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Updated 16.5.09
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Attention all Midnight Oil fans. Click on the Death To Disco or Save The Whale poster below. Hopefully you will be linked to YouTube....Many thought this didnt exist but here it is in all its glory...a sneak peek of the Oils at War & Peace Parramatta September1977 before the first album and even before they were signed. Anyone with any more of this footage please get in contact with me.
All traders...if you see anything  I've put on my list from you that is not for trade, please let me know. I may have forgotten
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All new traders are welcome BUT I now have a rule. If you contact me for a trade you send first. Once i get your discs and am satisfied I will send yours to you. I,m sick of getting recordings with extraction errors and clicks etc etc and then waiting weeks/months for replacements.

All the long term traders, ignore this, Im just having a whinge cos it creates so much work trying to keep track of who owes me what.
There ya go!!!! Lets trade.

Bad Trader Alert at the bottom of this page...........unfortunately
Added 16.5.09
I,m time poor / lazy so no updates on this page BUT heaps of new stuff on the arhives link from these artists:

Died Pretty, Celibate Rifles, Supersuckers, Buzzcocks, Bruce Springsteen, ACDC, Cosmic Psychos, Giants of Science, Hunters and Collectors, Midnight Oil, Split Enz, Pennywise, Triple J Impossible Music Festival 2008 (all 30 odd shows), Led Zeppelin, Dictators

Added 8.4.09
Buzzcocks TLA Philadelphia                                                       11.11.89
Cave, Nic Tivoli Brisbane                                                             25.10.07
Cosmic Psychos CBGB's NY                                                        22.11.91
Crime and the City Solution Demos                                                 1985
Crime and the City Solution LVC Leiden                                         1985
Crime and the City Solution Hamburg                                          25.2.86
Crime and the City Solution PC69 Beilfield Germany                   22.5.88
Iggy Pop Khyber Philadelphia                                                     15.12.03
Keupper, Ed and Mark Dawson Flkets park Hultsfred Sweden      11.8.90
Go Betweens Errols Gothenberg Sweden                                        27.4.85
Grinderman Tivoli Theatre Brisbane                                             25.10.07
Hunters and Collectors Park West Chicago                                    29.5.87
Hunters and Collectors Konserthuset Gothenberg                           3.9.88
Hoodoo Gurus City Gardens Trenton NJ                                       11.10.91
Midnight Oil Royal Theatre Canberra                                            12.3.09
Midnight Oil Royal Theatre Canberra                                            13.3.09
Models Gaelic Club Sydney                                                            27.9.08
Saints Stockholm                                                                          9.11.89
Young, Neil Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne                           28.1.09
Added 31 March 2009
Birthday Party Gladstone Hotel Christchurch New Zealand             9.5.83
Buzzcocks Town and Country Club London                       
DVD Sept 1992
Crime and the City Solution LVC Leiden                                         1985
Crime and the City Solution Vera Groningen                                9.12.90
Crime and the City Solution Messepalast Wien                             25.5.88
Crime and the City Solution Duchess of York Leeds                       27.2.91
Damned live compilation                                                                   
Go Betweens Cat's Cradle Carrobro USA                                        12.6.05
Hoodoo Gurus "Sound Relief" SCG Sydney                                    14.3.09
Hunters and Collectors Konserthuset Gothenburg Sweden              3.9.88
Hunters and Collectors "Sound Relief" MCG Melbourne                14.3.09
Icehouse Munich                                                               
DVD         1983
Keupper, Ed AB Bellevue Brussels Belgium                                  30.5.95
Laughing Clowns Prague                                                                 1983
Lime Spiders Sydney Trade Union Club                                          9.6.85
MC5 Detroit                                                                     
DVD         1967
MC5 Helsinki                                                                    
DVD         1972
Midnight Oil "Sound Relief" MCG Melbourne                                 14.3.09
Reels factory Theatre Enmore Sydney                                            24.5.08

Reels "All Tomorrow's Parties" Mt Buller Victoria                         10.1.09
Rose Tattoo Spectrum Augsberg Germany                                      27.6.04
Rose Tattoo Havana Cafe Ramonville St Agne France                     3.4.07
Split Enz "Sound Relief" MCG Melbourne                                      14.3.09
Stewart Rod Rarities Vol 1(70-73) Vol 2 (75-80)                                 
Stewart Rod Wembley Arena London                                            7.7.02
Triffids Town and Country Club London                          
DVD          1989
You Am I "Sound Relief" SCG                                                    14.3.09

