Note: This is the old-style ROCCS banner and Navigation Links:


October 24, 2001

If you are joining ROCCS for the first time, or if you are a current member who has been told that you are required to install the Nav Bar, then Click on "Install the NAV BAR" on the left sidebar of this page.  The Nav Bar is NOT the banner and links that you see above the date at the top of this notice.

Why isn't the old banner and HTML code available on this page?

Until the October 2001 sale of Yahoo!WebRing back to the original WebRing, the old ROCCS banner and HTML fragment's Navigation Links were acceptable for a limited number of veteran ROCCS sites.  Those sites which were suspended from ROCCS for cause after December 21, 2000, have been notified that they are required to install and maintain the ROCCS Nav Bar, and that they are required to remove the old HTML fragment's Navigation Links which look similar to those at the top of this page. 

May I contiue to use the old ROCCS banner and Navigation Links (HTML fragment)?

Yes, if you are an ROCCS veteran site that has not been required to install the Nav Bar.  The ROCCS banner is still acceptable on all ROCCS member pages that are required to use the Nav Bar, BUT the ROCCS banner must not be hypertext linked to any point on the WWW unless the site owner has my permission to display both sets of links.  If your site was suspended for cause after December 19, 2000, you may not use the old HTML fragment's Navigation Links with or below the banner.

Why the change?

Unfortunately ... or maybe not unfortunately, Yahoo! sold their interest in all of the Yahoo!WebRing rings back to our old host, WebRing.  Yahoo! no longer has anything to do with the rings they once hosted.  All RingMasters are being required to "migrate" their sites from Yahoo! back to WebRing.  That means that the URL's that are linked by both the old HTML fragment and Yahoo's version of the Nav Bar may have problems unless the engineers from WebRing and Yahoo! can solve the problems reated by the migration of the rings and tens of thousands of web sites. 


Will the HTML fragment and banner be available with the new WebRing, or do I have to switch to the new WebRing Nav Bar?

I have not had enough time to test the WebRing HTML fragment.  Testing  the HTML fragment  is a project which will have to wait until I have time to examine the new HTML fragment and links and check it for verifiability with WebRing's Ring Management software.  If it is not verifiable with Ring Management software, ROCCS members who are currently running the old banner and fragment may be required to switch to the Nav Bar.  That change will allow me to more time with my ministry and a lot less time verifying that the old-style Navigation Links are working.  Nothing is certain right now, so please be patient.

If you have lost or deleted the old HTML on your Site URL page, you have two choices for now:

(1) Install the new WebRing Nav Bar, or ...

(2) Ask me to temporarily suspend your site until I can test and verify the new HTML fragment.  Remember, if your site is or has been suspended for cause, for example, for bouncing ROCCS email, a missing banner and Navigation Links, or a missing Nav Bar, then you must install the new WebRing Nav Bar.  The HTML fragment and banner is not acceptable on your Site URL page.

ROCCS RingMaster



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