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My interest in doll collecting began when the 32 inch Papier Mache doll came to my house. This doll was given to a cute little girl named Lavina, 2 years of age in 1912 by her uncle who owned a drug store in a little town in North East Missouri.

The doll was never given a name and Lavina was never allowed to play with it and the doll spent most of it's time in her mother's dresser drawer. Lavina grew old and brought the doll to me and ask me to keep it safe.

I have some China Head dolls in the 1880's lots of Effanbee and Horseman, but the 1912 Papier Mache doll with no name will always be special to me.

The doll with the beautiful dress and matching Bonett was given to me by my daughter in California.

I want to name the boy doll 'Hanz' given to me by my Sister-in-law.

Papier Mache Doll

Standing on either side of her are 32 and a 34 inch walking dolls. On the lower left is a 1965 Effanbee doll and of course we all want a Red Riding Hood doll.

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