Caney-Walnut Grove-Pinhook
Caney the village as we know it is located in the southern part of Morgan County, on Brushy Fork. Caney has it's own history, despite its proximate location to Cannel City. and Malone. About 1900 Caney became a thirving city due to the  coal, lumber, and ties for O&K Railroad, which passed through the town. Businesses grew up and many new homes were built.  The town of Caney was incorporated and had a police and town marshall. It had a dozen stores, two hotels, a livery stable, a bank, church, lodge hall, jail, barber shop, school, railroad station, a freight house, hitchposts along the muddy streets, and even boasted a doctor and dentist. Caney was first known as Walnut Grove and then Pinhook, and then became Caney.
The town prospered for several years but when the market for coal and lumber began to decline, the people moved on. Finally the town property belonged to only a few people. The school burned down, so now the childdren are taken by bus to Cannel City.
While visiting Malone and Caney, the best I can figure is that it is seperated by Caney Creek,or at least this part was. South Fork Church is located on one side and Memory Hill at Caney on the other.
Caney is the burial grond of Elder Daniel Williams. His grave was found by Elder Wardie Craft,  at the old Caskey Cemetery. Today 60%  of Morgan Countians are descendants of Daniel Williams. Wardie also formed the Daniel Williams Historical Society in the early 1970's, and today the Eastern Ky Correctional Complex, maintains the cemetery.
Wardie and Hazel Craft stand at the monument for Daniel Williams this monument is located at Memory Hill -a local musuem depicting the history of Eastern Kentucky.
Note current South Fork Church in the back on right.
This monument was erected and dedicated in 1983,16 tons of granite, it was built entirely by contributions. This monument, a huge 20 room house (filled with antiques), Daniel Williams Park, and Memory Hill Cemetery, and the 19 acre farm now belong to the Memory Hill Foundation. The Foundation was dedicated on April 29, 2000.
for  more info on memory hill click the link below.
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These reconstructed cabins are located in the Memory Hill Park. The second from left was built from the Henry Cabin- one of the first cabins built in West Liberty. Most are filled with period antiques and collectibles..
The late Wardie and Hazel Bach Crafts magnificent home which has been turned into a musuem depicting Appalachian Heritage and is filled with collectibles and primitives of all kinds.

The cemetery on the left is where Wardie Craft is buried.  Memory Hill Park is on the right. This photo of the Memeory Hill Museum was taken standing in the parking lot of the currnt South Fork Church, which is located at Malone, Memory Hill Musuem is located at Caney, just across the creek.
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