Member's Bulletin
Volume 2, Number 8,
Oct.-Nov.  2001


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Since December 31, 1996




Attention: ROCCS members Still Associated with Yahoo!

As most of you have heard, we are no longer part of Yahoo!  Here's what you probably haven't heard:  On about January 2, 2002, Yahoo! will be deleting all WebRing information from their servers.  It is important that you migrate your Yahoo! ID and  password to New WebRing immediately.  Once your files are deleted from Yahoo's servers on January 2, it is going to be a lot more work for you to gain access your New WebRing account.  In many cases based on my recent experiences with the migration process, it may be necessary for me to delete your site from the ring and have you reapply for membership.  If you will click on "Install the Nav Bar" on the left side bar, you will find all the information and links necessary to migrating your Yahoo! ID and password to New WebRing.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO MIGRATE YOUR YAHOO ID AND PASSWORD TO NEW WEBRING IMMEDIATELY!

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Andy Mead's Proof of the Bible web site joins ROCCS

Welcome Andy Mead, our new ROCCS member. His site, Proof of the Bible ( ) is dedicated to debunking Evolutionism.  When you visit his site, I'm totally confident that you'll have the same impression that I had when I invited him to join ROCCS: Our brother is a talented Christian writer who seems much older than his 16 years.  Yep, Andy is still in High School, yet he has provided some of the latest and best-documented refutations of Evolutionism that I've encountered on any Christian web site, including my own work.  If you want to up-to-date information on the Creationism vs. Evolution debate, Andy's site is for you.

Oh, and before I forget: Andy is the most persistent and dedicated applicant I've ever had join the ring.  He spent more than a week bringing his site up to ROCCS standards.  I'm planning to initiate a True Grit Award for the most tenacious ROCCS member.  Brother Andy will be the recipient of the True Grit Award's First Edition, hands down!

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