Our Angel and Sam

Sam and Angel Easter Sunday2005

Sam and Angel First Meet

Sam May 4th 2005

Angel Easter Sunday2005

Baby Angel

Angel is the one on the bottom




Jack is Sam and Angels Pup...


Our American Eskimos

PureBreed American Ekimos
These dogs are standard size eskies and will grow no taller than 19 inches at back. The are all white and will grow the hair to their environment meaning if it is really cold they will grow long thick hair and if they are kept in a warm enviromnet the coat of hair is thinner.. The American Eskimo is one of the most intelligent of all canine breeds. They are very social and very aware of their family. They are very loving. Anyone who has ever had an "Eskie Hug" truly understands their unique ability to love.

Our American Ekimos will dance and stand on their hing legs. They are very affectionate and love to sit with you where ever you are, inside or outside and they thrive on human affection. Angel will not leave the room where I am, she even sits at the bathroom door waiting for me to finish my shower. We have three Sam, Angel and Jack and they are so good together and love Children they often will all jump and sit on the couch with our kids. These dogs need lots of affection and don't do well to scolding.


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