Another chapter of the world wide drinking club with a running problem.

Every second Thursday night, you will find a trail somewhere on Bribie Island or across the bridge on the mainland (Australia).

Our trails cover bitumen, sand, mud, excellent shiggy, bush and generally anywhere we can get away with setting a trail on, under, over or through. We are a new hash chapter started by some experienced Hash people. 

That doesn't mean we know what we are doing, but we enjoy doing it.

We are an adult hash and do not cater for children.

For the geeks out there. You can also reach this site from :-


500th Run - 19 Apr 2017


Other happenings:

A sad day, 11th Feb marked the passing of Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert (Hash Name 'G').

A happier day will be 31-July-2018 which will mark the 115th anniversary of the birth of 'G'.

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