Added 7 March 2009
Beasts Of Bourbon Stockholm                                                       29.4.89
Buzzcocks The Assembly Leamington Spa                                      23.1.09
Buzzcocks The Brook Southampton                                               26.1.09
Celibate Rilfes Stache's Columbus Ohio                                         14.4.87
Celibate Rifles UCSD Triton Pub San Diego USA                
DVD   7.11.87
Celbate Rifles Forum Enger Germany                            
DVD        4.7.88
Celibate rifles Sutherland royal Hotel Sydney                  
DVD      6.7.89
Celibate Rifles Metro Theatre Sydney                                             30.1.96
Chad's tree Compilation Vol 1 and 2
Cosmic Psychos Markethalle Hamburg                                          10.10.90
Crime and the City Solution Greystone Hall Detroit                       15.8.86
Cure Stadspark "Zomerpop Festival" Veenendaal Netherlands      28.6.80
Died Pretty Maxwell's Hoboken NJ                                                  24.9.89
Died Pretty Club LVC Leiden Netherlands                                        1988
Died Pretty Fly By Night Club Perth "Doughboy Hollow"              16.2.08
Fleet Foxes Metro Theatre Sydney                                                 3.1.09
Grinderman Demos/ Raw Mixes
Grinderman "All Tomorrow's Parties" Minehead UK                      29.4.07
Grnderman Summercase festival Barcelona                                    18.7.08
Hoodoo Gurus Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao Spain                         
DVD    9.7.08
Laughing Clowns "All Tomorrows Parties" Cockatoo Island Sydney18.1.09
The Zodiac Oxford                                                                           10.2.09
Magazine The Forum Kentish Town London                                   13.2.09
Magazine Manchester                                                                      14.2.09
Nanker Phelge Excelsior Hotel Sydney                                             4.11.01
New Christs Festival Fontenay-Le-Comte, France                          21.10.89
New Christs Init Rome                                                  
DVD        22.5.08
New Christs Excelsior Hotel Sydney                                               20.2.09
Radio Birdman Independent Days festival Bologna (upgrade)          7.9.03
Rationals Blind Pig Ann Arbor Michigan                                        5.4.91
Saints Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ                              6.10.87
Saints "All Tomorrow's Parties" Cockatoo Island Sydney            17.1.09
Saints "All Tomorrow's Parties" Cockatoo Island Sydney            18.1.09
Scientists Logo hamburg                                                                 2.4.87
Scientists Farewell Tour Australia                                                     1987
Scientists Estragon Ballroom Bologna                                            12.11.04
Split Enz Paradise Theatre Boston                                                 11.10.80
Split Enz Westpac Arena Christchurch New Zealand                       23.3.08
Split Enz Vector Arena Auckland New Zealand                               28.3.08
Split Enz Vector Arena Auckland New Zealand                               29.3.08
Stabs "All Tomorrow's Parties" Cockatoo Island Sydney                18.1.09
Stems Videa Club Cesana Italy                                                      23.3.08
Added 16 February 2009
Black Eyed Susans Speigeltent Sydney Opera House                       7.11.08
Bored Greyhound Hotel Melbourne                                               19.12.08
Cave, Nic Cockatoo Island Sydney                                                  17.1.09
Celibate Rilfes Blind Pig Ann Arbour Michigan                              15.4.87
Celibate Rifles Effe Naar Eindhoven                                                1.6.90
Celibate Rifles Empire Hotel Sydney (Blind Ear Show)                  26.12.08
Conway Savage Cockatoo Island Sydney                                        17.1.09
Cosmic Psychos Khyber Pass Pub Philadelphia                               21.11.91
Died Pretty 9.30 Club Washington                                                  30.9.89
Drones Sydney Opera House                                                          15.10.08
Eddie Current Suppression Ring Excelsior Hotel Sydney                  5.12.08
Go Betweens Deptford UK                                                               16.9.84
Hoodoo Gurus Irving Plaza New York                                             7.9.94
Hoodoo Gurus Gaelic Club Sydney                                                   4.9.08
Happy Hate Me Nots Annandale Hotel Sydney                                20.12.08
Johnny Casino Annandale Hotel Sydney                                           8.8.08
Laughing Clowns Dingwalls London                                          March 2007
Laughing Clowns "All Tomorrow's parties" Mt Buller Victoria         9.1.09
Laughing Clowns Cockatoo Island Sydney                                      17.1.09
Laughing Clowns GOMA Brisbane                                                 23.1.09
Lazy Cowgirls Bottom of the Hill San Francisco                             14.2.04
Lime Spiders Annandale Hotel Sydney                                           20.12.08
Mick Medew and the Rumours Empire Hotel Sydney                       30.8.08
Reels Cockatoo Island Sydney                                                        17.1.09
Saints 8X10 Club Baltimore MA                                                    30.6.87
Saints "All Tomorrow's parties" Mt Buller Victoria                           9.1.09
Saints "All Tomorrow's parties" Brisbane                                       15.1.09
Saints Cockatoo Island Sydney                                                       17.1.09
Tek, Deniz Black Cat Washington                                                  18.1.98
Wipers I Beam San Francisco                                                            3.8.87
X Sandringham Hotel Sydney                                                          14.8.08
X Greyhound Hotel St Kilda Melbourne                                         19.12.08
X Forum Melbourne                                                                        14.1.09
Young, Neil Brisbane Entertainment Centre                                  21.1.09

