Are you are a new ROCCS member?  Your Nav Bar
will not show on your site until I bring your site into
the ring.  You will be notified by Email when your site
is placed in the ring.

If you have difficulty installing your New WebRing
Navigation Bar (Nav Bar), or with migrating your
Yahoo ID to the New WebRing, send a description of
your problem to:

Please pay close attention to any "Note:" or any text that has been highlighted in yellow and to all red text.


If you are new to WebRing and would like to know what the Nav Bar does and what  it looks like, this is the ROCCS Home page Nav Bar: 

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

A Site ID number is assigned to each ROCCS member site, and to the links in the Nav Bar. You can see the ROCCS Home page Site ID number right now by placing your mouse cursor on the  Nav Bar's Next>> link.  The  Site ID number, 1, will show in the lower left corner of your browser in a text line which ends with "id=1&next."  The Nav Bar's Next>> or <<Prev links connect each ROCCS member site to the previous Site ID number or to the next Site ID in the ring.  When a surfer clicks on one of those links, their browser will take them to the next Site ID or previous Site ID number in our ring.


IF you are applying for membership in The Ring of Conservative Christian Sites, or ...
IF you are a current ROCCS member
who needs a new Nav Bar for your Site URL page  CLICK HERE to get a copy of your ROCCS Nav Bar.

IF you are a current ROCCS member who hasn't MIGRATED your Yahoo! ID to New WebRing since Yahoo! sold WebRing in early  October 2001:

(1) Familiarize yourself with the illustrations in the next section of
      this page, then ... 

(2) Use the Yahoo! link below the next yellow "Note:" to sign-in with
      Yahoo!, then ...

(3) Follow Yahoo's migration instructions to migrate your Yahoo! ID to New WebRing.  You can ...

(4) Minimize your browser to access the hints, below.  


Note: Clicking the next link and other links on this page will open a new browser so that you can continue reading these instructions. Just minimize the new browser to return to this page.


You will find a link on the left sidebar that looks like this, click on "Do it here!":


Current WebRing User
If you would like to migrate to the New WebRing system,
Do it here!


Note:  Information required for the next form:

Ring ID is: cchristian
Site ID is: your site ID number
Password is: your Yahoo! ID password.

Your site ID number can be determined by placing your mouse's cursor on the "Next" navigation link on your web site's Navigation Bar, or by placing your mouse cursor on your site's link in the ROCCS Ring Hub ( ). Your Site ID number will appear at the lower left corner of your browser following the equals sign ( = ) in the section of text that reads "id="


Now you're on Yahoo's WebRIng migration page. Use the form fields at the bottom of the page that look like this:


WebRing Site Owners
If you have a site in a Ring, you will need to associate your site with the Ring in the new WebRing system. Please do so by entering your Ring ID, site ID, and password below.


Ring ID:   Don't know your Ring ID and/or site ID?
Site ID:
Password:   Forget your password?


Follow the instructions and links.  You will have the opportunity to change your old Yahoo! password if you want when you sign-in with New WebRing.


When you've followed all of the instructions at Yahoo!, you should be finished migrating your data to New WebRing.  


Sign-out of Yahoo! and close that browser to be sure you're completely signed-out. 


Clicking the WebRing link, below, will again open a new browser.  You can minimize it to continue reading these instructions. 


with New WebRing at: 


Note: Although this New WebRing page looks almost identical to the old Yahoo!WebRing sign-in page, notice that the old "Yahoo!WebRing" logo is gone from the top left of this page.  In its place is the New WebRing logo:



Now, sign-in using the ID and password you just migrated to New WebRing.  If you receive an error message follow its instructions or wait for an hour for New WebRing's servers complete your ID's migration and then try signing-in again.


IF you can't sign in to New WebRing after an hour, then something has gone wrong with the migration process. Close your browser, go back to the beginning of this section,  sign-in with Yahoo! again, and follow the instructions for migrating your Yahoo! ID again.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE TOP OF THIS SECTION.


IF you have successfully signed-in with New WebRing you won't see Yahoo! mentioned in their logo at the top right of the page.  The New WebRing logo looks like this:




If you have successfully completed migration of your Yahoo User ID to New WebRing, and before you do any modifications to your Nav Bar, go to your web site and look at your current Nav Bar.  If New WebRing has upgraded it, it will usually be about 50% longer than the old one, but the height will be about the same. 


