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Okay. After about three years of inaction I am currently considering doing fanfiction again and doing more stuff on the site. Whethere I end up doing so is another matter, but I am definitely considering it. Also, my hotmail address is no longer used for email - I use it for MSN but have let it lapse in terms of email, if you have feedback send them to the email address on this page, not that on the other pages (which I haven't yet updated).

Hello, this is my Buffy the Vampire Slayer page, concentrating on the Buffy/Xander relationship

Since starting this website has had Counter hits.

Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB and all the rest, I am just using them for stories, and I make no profit from this site. The original ideas in these stories belong to the authors


Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy. I also want to make it clear that despite being called 'bxfanfic' in the address, this site is not directly connected with the Yahoo Group 'BX_Fanfic'. I am a member of that group, but this is not the official site.

If you are interested in White Wolf's 'World of Darkness' and the Storyteller, then you should look at my other website Harlequin: The Dance Without End

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This site is called "Buffy and Xander, Joy and Sorrow" because the relationship I like most on Buffy is the one between Buffy and Xander (for experienced fanficers I am a B/X 'shipper), and because the fanfics I like the most are either really angsty and sad, or really funny and silly.

If you want me to put your stuff on my site, then please email me, but I do have to tell you that I am only putting stuff that I personally really like on this site, so you are welcome to show me your fic, but I can't guarentee I'll put it up here.

Fanfic that has been recently added or has a new part will be denoted by "NEW FANFIC!!"


May our hearts beat as one
By Draxar. The first to tenth parts of a very long fic (with the eleventh up soon), detailing a slightly different Buffy world. which commences at the end of "Killed by death". Watch this space for more parts coming soon.
Seven day holiday in the rain with you
By Draxar. The first part of a fic inspired by the Stereophonics song 'Caravan Holiday'. Between Seasons 4 and 5, Buffy and Xander get dumped by their significant others, and end up being sent off on a luxury 7 day holiday by their friends to deal with their issues. When they get there, it rains.... and rains, and rains. Then, stuff happens ;)
Just You
By Draxar. The second of my poems, it is much more cheerful than the other two (which are below in the 'Sorrow' section. It's been rewritten since I didn't really like the original version, though that is stil available here
Dream kiss
By Draxar. A somewhat surreal poem I wrote about a somewhat surreal dream I had, in which I was kissed (duh).
By Draxar. A poem about the nervousness you feel after you tell someone you have romantic feelings for them, and the relief you feel when they say they feel the same.
By Draxar. A poem about flirting with someone, and then wanting more from that friendship, wanting love, and not knowing if they feel the same, or if they just want to be friends and flirt a little.
Baby it's cold outside
By Draxar. Inspired by the song of the same name, it features Buffy and Xander taking shelter at his house on a very cold night.
Leading by example
By Draxar. Written for a friend of mine as a birthday present, this fic is set immedaitely after Oz leaves Willow. She is completey broken hearted, so Buffy and Xander decide to be good examples of happy single people. However when Willow makes a new friend that slowly becomes more, Buffy and Xander find that they are being led rather than leading...
Nobody Expects the Watchers Council
By Draxar. This is the first in the 'Monty the Parrot Slayer series', which is a series of Buffy/Monty Python crossovers. To describe it simply, it is a series of adapted Monty Python sketches with the charcters from Buffy put into them.
Always Look on the Bright Side of the apocalypse
By Draxar. The second in the 'Monty the Parrot Slayer' series, a few more sketches with the cast of Buffy added.
And now for something completely Buffy
By Draxar. More Montyfic, this time of some less well known Monty Python Sketches. Much wackyness ensues, and a lot of it includes Buffy and Xander in very close proximity to each other.
Buffy Summers and the Holy Stake
By Phil Doherty . Another fine piece of Montyfic, this time not by me but by Phil. An adaptaion of part of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and several other sketches. Very very funny.
Buffy Python's Flying Circus
By Phil Doherty . More great Montyfic from Phil, this time with some Marrige office sketches, plus Buffy and a very sleepy Riley get a large number of visitors in their bedroom.
Men are from Sunnydale, Women are from Venus
By Nick Huick The guys (Xander, Angel, Spike, Oz, Forrest, Giles, and Riley) discuss the women, drink a lot of booze, and listen while Xander and Forrest regale them with a tale of a grand courting.
Providence NEW FANFIC!!
By Serenity. Set in the future (Buffy is 26), Xannder's landlady kicks him out while Buffy's roomate leaves, so Xander goes to live with Buffy, and meets her strange friend Eileen. While living their friendship slowly deepens into something more, despite the fact that Xander already has a girlfriend.
Intimate Strangers NEW FANFIC!!
By Serenity. The sequel to Providence, Buffy and Xander have been together for about a year. Now they have to deal with an unexpected vist from an old friend and their rapidly apporaching wedding. Oh, and Buffy's weird friend is still around.
Little Feet NEW FANFIC!!
By Serenity. The sequel to Providence and Intimate strangers, set about 3 months after the latter. Buffy is pregnant, and has to deal with a protective Xander, family and friends who are sure they know how to help her through he pregnancy, and the return of someone she thought was dead. Plus the freaky chick is still hanging around.
Bolivia NEW FANFIC!!
By Serenity. A short fic with Buffy and Xander reading parts from Xander's script for "Bolivia: the Undead Killer", a show based around a slightly altered version of Buffy's life. B/X'ers everywhere will recognise the themes covered in this particular episode.
By Serenity. Set in the future, Buffy is depressed because her life seems terrible, when she's just not seeing the wonderful things she does have. Her inability to see what is right in front may result inn her losing it forever.
Mala Broma NEW FANFIC!!
By Serenity. Buffy plans a devious revenge for a prank Willow pulled on her, and she needs Xander's help to do it. But do either of the have any idea of what the end results of their actions will be. (God, that sounds like Giles... Kill me now.)
Our Day has come
By Pete. An incredibly fluffy fic. Read this and your brain will disolve into mush (but happy mush). A while after Riley has left, Buffy realises her feelings for Xander are changing.
The Love Matters Trilogy
By Ozmandayus Three stories (duh) that run one after the other, in this fic, Buffy and Xander's relationship slowly grows into something deeper, starting with a single secret kiss each day.
Reflection eternal
By Ozmandayus. On a rainy day at the Harris household, Buffy and Xander enjoy domestic bliss while decorating.
Prowling, Pancakes, and Passes
By Jason Thompson. A bad night of slaying leads Buffy to take refuge... at Xander's place. The next morning he makes her pancakes. Things happen......
Purple Dye, Garlic Powder, and Romance
By Jason Thompson. Willow's attempt to get revenge on Xander for a thousand little things leads to a prank war between Buffy and Xander, which quickly escalates.
By Jason Thompson. This one could go in either section, but I think it is more funny than sad. In an alternate universe the lives Scooby gang and their enemies are radically different due to some cosmic reshuffling.
Can I have you?
By Brittney. Xander is there for Buffy, while Riley gets more and more over-protective and jealous.


