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Welcome to the St. Augustine Angels School.  This is a school that teaches the basic principles of spiritual life.  The Angels School is one of the spirituality schools for the Florida Holistic University Network.

To find truth and wisdom, you must look within your heart of hearts.  Look deeper still, and you will find your personal source of inner spiritual strength.  Keep looking, and you will find Universal Wisdom at work in the world around you.

The spiritual journey to your heart of hearts and the wellspring of love and wisdom is an important one.  During this journey you will learn much about yourself and the world in which you live.

The guidance we provide begins with seven lessons in spiritual insight.  A link to The Spiritual Journey is on this page.

Our approach is designed to benefit the health and well-being of the whole person.

Our school encourages creativity and provides free online education for spiritual insight and faith of the heart; we also have inspirational poems, links to sites containing free music downloads, angel clip art, angel pictures and websites about angelic script.

Other topics include:  nutrition, lifestyle, herbal remedies, and a Weight Loss Diet Center and online diet plan.

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Music - Spiritual Freedom

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(3) The Spiritual Journey

(4) Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle:
Free Health Newsletter, Guidelines for Health

(5) Table of Contents:

Questions For The Dawn

(6) Online Bookstore:
Books, Videos, DVD's

(7) Holistic Health Resource Center:

Free information about herbs, vitamins, natural foods, treatment of common illness, holistic therapy...

(15) Vitamin Power Yahoo Store

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This angelic school of mysteries provides free online education and educational resources for the following areas:

Our primary goal is to help students find love, truth, and wisdom in their hearts and to develop true spirituality.  Mystical pictures are provided to help the student develop insight and inspired thoughts about God and reality.  Inspirational poetry and angelic words of wisdom are given for guidance and motivation.

The primary text for the school is "Questions for the Dawn - The Diary of a Spiritual Journey."  It tells the story of Benjamin, with his friend and guardian, Christopher Michael, as they make their way from the Shadow World to the Angelic Haven.

We encourage students to build web pages and other forms of creative self - expression.  Geocities provides free web hosting and all of the necessary tools for those of you who wish to create a personal web page.  If you need help building your website, you can Email us at: - we will help you build your site.

At this website we link to many additional resources, which are listed on the resource index.  Free download music, graphics, web tools, angel pictures and angel clip art are provided as resources to help the student practice artistic and creative expression.

We provide spiritual education for seekers from all religious faiths and backgrounds, as we believe that God has love for all and does not see through the narrow windows of human perception.  We believe that the Holy Spirit of Love, Truth, and Wisdom can guide human endeavor and we encourage all who enter our doorway to follow this path.

We also explore topics concerning health and nutrition, including the old and reliable herbal home remedies.  We encourage the use of safe, effective therapy using sound waves, color, vitamins, and all natural forms of healing.  We provide education for safe and effective weight loss in our Diet Center for weight loss and free online diet plans that do not use potentially harmful stimulants.  We encourage healthy physical activity and a simple, natural lifestyle.

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