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June-July, 2001


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It's about time that another rock-solid Christian web site has managed to meet our high standards. Tom Barrett has met and even exceeded those  standards, and he probably didn't even ruffle a feather doing it!  Speaking on behalf of all ROCCS members, we welcome Brother Tom's, "The Antidote to the Liberal News Media"  ( ) web site to our ring.  Tom, Conservative Truth's Editor in Chief (how  'bout that title, Tom?), is an outstanding pro-family values Christian writer. Please do yourself a favor, visit his site; while you're visting, don't forget  to send our fellow soldier in Christ a letter of encouragement and thanks.

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My (Deke's) web site, The Christian Conservative Opinion Pages (TCCOP), has been semi-offline  since I closed my old ISP account in December.  I'd planned to return  it by April, but severe  illness in my family prevented me from achieving  that goal.  I've spent the past month editing  and updating the  site.  Although there is a lot more work to be done before I've completed  the job, most of the groundwork is complete.  Let me know what you think,  and feel free to make suggestions for improvements or additions -- there's  always room! CLICK HERE to see how I've MONKEYED with my favorite page.  I JUST LOVE Evolutionarians -- RAW!  BTW, you can link back to TCCOP'S home page from there if you'd like.  

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If some of you are still wondering why I rejected  member requests and even accepted some member resignations instead of joining in the blind stampede to WebRing last year, you needn't wonder any  longer!  I thought I'd smelled a rat, and the rat has turned up -- all nice, ripe, and bloated.  Here's a copy of WebRing's "Society and Culture" subcategorizes.   This is only a small part of the antichrist drivel WebRing sponsors:

Society and Culture

· Alternative · Charity · Chat · Civil Rights · Cyberculture · Dating · Earth Sciences · Food and Beverages · Genealogy · Government · History · Holidays and Observances · Lesbian Gay and Transgendered · Magazines · Men's Issues · Military · Nature and the Environment · Organizations · Philosophy · Religion · Women's Issues

If you aren't familiar with WebRing, log on and see if you can easily find any conservative political or conservative Christian rings.  Lotsa luck!  The leftist / socio-fascist / communist 1 God haters, pseudoscientific frauds, New Age (there ain't nuthin' new about it!), and run-of-the-mill whackos have at least THREE main WebRing categories!  There was no need for  that disparate conglomeration of   faithful and fool beyond WebRing's overt  promotion and approval wickedness.  E.g. the "Alternatives" category could  have easily included Pervert and Cross-Pervert (Lesbian Gay and Transgendered), and Earth Sciences could have included "Nature  and the Environment."  What an egregious insult WebRing's managers have spat at God's people!   Far worse than Yahoo!, they've hidden the truth as much as possible by dumping Christian sites into the same PC sewer  with  heathens, blasphemers, and other  assorted hell-servants. I knew that would be the case, so I didn't waste your time or mine joining the Lemming race to WebRing.

Ah, you noticed! Religion only has one little category.  Christians are discarded in same politically correct garbage can that's occupied by witches, pagans, and heretics. There's not one bit of improvement over Yahoo!, in fact, WebRing is much, much worse.  WebRing's SysOps (system operators) have ignored repeated Christian  (and probably other) requests to break their primary categories down into sub categories, including one for Christian sites.  They ignored the requests. 


ROCCS RingMaster

[1] The latest PC euphemism for communism is "anti-capitalist."  After  all, when the Soviet Union fell, that ended communism.  Just don't tell  the nearly two BILLION RED CHINESE! Their laughter might trigger an earthquake.  

