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9/6/92 Leonia off the road and needing work...........8/9/99 In the garage, stripped down.


2/07/2000 - '70 Eliminator Clone with 351C -4V/Auto.

4/15/2000 - '70 Eliminator Clone for 351W/4-Speed....... 6-26-2000 '69 Std Convertible w/ 351W/4Speed

I started up this page to show my restoration project on my 1970 Cougar.

Thanks to my wife, I am begining the restoration project I have wanted to do for the past 12 years. As of 4/23/2004, I have still been unable to make any progress on the Cats. Financial hold ups and lack of available time have force the cars to sit and wait.

Since then, our collection of Cougars has GROWN to 5 (1 is a parts car). as of 4/23/2004 thr blue parts car has been dismantled, cut into small pieces, and anything unuseable has been carted off.

Throughout the following pages, I will try to show my progress, beginning with the total dismanteling of my Cougar(s). I will add pictures of ALL my projects as time and money permits.

I am using a Kodak DC260Z Digital Camera for my photos.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

My 70 Std Hardtop Cougar's (Leonia) History

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