Every time I see you
By Draxar. While not directly Buffy related, the feelings this poem expresses are the same as Xander's feelings towards Buffy, or (at certain times) Willow's feelings towards Xander.
I didn't see you
By Draxar. Another angsty poem, again based more on my love life than anything Buffy, but which can still apply to situations in Buffy. This poem is about when you realise your feelings for someone who you didn't previously think of in a romantic way, like Buffy hopefully will for Xander, and like Xander did for Willow in the Homecoming to Lovers Walk period.
By DarkDyer. Two friends watch the sunrise...
By Anya. A short fic, written after someone said they'd like Buffy and Xander to get together, but only if Angel and Willow were out of the picture. An open-ended story, it has spawned numerous sequels offering their versions of what happened next, my favorite of which is below.
...But not forgotten
By Jai L. My favorite of all the 'Gone' sequels, this is a very good (and very long) fic. Described by the author: After Willow is turned into a half-vampire and taken to England by Angel, Xander and Buffy's friendship grows more powerful. But when an oppurtunity to see their long lost friends again emerges, they're real journey begins. When they finally do find their friends, their feelings for each other emerges. Add a ancient Vampire King, a little Armageddon, and you have '...But Not Forgotten'.
Extreme Closure NEW FANFIC!!
By Spirit of Chaos. After the events of Graduation day and Angel's departure, Buffy is looking for sme kind of closure. She finds it with Xander, but not in the way she expected.
By Pete. Buffy and Xander sit in the park, discussing life and love.
Of Friendships Lost, and Loves Gained
By Jason Thompson. After being dumped by Riley, Buffy heads over to Xander's house to cheer herself up with a movie. What she sees on the way will change their relationship forever.
The gift of hope
By Jason Thompson. Walking past Xander's house, Buffy sees something terrible, her reaction to it eentually brings her and Xander closer together.
A Xander shaped Vision
By Nick Hucik. As another Apocalypse threatens the world via Sunnydale, Buffy has an alarming set of visions that lead her to believe that one of her friends is going to die. Without looking at the title, guess which one! :) The actions she takes changes the dynamics of more than a few relationships. This is a long story (20 parts), it's availble in its entirety via the link above, but you can also get it in a Part by part form.
Chroncles of the White Knight
By Taygeta. A long and angsty fic, set during the 'Angelus' period. It deals with it's own version of Buffy and Xander's changing and often dificult relationship at that time. This is a very long fic, so far I only have the entire thing in one go up here, but I may offer a part by part version soon too.

Freedom of expression in fanfiction

I support FEF (Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction). This is an group that is dedicated to supporting peoples right to write what they want, without being flamed simply because of the relationship/style they choose about.

To quote the FEF website (link below), "What FEF stands for: FEF and its supporters recognize the right of all fanfic authors to write what they want. Flames and nastiness because of genre, pairing, fandom, etc. are detrimental to the fanfic community and do nothing but discourage authors. (Please note that I do not consider constructive criticism a flame. Constructive criticism is essential to good fanfiction. There was a bit of confusion earlier about this, and it was my fault.)FEF wants to encourage fanfic fans to promote a friendly environment.

I agree wholeheartedly with this; there are relationships out there that I don't like to read about; e.g. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike and the male/male pairings. Despite the fact that I am a Buffy/Xander 'shipper (somone who likes that relationship), there are a lot of Buffy/Xander stories out there that I don't like. However, I don't send emails to the authors of such fics having a go at them for their style of writing. As far as I can tell, many of the fics I don't like are good and well liked by many other people, it's just the style I don't like. So, since none of the critisisms I could make would be constructive or useful, I just skip over those fics.

It's a cliche (and slightly adjusted) line, but as they say "If you can't say something nice or useful then don't say anything at all"


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