Member's Bulletin
Volume 2, Number 2
February, 2001


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FYI, Email running slow:

Occasionally  I have received Email which indicated I hadn't answered a question, but I had sent a reply.  I've traced the problem to HotMail.  From time to time their service is very slow, taking from one to two days for you to receive a reply.  I always do my best to reply to questions and  problems promptly. So, if you don't receive a reply from me within 24 hours,  please feel free to send me a second letter. I'd rather answer you twice than not at all.
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Netscape and Windows Explorer SSNB problems:

Recently I discovered that Netscape Navigator isn't displaying the Nav Bar correctly on at least one of our web sites.  There appears to  be a conflict between that site's  JavaScript hit counter and our JavaScript Nav Bar, but only when the site is viewed with Netscape Navigator through v. 4.7.  The Nav Bar's body is suppressed once the page is fully-loaded,  and only our ROCCS logo and the text links remain.   This could be a bit confusing for some folks surfing our ring. 

I did some experimentation and found that if the Nav Bar is installed in a COMPLETELY SEPARATE table ABOVE OR BELOW the counter or other interfering JavaScript applet, the Nav Bar displays correctly.  It does not display correctly in Netscape Navigator if it is located in any cell within the table containing the applet unless it is placed below the applet. 

I always recommend that our members check every page on line before posting it to their FTP folder using both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. 

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New member for January, 2000:

Mike Dobyns has exploded back  onto  the  ROCCS scene with his new People for the Way, Truth, and Life web site. It  exposes the radical homosexual agenda for recruiting YOUR children  (male pedophiles molesting male children is homosexual recruitment). Radical homosexuals have invaded your schools and are actively and forcibly  pursuing   the perversion of our entire culture through a Marxist reeducation  camp style  indoctrination beginning you your children's grade schools.   They are  force-feeding  your kids their version of "tolerance" which  is founded  in a relentless effort to crush your opposition with baseless  ad hominem    attacks.  They hammer, Nazi  style, "Big Lie" cat-calls like "homophobe"  and "hater" when they are demonstrably   "heterophobes" and haters themselves.    They and their perverted Liberal   (read "Marxist/Leninist/communist) admirers   seek to destroy anyone who  opposes them using any means at their disposal.  A well-orchestrated talking point program of character assassination is their Pavlovian response  to anyone opposing them.  The "politics of personal destruction" is their first "weapon of choice."  The John Ashcroft inquisition is an excellent example: a decent Christian man being publicly vilified by a craven coward like Edward "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy.

The goal of the radical homosexuals and their Liberal supporters/lovers is the Marxist/Leninist and Nazi-inspired silencing of all opposition through legislation (the creation of thought crimes), lies (dying young is happiness), the corruption of the English language (Orwellian double-speak, e.g. "gay" as opposed to "pervert" and "homosexual"), and politically correct social pressure (opposition = hatred).  They MUST be stopped! Join Mike Dobyns in his efforts.  Visit Mike's People for the Way,  Truth, and Life web site.  Encourage him in his Godly opposition to homosexual perversion and wickedness.

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Yahoo! Makes Changes: New Help File for the Nav Bar:
In early January, Yahoo! changed the format of your Member Profile again.  This is a major improvement in Yahoo's user friendliness.  If you have obtained your Yahoo ID, you now can access your member profile options, including your web sites data, while in the ROCCS Ring Hub or while editing any part of your member profile.  If you haven't joined Yahoo! and associated your site with ROCCS, this is the time to do it.
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Joining Yahoo! and Editing Your Member Profile (ROCCS Member File) :

If your site isn't yet associated with ROCCS and you don't have a Yahoo! ID, you won't be able to edit your site data.  If your site's is listed in the Ring Hub, and the name isn't followed with your user name, for example,  "by deke1942," you can not edit your member data. We RingMasters no longer have access to member's files,  so you must obtain a Yahoo! ID if you want to make changes.

If you don't join Yahoo, although your site will remain in the ring you won't be able to edit your member profile.  If you want to change Site URL pages, change your site's name, add another site to ROCCS, or do anything with your site beyond having it be part of our ring, you must have a Yahoo! ID.  It's easy to obtain, and the benefits are worth the effort.  Write to me for the illustrated FAQ, " ASSOCIATING YOUR SITE ROCCS" or click on the "Join this Ring" button on the top right of the Ring Hub .  If you need help installing the Nav Bar, information is available on the Nav Bar Installation Page I also have an illustrated Nav Bar FAQ available to help you locate and install your site's custom-generated Nav Bar.  Ask me for the illustrated FAQ, "EDITING YOUR ROCCS MEMBER PROFILE" if you need more information.

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