an Arkan-cide?
'Fore he goes too far judge Kenneth Star should put Ol' Bill on the TV.
Let us hear Bill grouse to the Senate and House of right-wing conspiracies.
When King Bill is gone we can have some fun saying "bye-bye Hillary!"
Let Bill repent after impeachment, and Starr can go after "The Tree."

Copyright 1998 Deke (a pseudonym)

The lyrics/poem herein titled "Ol' King Bill" are the intellectual property of "Deke" (a pseudonym), and may not be reproduced except by written contract with the author or his duly appointed legal representative. All authorized distributions must include [1] the entire text, reproduced exactly as it appears here, intact and without addition or deletion, and [2] must include this copyright notice and the author's name. Commercial use of any part of this lyric/poem is strictly prohibited except under written and subscribed contract with the author, including consideration. All rights reserved.



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