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The following books and videos have been found to have content related to adoption fraud, the harmful  effects of adoption on children and the struggle to end adoption.
Recommended Books:  (search by title in the keyword search)
'Dark Secrets Within Child Protective Services': "out of 450+ investigations, maybe 10 cases of actual abuse."
Books by Rickie Solinger:
'Wake Up Little Susie' - inequities in the adoption system as noted from a racial prospective
'Beggars and Choosers, Motherhood is Not a Class Privalege in America' - "the central two chapters of the book are about coerced adoption, (and satellite issues), and its aftermath; (note from the author)
I receive a commission on every sale made through a link on this page. 10 % of all profits from this page will go towards supporting  A.L.L. 1-800 numbers dedicated to preventing coerced consent to adoption.
'Death by Adoption' - Joss Shawyer; (There is one copy left; can be found under an print, used and rare book title search.
Birthbound, Reunions Between Birthparents and Adoptees - What Happens After
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