Member's Bulletin
Volume 2, Number 1
January, 2001

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Since December 31, 1996




New members, December, 2000:

Neal Ford is back with a new web site. Give our conservative Canadian brother's site a close look. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

We also have pending, a new ROCCS member whose site is a wealth of information about Evolutionarian "theology" and the pseudoscience, Darwinian evolution:

Note: Fox Enterprises was removed from membership for violating our ring rules for commercial sites.  Nevetherless, it is as excellent resource.

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As I have been cautioning since this summer, effective immediately the old ROCCS FTP folder has been deleted from JPS.NET's servers because their billing system again caused problems with my account. I've given up on them.

If your web site has been displaying this banner and you didn't replace it, your  site no longer has a banner!

ROCCS membership standards require   that ALL members present both Navigation Links and a banner on their   site at all times.  IF you didn't read your ROCCS Members Bulletins   and failed to move the standard ROCCS banner to your FTP folder between August  and November, then you began mirroring the ROCCS Dyslexic Webmaster's Award banner, above, just after Thanksgiving.  It disappeared on from    your site on December 21, 2000, when I closed my JPS web site.

If your banner has disappeared on or after December 21, 2000,  I MUST suspend your site from active participation in our ring until you install the new Server Side Nav Bar (SSNB).  This rule applies to all ROCCS member web sites suspended for cause after December 21, 2000.  IF SUSPENDED FOR NOT HAVING A BANNER AND LINKS, YOUR SITE WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO THE RING UNTIL YOU INSTALL THE NEW NAV BAR The old HTML fragment and Nav Links will not be accepted for return to active participation in ROCCS once your site has been placed in suspension for cause.  If you need help installing the new Yahoo!WebRing Nav Bar, please write to me for an FAQ or visit our ROCCS online Nav Bar help at:

I have begun "walking" our ring and TEMPORARILY suspending from ROCCS participation any site which does not have an old-style ROCCS banner and Nav Links or the new Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB or "Nav Bar").  Again, suspended sites will NOT be returned to the ring until they install they are displaying the new Nav Bar instead of the old HTML fragment and Nav Links.

Please remember to let me know when you've finished installing the Nav Bar and I will check your work. If you have it right, I'll return your site to the ring ASAP. 

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