Added 13 December 2008
Angels Denver BBC FM Radio                                                           1980
Angels live FM                                                                                   1981
Angles Liveline                                                                                 1999

Cold Chisel St Leonards Park North Sydney 2JJ live to air          May 1978
Dyvinyls Spit Boston "King Biscuit Flour Hour"                            5.4.83
Exploding White Mice Fabrik Hamburg                                         28.4.90
INXS Radio WMMS Cleveland Ohio                                             27.6.84
Kelly, Paul Melbourne Concert Hall                                                 1989
Rose Tattoo Commodore Hotel Sandringham                                  6.7.78
Rose Tattoo Donnington festival                                                   15.6.08
Added 18 November 2008
Ramones....heaps of audio and DVD. Click on the archive link above
Black Frank The Arena Brisbane                                                  1.10.08
Dandy Warhols The Tivoli Brisbane                                              5.11.08
Cure Early Cure                                                                     
Drones The Zoo Brisbane                                                              25.10.08
Go Betweens 1977-2006                                                            
Reels TV Sessions                                                                     DVD
Rolling Stones Outasite Tv and Film Vol 1                                DVD
Stewart, Rod Melbourne                                                    DVD         1977
Sunnyboys Happy Boys Remastered                                       
Ups and Downs valley Fiesta Brisbane                                             13.9.08
Added 15 September 2008
Celibate Rifles Vera Groningen Netherlands                                   2.6.90
Hitmen East Brunswick Club Melbourne                                        28.12.07
New Christs Le Jimmy Bordeaux                                                   25.10.89
New Christs La Locomotive Paris                                                    12.5.08
Radio Birdman Metro Sydney                                                         30.1.96
Radio Birdman The Casbah San Diego                                            21.6.07
Scientists Enmore Theatre Sydney                                                19.2.08
Scientists Metro Melbourne                                                            21.2.08
Split Enz Wellington TSB                                                               25.3.08

Added 9 September 2008
Cosmic Psychos Step Inn Brisbane                                                   12.8.08
Hitmen Annandale Hotel                                                                   8.8.08
Midnight Oil Channel Boston                                                            7.4.84
Midnight Oil Street scene LA                                                          29.9.85
Midnight Oil Zurich                                                                         2.4.88
Midnight Oil Melody Club Sweden                                                  15.5.88
Midnight Oil Tower Theatre Philadelphia                                        10.6.88
Midnight Oil Boathouse Norfolk                                                     12.6.88
Midnight Oil Berlin                                                                        27.10.93
Midnight Oil Princess Theatre Melbourne                                      16.10.94
Midnight Oil St Marys Sydney                                                        17.2.02
Midnight Oil Metro Theatre Sydney                                                19.2.02
Midnight Oil Chapel Melbourne                                                      21.2.02
Midnight Oil Arena Geelong                                                            4.8.02
Midnight Oil M-One Concert Colonial Stadium Melbourne            12.10.02
Added 10 July 2008
Datsuns Small Hall Paradiso Amsterdam                                           2.9.02
Datsuns Old Hall Melkweg                                                              2.10.06
Greenday Melbourne                                                        
DVD          1996
Hoodoo Gurus St Kilda Festival Melbourne                       
DVD         2008
Living End Duckboard Place Melbourne                                            7.6.08
Living End Basement (Monday Night Live)                                      16.6.08
Nirvana Palace Melbourne                                              
DVD       1.2.92 Powderfinger Powerhouse Brisbane                                  DVD     20.6.07
Powderfinger Karratha                                                       
DVD    18.8.07
Powderfinger Sydney Opera House                                  
DVD   Nov 2007
Powderfinger Brisbane                                                                     11.6.08
Pennywise The Max Melkweg                                                          28.8.06
Police Zellerbach Hall UC Berkley                                                     4.3.79
Police Whiskey Au Go Go LA                                           
DVD          2007
Radiohead BBC Theatre London                                                      1.4.08
Ramones Festival Hall Melbourne                                     
DVD     2.1.91
Rose Tattoo Wacken Festival                                            
DVD         2006
Rolling Stones Rod Laver Arena Melbourne                 
DVD          13.4.06
Soundgarden Pink Pop Llandgraf Holland                     
DVD           8.6.92
Soundgarden Big Day Out Sydney                                  
DVD        26.1.94
Soundgarden Big day Out Melbourne                              
DVD     27.1.94
Soundgarden Big Day Out RAS Melbourne                     
DVD       25.1.97
Stranglers Brussels                                                                         9.11.79
Stranglers Kyoto University Japan                                                 15.12.79
Stranglers Hammersmith Palais                                                    17.11.81
Stranglers Glasgow Apollo                                                             23.11.81
Stranglers St Austel Colliseum                                                      27.1.82
Stranglers Edinburgh Playhouse                                     
DVD      25.10.86
Straglers Madrid                                                         
DVD          18.11.86
Wolfmother Homebake Festival                                          
DVD       2004
Wolfmother Big Day Out Sydney                                         
DVD   26.1.05

