Edward Bradway of Salem County, NJ

Edward BRADWAY, died 1696, was married in England, to Mary GODFRY, died 1696. They had the following children:

  • Mary BRADWAY, who married, first, in 1682, William COOPER, born 26 Nov 1660 in Coltshill, Stafford Co., England, died 1691; and married, second, in 1692, William KENTON, died 1694.
  • Susannah BRADWAY.
  • William BRADWAY, died 1710, who married 26 Sep 1687, at Salem Friends Meeting, Salem, Salem Co., NJ, Elizabeth WOOD, born 1669.
  • Sarah BRADWAY, born 1677, died 1714, who married in 1694, William HALL.
  • Hannah Bradway, born 1681.
  • Information from Biographical History of the First Congressional District of New Jersey. - Edward Bradway, living in the parish of St. Paul, Shadwell, in London, transported himself, with his wife Mary and two children, Mary and Susanna Bradway and their three servants, - that is to say, William Groome, Francis Buckell and John Alim, - in the third month in the year, according to the English account, 1677 into America, on board ship Kent, Gregory Marloe master, who all arrived in the province of West New Jersey the seventh month following, and so to the place New Salem, where they did inhabit, and had the following children: Mary, Susanna (William not mentioned as coming with the family), Sarah (born in the 27th of the seventh month, 1677), and Hannah, born the 14th of the seventh month, 1681. As the Kent was leaving the Thames, King Charles the 2d. on his pleasure barge, came along side and asked whither they were going, and on being told they were Quakers going to America he gave them his blessing.

    Before coming to this country Edward Bradway purchased one thousand acres of land and a town lot of Fenwick, said lot containing sixteen acres, commencing near the public wharf at the creek and running up the street a certain distance, and from the line of said street a northerly course to Fenwick creek. (See deed bearing date of June 6, 1680, Salem Surveys, book 5, page 311, Trenton, N.J.) In the year 1691 Edward Bradway built on his town lot a large brick house. (It was gutted by fire and restored about 1875 - and torn down about 1965,) for size and appearance surpassing any house built prior to that date, and for many years afterward in Salem. The governor of this state resided in this house some time after the death of Edward Bradway; hence it went under the name of the governor's house for many years afterward. It was also called the Lighthouse, because in earlier times lanterns were displayed from a pole on the roof to guide navigators in the creek. Edward and Mary Bradway deeded their house and town lot of sixteen acres to their daughter, Mary Cooper, a widow, the deed bearing date of January 16, 1693. (Salem Surveys, book 5, page 288, Trenton, N.J.)

    In 1693 the town of Salem was incorporated into a borough, and the authorities of the town changed the name of Wharf street to Bradway street, in honor of Edward Bradway. He was a prominent member of the Friends' meeting in early times, and appears in public affairs, being chosen a member of the assembly of Salem Tenth in September, 1685; signed concessions and agreement in March, 1676; was a member of assembly, Salem, in March, 1683; justice of Salem Tenth in May, 1684; commissioned to call to account Salem people who had received public goods, in May 1694; justice of Salem Tenth, in May, 1685; and member of the assembly, September, 1685. (End of text from Biographical History of the First Congressional District of New Jersey.)

    According to Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, Penn's Colony: Volume I, by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., 1970, Edward Bradway, family and servants are listed as passengers of the Kent. However, he was possibly on the Greyhound, on which he loaded goods after the Kent had departed. Edward Bradway, his family and servants are also listed as passengers of the Greyhound in October, 1677.

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