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We are a group of young Coptic doctors who  made this page for the benefits of  all medical Copts especially those who are preparing for  USMLE exam . we are not  seeking any profits and you will find  many useful  things for free. We also looking for building a nice community so all are welcomed and we will try to help you as much as we can.

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    most people do it while looking for residency as it adds some points to your resume.

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its incubation period 2-7 days and kills 4% of those diagnosed and 10-20% have been sick enough to require mechanical ventilation and ICU....... know more



step 1 experience by dr hopetotheworld [ usmle resources : coptic experiences ]



points to add to your first aid by coptic sabry  [ usmle resources : points to add ]


step 1 experience by Dr Moody  [  usmle resources : coptic experiences ]


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USA cocktail

Find your relative in USA , Another efficient way
Find any doctor in USA by name or specialty 
medical jobs opportunities in USA , More Jobs sites
medical encyclopedia
online medical dictionary
2003 top doctors in USA
Alphabetical list of top ranked hospitals in USA , USA hospitals search
Compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. cities.
Suggestions to a FMG to be a successful physician in USA  (by Ashok M. Karnik)
USA national library of medicine (world most largest library)

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!! Egyptian physicians search !!

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 !! Egypt Hospitals search !!

Check out the results of kasr elini 2002 (scroll down then choose results alphabetically) check results of Copts only

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 Alexandria Medical Students Association

Suez canal medical students association
Zagazig Medical Studentsí Scientific association
Banha Student Scientific Society
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coptic experiences




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 What do you need to apply


Recommended books


High yield topics for step 1


Remembered topics for step 1


step 2 advises


materials for last months revisions for step 1


retired board questions step 1


how to study for the boards


what u do while waiting for residency




Add more points to first aid step1


points to get residency


interview tips


Oasis trick




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        There are more useful files @ yahoo egroup {copticusmle}

  [   Important notice  : we have collected all files in this site and in copticusmle yahoo egroup from different sources as  they are distributed everywhere on net . If you believe  we are violating copy rights of any of these material plz notify us of this material and we will delete it . thanks  ]  



After passing USMLE

  Writing a CV that brings Interviews
 Physician Licensing Boards
 View information about residency and fellowship programs, provided by program directors and updated continuously, as well as information about affiliated teaching institutions.
 2004 Main Match Schedule
 Compare specialties on length of training, program size, number of faculty,work and education environment, and compensation
 Friendly Hospitals for International Medical Graduates

Certified doctor (USA)

 If you are a health care entity seeking primary source verification
of a physician's board certification

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"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me."

Mathew 18:5


Now you can get involved in the work of Coptic Orphans and likewise receive the abundance of blessings for helping Christ's children.         

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   This search bar has been sent to us  from Dr. Dimtru owner of prep4usmle and he invites all of you to visit his site. you will find useful links and files  and bigger community . check it out !!!
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The site is always under construction if u have any comments or any useful thing like to share or need any help in your study

  you can contact us at copticmedical@yahoo.com

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 Thanks to everyone who participated in this humble small page whether by files or logos or just support and encouragement and special thanks to American Coptic association for the link and encouragement and thanks to everyone in yahoo egroup who participated by words or files or just a thank you email. thanks for all  who just mentioned their intention to help  also thanks for those who will participate in the future by their experience or files .We pray for all of you and good luck to all in their exams






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