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Baby's Bow Tie Block

Finished Block Size: 6" -- Block Size w/seam allowance: 6-1/2"


Step 1. Cut two 3-1/2" muslin and two 3-1/2" colored squares. (Use a print or solid fabric for the colored squares.) Cut two 2" color print or solid squares to match.

Step 2. Place one each of the two colored squares in the corner of the two large muslin squares. Sew across the small colored squares in a diagonal line from point to point on the outside edge of the square. Cut away excess fabric 1/4" from the stitching line. Fold out the colored triangle and press the seam line. This will make the "knot" in your Bow Tie block.

Step 3. Using the two large colored squares, sew one colored square to one knot square. Make two of these units. Sew the units together to complete the block. Press the seams. The block will measure 6-1/2" with the seam allowances and 6" finished size when sewn into a quilt.

You can set these blocks in just about any pattern you want.

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