Pleasant Run-Yocum-Zag-Blaze
Yocum was first called Gritter
Zag was first called Jeston
Blaze was first called Yocum
Yocum was named after Yocum Creek
Blaze was a community located in northern Morgan County, as was Zag, Yocum, and  located on Pleasant Run.
The first post office at Blaze was call Yocum after Yocum Creek. Yocum Creek was named after a settler of Blaze, then later changed to Blaze. The first name of Blaze was called Gritter. Named so because of the gritting of corn that was done either for meal of tho make whiskey.
Yocum was a small community on Pleasant Run. The religious pioneer of Yocum was Willis Lykins who held church services in the schoolhouse.
The village  of Yocum at the turn of the century.
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