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Sunset Peru Limited is a licensed trek and tour operator Travel Company based, in Cusco the heart of the ancient Inca Empire. Also with an international based in U.K and AFRICA for excellence, specializing in Adventure, Ecological, Mystical and Cultural Tours. Offering the best tour in Peru whit amazing destinations like the Inca trail, Machu Picchu, Amazonia Puerto Maldonado Manu national Park.choquequirao Salcantay, Lares valley.


Our camping equipment

Sunset Peru limited is one of the companies in Cusco that have one of the best camping equipment to organize our trekking whit the most professionals camping equipments like north face tens. Thermo rest sleeping mattresses (Pen Feather) sleeping bags comparing with other companies our camping equipment is a hotel five ******

Our Office Staff: Please feel at home when you visit us. Our office staff will be waiting to provide you with all information and help you when you need 24 hours a day 365 days of the years need. We don-t want to be just your travel agent we want to be your friend.

Our Website: This website is intended to provide you useful information about Peru and all the destinations, such us Inca trail Machu Picchu routes, Amazonia Puerto Maldonado Manu national park, accommodations hotel reservations and more. We are always ready to help you to choose the best itinerary to fit your personal travel style. We are multilingual specialists in making your trip an exciting experience–for you can face your dreams whit sunset Peru limited and our staff.





The company is Directed and owned by Jose Manuel Castro Latorre the international Directors of the company are Minka Kahric and Philippe Raquin responsibility for trekking and all the tours that we offer in Peru three of us we are combined our Experience that we have for more than 12 years working in tourism to enjoy and to make your dreams came true.


Sunset Peru Limited is a Peruvian travel Agency based in Cusco that offer Peru travel packages with the most amazing tours in Peru, like Inca trail, Machu Picchu, Salcantay trek, Choquequirao treks. Amazonia Puerto Maldonado, Manu National Park. Lares Valley. Peru is a country that has a diversity and wealth little common in the world. The main attractions is to hike the Inca trail and visit Machu Picchu, their colonial architecture has imposing colonial constructions.



Their archaeological sides with one of the most richer and sophisticated job in all the world that you need to discover, the gastronomy is one other thing that you need to discover with the most exotic dishes that you are not going to forget.


The famous Inka trail to machu picchu [inkatrail, incatrail, inca trail or inka trail] is a particular trek in the worl, the trail sets out from at Kilometer 82 of the Cusco-Quillabamba railway, and takes three to four days of tough hiking.



When thinking about Trekking Machu Picchu, the first thing that comes to mind is the Inca Trail Trek. Because of excessive crowds the Peruvian government decided not only to limit daily access but also to impose strict Inca Trail Regulations.


Choquequirao means "cradle of gold" in Quechua although this is probably not its original Inca name. It is another "lost city of the Incas" located high on a ridge spur almost 1750m above the raging glacier-fed Apurimac River and surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks.


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