Added 10 May 2008
Chads Tree Central Club Melbourne                                                9.9.88
Chills France                                                                                 26.10.96
Crystal Set Tivoli Sydney                                                                25.2.88
Crystal Set Paddington RSL Sydney                                               15.6.90

Cramps Festival Hall Melbourne                                                     19.8.86
Died Pretty Rail Theatre Lyon                                                       11.12.87
Divinyls Boggo Road Gaol Brisbane                                   
DVD   31.7.93
Kuepper, Ed Vanguard Hotel Newtown Sydney                              28.12.07
Midnight Oil (added about 20 shows 1988-02...see archive link)
Rilen, Ian Ding Dong Lounge Melbourne                                        10.3.06
Severed Heads Sedition Festival Sydney Trade Union Club         April 1983
Supersuckers Annandale Hotel Sydney                                           18.4.08
Tactics Hopetoun Hotel Sydney                                                       8.3.08
Skyhooks Night moves Concert                                     
DVD           1978

Added 2 April 2008

Bellrays Metro Sydney                                                                     29.7.07
Cramps Black Cat Washington                                            
DVD  28.11.95
Died Pretty Enmore Theatre Sydney                                                  8.2.08
Hitmen Crest Hotel Sylvania Sydney                                               23.2.08
Kuepper, Ed Enmore Theatre Sydney                                                8.2.08
Masuak, Chris 'Klondike' Excelsior Hotel Sydney                          17.11.07
Supersuckers SKC Belgrade Serbia                                  
DVD         1.3.07
Supersuckers Gothic Theatre Englewood Co                                    28.8.07

Added 22 March 2008
Beasts of Bourbon Bloom Milan                                                       16.9.90
Boys Next Door Live 1978 (3 venues)                          
DVD                1978
Cosmic Psychos live & promo                                       
Midnight Oil RMIT Melbourne                                        DVD          7.3.87
New Christs Unknown Venue (1)                                                 Dec 2000
New Christs Unknown Venue (2)                                                 Dec 2000
Radio Birdman Waterfront Rotterdam                                            6.10.07
Radio Birdman Underground Cologne Germany                            12.10.07
Radio Birdman Stazione Birra Rome                                             18.10.07
Salamander Jim Lorne Green Sheds His Precious Fluids
Salamander Jim Chevron Hotel                                                      3.6.85
Scientists Weid Love                                                                         1986
Scientists rare tracks
Scientists Doornresje Netherlands                                                 24.1.84
Triffids TV Collection                                                         
Triffids Last Gasp                                                                                1982
Triffids Attic Manor House London                                                  8.11.84
Triffids Attic Manor House London                                                13.12.84
Triffids Hultsfred Sweden                                                              19.11.87

plus Stranglers, Dead Boys, Jam, Stooges

Added 12 March 2008
Buzzcocks Forum London                                           
DVD          2.12.07
Damned Paris Cinema London                                                        19.5.77
Damned BBC Sessions                                                                    1979-85
Divinyls Ermington Hotel Sydney                                                   24.12.88
Hitmen DTK (with Deniz Tek) Newtown                                         13.11.91
Led Zeppelin O2 Arena London                                   
DVD        10.12.07
Ramones Selinas Sydney                                                                11.11.89

Plus check the main list for new cdrs and dvds by Thin Lizzy, Stranglers, Who, Queen, Clash, Greenday, ELO, Rolling Stones, Police, Tom Petty

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