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This Christian family’s horrific story opens with the line, "Beginning Good Friday, April 10, 1998 the Chris and Trudy Sherburne family's faith in the reality of the death and resurrection  of Jesus Christ was put to a test." On February 3, 1999, Chris Sherburne,  a Christian husband and father in Southern California, was sentenced to "6  months state prison, with credit for a year served, then parole."  He  had made two mistakes: not knowing the tyrannical California ammunition laws,  and doing something that was politically incorrect.  On March 14, 2001,  he was still in prison for refusing to sign away his legal rights, and he  is being further punished for demanding those rights as provided by law.   He will be or has already been transferred to a maximum security facility  for the most violent offenders even though he has never committed a violent  crime unless refusing to sign away his legal rights under threat of further  punishment can be considered violent.

Waco and Ruby Ridge weren't the end of bureaucratic tyranny.  In 1998 Riverside (CA) County's  Kindergestapo supported by Constitutionally disloyal -- if not  outright treasonous -- duly-sworn law enforcement officers invaded and utterly destroyed a Christian home based on the weakest probable cause (pc).  Made during the first raid on the Sherburne home, one deputy's statement brought the true reason for the raid and arrests into razor's edge focus.

The Sherburne  family of Hesperia, California, a once deeply-religious community in the California desert, has felt first-hand the heavy hand of Red Brigades-style  religious oppression.  Politically correct law enforcement officers first invaded their home, and then one of them informed a Sherburne family member, "You have the wrong religion."  Then they confiscated and destroyed the Sherburne's property while ignoring Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment due process requirements of the Constitution of the United States, and the laws and constitution of the State of California. 

The Sherburnes had been selling  100% legal survivalist gear, but had unknowingly sold California-illegal tracer (non explosive) ammunition which is legal in most States.  The Sheburnes weren't the only targets singled-out for special bureaucratic persecution.  Search warrants were issued and searchers were conducted against their friends and church on a guilt-by-association basis.  In one case a mere letter to a friend was enough to spark an armed search of the friend's home.  S.W.A.T. teams, frequently with CPS Kindergestapo in tow, invaded and searched both their friends' homes and their church based on the mere suspicion that they might possess illegal explosives.  Ask the San Bernardino County Sheriff's neo-Gestapo about Constitutional rights, and their response would most probably be "What Constitution?"

If you think that the Sherburne's experience is an isolated incident, it isn't.  California bureaucratic tyranny has victimized my extended family.  My wife's family, second- and third-generation residents of another California community, was subjected to exactly the same treatment on the on a similar mere suspicion of criminality pretext.  During several warrantless, heavily-armed police S.W.A.T. home invasions, my aged mother-in-law was forced to the floor at gunpoint and threatened with summary execution if she even slightly resisted.   There was not one shred of evidence that she had done anything remotely illegal.  The family fought back in court.  The process cost the city dearly, but the bureaucrats who should have paid us from their own Fascist pockets didn't lose a cent.  That's why we need a change in the law.  Sovereign immunity, immunity for patently heinous but so-called "good faith" bureaucratic actions, must end.  Constitution and statute-ignoring bureaucratic tyrants must be forced to pay dearly for their tyranny.  That they should be cast into the street broken and penniless would be barely sufficient repayment for their crimes.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Constitution, but tyrants hate its  principles and regularly ignore its authority.  The neo-Gestapo thought  control police and their Fascist bureaucrat bosses count on heavily-armed  terrorist tactics to dissuade citizens from pursuing their legal rights.   We MUST keep  on fighting the good fight, never giving in, always being  wary, and always  aggressively opposing bureaucratic tyranny.                                                           

If you are a sworn law enforcement officer as I once was, never forget that you and your family are NOT immune to the predatory behavior of unethical fellow officers and superiors. NEVER go deaf, dumb, and blind when you encounter freedom-destroying tyranny, even if it is delivered by the hands of your own partner. Stand firm on Biblical  principle, the United States Constitution, your State's constitution, and your  oath.  Be prepared to "assume the position" for your honor and faith, and be prepared to fight and to expose the motives of every disloyal American who unapologetically works to destroy our nation's heritage of liberty.  If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. 


CLICK HERE to read the Sherburne family's story.

ROCCS RingMaster

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