Paint Creek is the major artery of drainage in eastern Morgan County. Tradition says that Paint Creek got it's name because of so many Indian signs found on trees.
Paint Creek is the watershed for many small communities  in Morgan County.
Smith Creek-Fyffe Branch-Relief-Docks Creek-Cindas Creek-Moon and Caney..
Cindas Creek was named for its early settlers, Docks Creek was named for Dock Ison, Caney was probabl named for its vegatation. All of these small communities make up Moon.
Moon was a large community that consisted of the upper half of the Opened Fork of Paint. The center of the community being the Moon Post Office.
The post office was established in 1910, and the area on each side of it for about 3 miles up and down Paint Creek is called Moon. Moon was named when James F. Wallin sent to Washington a list of names that he would like the new post office to be called and Moon was chosen.
Some of the first settlers of Moon were the Hamiltons. Benjamin Hamilton, son of Thomas was born 1761 in Hawkins Co. Tennessee and died July 12, 1849 in Moon, Morgan County. He served in the Revolutionary War and married first to Mary Rankin about 1782 in Tenn. After her death he married Moonglow, a Cherokee Indian, who later adopted the name Susannah Hurst. He had built a log cabin located at Moon in Morgan Co. by 1812.
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Benjamin and Susannah Hamilton are buried at Moon. On the hill overlooking the old Moon Post Office. In 1995 the DAR and the Sons of American Revolution placed monuments in their honor.
Moon Post Office- the original one.
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