Member's Bulletin
Volume 2, Number 3

March, 2001


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Deke and Family Need Your Prayers!  

Brothers and Sisters, this has been a very difficult first quarter of 2001 for my family and I.  We desperately need your prayers. 

In early January I contracted   the first of three bouts with the flu, and I nearly died in a diabetic coma   in February.  My wife contracted one of the two types of flu in February.  In all I have been sick five times since January: three types of flu and  two bouts of bronchitis.  On February 20 while my wife was attending our acutely ill son at his home about 40 miles away, I was running a 104+ degree fever and was unaware that I had dehydrated and slipped into hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) while I was sleeping.  I am diabetic.    

I awakened at about 3:00 AM on February 20, slipping in and out of consciousness.   I nearly   passed out on the floor three or four times before I could get to the telephone.  I knew I could not reach the front door without losing consciousness before   I could unlock it, but  I managed to retain consciousness long enough   reach the phone and call my wife.  I knew that she could contact paramedics   if I failed to respond to her as she talked.   She stayed on the  phone with me for probably an hour, giving instructions on what I should  do.  I managed to rehydrate my carcass and obtain some carbohydrates  to restore my blood sugar level.  Had I lost consciousness completely  before she answered the telephone at my son's house, I most certainly would  have died in diabetic coma because she was not due to return home for at least two more days.  I am much better now, but I'm still recovering  from the last bronchitis attack.

My wife spent many days on the road between our home and Moose's house while she was sick with the flu.  She  has been great blessing to me and our son.  I have no idea what would have happened had she not been available to help my son.   She has recovered now, but it has been a very exhausting twelve weeks. 

In mid-February our son, Moose developed a serious back problem.  He had to leave college and move back home.  He will have to put off his double major in computer science and computer engineering until next year, although you may pick up a few classes this summer.   He had been suffering back pain for several months, and while I was sick with the flu he developed acute pain in his mid back from a bulged disk.  He has both a chiropractor and a medical doctor, but in his case, unlike mine, the chiropractic treatments are not working. The pain in his right leg is increasing in intensity despite heavy doses of morphine.  Poor ol' Moose is finding it difficult to keep his spirits high.  He is getting very little sleep and is finding it difficult to keep his spirits high.  He is scheduled for an MRI scan, and it appears likely that he will have to have spinal surgery.   His agonized cries to the LORD for relief  have been a regular part of our alliance for more than a month.  His doctor prescribed a wheelchair for him several weeks ago, and the State has issued him a temporary disabled driver placard.   Both my wife and I are exhausted from this three month ordeal.  Please pray for us. 

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ROCCS is NOT Moving to WebRing!!!

There has been an ABSOLUTELY FALSE rumor circulating that ROCCS will be moving to WebRing. ROCCS is staying with Yahoo! for many reasons, not the least of which is the superiority of the Server Side Navigation Bar.  Please do not delete your web site in anticipation of that move! 

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The Server Side Navigation Bar Can Be a Valuable Addition to Your Web Site

I wish to encourage all of you to join Yahoo! and install the Server Side Navigation Bar on your web site if you don't have it now.  Yahoo! membership and the Server Side Navigation Bar    provide many benefits both to me as your RingMaster, and to you as an ROCCS Member.  Most notably, unlike the old html fragment,  the SSNB requires no maintenance or modifications once it is installed.  The graphic content (the colors and logo) presented by the Navigation Bar are RingMaster-controlled. 

Unless you are a Yahoo! member, you cannot edit any part of your member profile (Member's File).  I do not have access to member profiles, so if you want to make changes to your site's URL, Email address, or other member data without being suspended from ROCCS, you must, at the very least, join Yahoo!  Installing the Server Side Navigation Bar is extremely easy once you are a Yahoo! member. 

You don't have to worry about the Navigation Bar's appearance, and you don't have to worry about whether or not it is presented properly on your web page.  Yahoo! transmits the navigation bar to your web site using the parameters I choose.  If you accidentally remove the SSNB during editing, Yahoo! notifies me that there's a problem with your Navigation Bar and I can act quickly to help you restore the SSNB and  preserve our ring's integrity. 

The  Navigation Bar requires absolutely no editing on your part.  Once you install the two lines of code, there's nothing more for you to do unless you change URL's.  In that case, it is very easy to generate a new Navigation Bar and install it using your html editor. 

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ROCCS Will Not be Accepting New Membership Applications Until Mid-Spring,   2001,  because ...

the health of my family must come first; God makes that my first responsibility in this  world.  It is written in 1Timothy 5:8, "But if anyone does not provide   for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the   faith and is worse than an unbeliever." (NKJ)  Our recent illnesses   placed such terrible demands on my time resources that I have had to close   ROCCS to new member applications until mid-spring, 2001.  On the other   hand, if you are a returning or a current ROCCS member who wishes to add a new web site to our ring, if you will write to me I will make arrangements with you so that  you can join the ring now .  Current and returning ROCCS members may send your membership addition or reinstatement requests to me at:
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