To determine whether or not your site has migrated to New WebRing, there is a simple check you can perform:


If your Nav Bar has been automatically updated, placing your mouse cursor on the "Join Now" link will cause a line of text to show in the lower left corner of your browser which looks like the line, below.  Compare the yellow highlighted part of this line to the line from your site's Nav Bar:


If your Nav Bar has NOT been updated it will contain a Yahoo reference in the link. Placing your mouse cursor on the "Join Now" link will cause a line of text to show in the lower left corner of your browser which looks like the line, below.  Compare the yellow highlighted part of this line to the line from your site's Nav Bar:

Unless you no longer have a Nav Bar on your site, don't do anything with your current Nav Bar until you've waited for a while.  If your Nav Bar has disappeared from your site, notify me by Email immediately.  Otherwise ...


New WebRing SHOULD automatically update your Nav Bar's links unless something is wrong.  I


Now that you've waited for a few minutes to an hour or two and your Nav Bar is still present on your Site URL page, re-check the "Join Now" link for any reference to Yahoo.


If your Nav Bar is present on your Site URL page, but it still has a Yahoo! reference in the "Join" Now hypertext link, you have three options:   

(1) Wait-and-see:  Yahoo! will be deleting all rings and ring-related
      ID's from their servers on about January 1, 2002.  You can wait
      until that change and see what happens to your Nav Bar when
      the change occurs.

(2) Wait for a few hours or even a day and then check the Nav Bar's
      links for Yahoo references again.

(3) Cut-and paste a New WebRing Nav Bar using the next set of
      instructions after you've waited a while, maybe an hour if you
      can afford the time.  If you decide to cut-and-paste a new Nav
      Bar now or later, and you need help with the process, continue
      with these instructions.


Note: This is the end of the Yahoo! user ID migration section.




Note:  The Nav Bar has changed since Yahoo! sold WebRing in October, 2001.  If you have installed a Yahoo! Nav Bar to your site before, you might remember that the top half of the Nav Bar showed until your site was entered into the ring.  That is no longer the case.  Your New WebRing Nav Bar won't show at all until your site is entered into the ring.  I will examine the code to see if it is correct before I enter your site into the ring.  If for some reason the Nav Bar fails to display when your site is in the ring, I will TEMPORARILY suspend it and contact you so we can fix the problem.


Clicking on a link in this step will open a new browser so you can return here for further instructions. If you're ready to install your new Nav Bar, sign-in with New WebRing by clicking here:  then follow the steps below:


Click on "MY RINGS" at the top right of the New WebRing page even if you don't own a ring


On the next page click on "View Web Sites" under the title "MY RINGS" on the left side of the page.  It looks like this:


Member Tools
View Rings
View Ring Sites
View Web Sites


Now, click on "View Ring Sites" or click on the new link that says "Go HERE if you want to see/manage/edit the Sites that you have in other Rings, or if you want to get navigation code for your web site"


Note: Follow any "Tip:" or "Hint:" on this page. New WebRing has been adding new links and useful information to this page.  They may be time-savers.  Don't hesitate to use them.


Part of the next page will look like this:


Your Ring Sites  
Ring Title (Click to Surf) Site Title (Click to edit) Status/Options
Ring of Conservative Christian Sites your web site's title Active


Note: Follow any "Tip:" and "Hint:" on this page. New WebRing has been adding new links and useful information to this area as well.  You may be able to automatically update your Nav Bar without your having to cut-and-paste the Nav Bar code.  Don't hesitate to try the links, but be sure to check your Nav Bar before you exit New WebRing.  The JOIN and other links on your Nav Bar will not link to Yahoo! if you've correctly updated it.


If you have checked your Site URL page and the links that New WebRing has provided haven't updated your Nav Bar, click on "your web site's title" next to our Ring Title, Ring of Conservative Christian Sites. 


Note: Be certain to click on your site where it is listed next to "Ring of Conservative Christian Sites" or you will get the wrong Nav Bar.


The left sidebar of the next page will look like this:


 Member Tools
Edit Site Information
  Get Navigation Code
  Leave This Ring



Click on "Get Navigation Code" and copy the Nav Bar code for your website.  Next, paste it to your Site URL page.  That's all there is to it.  If you run into problems, let me know and I'll try to help.


Finally, if you want an update on what's going on with the migration to New WebRing, there are some answers on these pages:


This page's text is

The WebRing logo and portions of some of the illustrations on this page are  the property of New WebRing.  They are not being used with permission, but using them here will promote this ring.  That, in turn, will serve New WebRing's business interests.  It is doubtful that they would object to the way it is used here, but if they do object, it will be deleted from this page.



ROCCS Members may copy this page for temporary use while installing the new WebRing Nav Bar.  Any publication or redistribution the text and HTML intellectual properties on this page requires written permission from it's author, Deke.




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