Maple Leaves Block Directions

Cut the following in half diagonally to make half-square triangles, using a rotary cutter and an accurate rotary ruler:

Cut the following squares:

Using an accurate 1/4" seam, sew each set of four fall-colored triangles to the background triangles (right sides together) along their bias edges to make bicolored 2-1/2" squares. Press seams toward darker fabric and trim points. You should have four sets of four:

Fig 1
Cut 4" x 1" bias strips of each of the fall colors above. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Fold in half again and press again. Draw a diagonal line 1/8" off center on four of the background squares and place each doubled bias strip with the second crease along this line and the raw edge toward center. Stitch along fold. Trim so seam allowance is about 1/8" or a bit more. Press to cover seam and hand applique down. Trim:

Fig 2
Sew each quarter-block section as shown, pressing seams in alternating directions (it helps to lay out each section as you sew):

Fig 3
Sew the four quarter blocks together as shown, pressing seams in alternating directions:

Finished Block

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