Contest involves Captain Kathryn Janeway and/or Commander Chakotay leaving the ship. He/She can go to a planet, another ship, change physical parameters, itís all up to you, the writer. As before I will NOT accept R or NC-17 rated stories. And no drabbles will be accepted. Meaning stories must be at least two hundred (200) words long. You may enter up to two (2) stories, but please, no more. I need the story/stories name and the URL it is found at. If you would like to enter a story/stories and have no URL, let me know and I will post the story/stories for you. Looking for lots of stories. Enter!!!
Dates will be;
January 2nd- Entries Open
January 9th - Entries Close
January 10th - Voting Opens
January 17th- Voting Closes
January 19th - Winners
Click on the galaxy above to read the winners.
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