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Winners of my Quilting Awards

Mona's Afghan ShoppeWarm and beautiful hand crocheted afghans. A warm and beautiful afghan is a treasure!


Trillium Designs

Rich and Jackie .. Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace. I have a family site with information on my husband, children, grandchildren. Our Hobbies: Dune Buggys, Quilts, CB Radio, Grandson's Page, Chat friends and other family pages.

~Made By Me Country~ My page is a cute n' country site..Most pages are filled with crafts I have created...I luv my quilts...made with so much caring for the recipient.

A Scoff an' Scuff

Beckie's Page My page is a haven for quilters and handcrafters can find various craft resources, share ideas, and view some of my quilts. Just a real fun page!!

Agape Quilting Beautiful handquilted items and kits.

Laura's Quilts

Marce's HomePage A wonderfuland inspiring place to visit over and over again!

The Fabric Queen This is a fun, insperational site! Lots of unique handdrawn graphics, FREE patterns and lots more!

M&L Designs Quilt Patterns and more.

. The Lugo's My page is dedicated to my husband's kidney transplant. Last April I gave him my kidney. I also display all my cross stitch work, which takes most of my page.

Purplerose Quilts The beauty of a quilt represents the beauty of the world. Each pattern mirrors our lives, each intricate stitch our efforts. Quilts are bound together by the passion for life, the love of art, and a touch of magic.

Jan's HideAway A real neat page!

Kath's Web Place Lots of patterns and cute stuff here!

Appalachian Quilts Its about quilting to old way by hand

Lisa's Loft Free patterns, ways to save money crafting etc

Cross Stitch Pals

We are a group from all over the world who love stitching and other crafts. The Cross Stitch Pals are devoted to stitching and friendships, and we are very proud of our site!

Teeny's PlaceFeatures all kinds of craft links- from scrapbooking and the necessary supplies, to general crafting and chatting (another craft, I'm sure). I also think that any designer is a crafter- and that includes web design! A sense of humour doesn't hurt either!

Carolyn's Home on the Web I have an outstanding site regarding quilting and a nice quilt gallery.

Nilla's Painting Nook Nilla's Art-a-Facts was made to make everyone aware of Decorative Painting and offers many informative sites and sample of Decorative Painting.

Grace's Comfort Corner I offer a lot of information and pics on my page from sewing and sewing machines to quilting to Pooh Bear and Eeyore.

Quilter's Cache. I try to share some patterns, and some fabric information!.I also have some links to what I feel are good quilt sites!

QuiltnGrny's. My website is dedicated to my "Favorite Things". Quilting is a big big part of my everyday life. I have been quilting for several years and began building my website almost a year and half ago.

Angels, Jewelry, Quilts & Wearable Art by CCB Designs-Jewelry Gallery From quilting to fine jewelry and cooking, she does it all, and this site is a sample of her work.

The Lost Quilt Come Home Page Dedicated to providing a place to display lost and stolen quilts and to supplying information on how to protect quilts.

Makin' Quilts My page contains pictures of project that I have completed and links and interesting sites that I visit regularly.

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